Let's Play the Portable Legend of Zeldas! (Now playing Phantom Hourglass)


For the longest time I thought subrosians were cycloptic. I was parsing the two glowing eyes in the hood as one giant eye with the negative space between the eyes being a vertical, cat-like, pupil


I feel badass just reading the dungeon name.


The linked game’s story starts to rear its head.


“I cleaned it from last time.”

Apparently real-ass marsupial pouches smell like death and ass and dead ass, because real-ass marsupials don’t.


Jump up, jump around


Let it drown


I’m not a fan of this chicken.


Not quite as metal as Snake’s Remains.


Fun fact! The LttP manual does in fact name Ganondorf, stating that he changed his name after he got the Triforce, from Ganondorf Dragmir to Mandrag Ganon. Needless to say, some bits of this have been retconned and/or swept under various rugs over the years.




The reason I always went for Dimitri in Seasons was because his attack is technically a 1-hit-kill for anything it works on. I recall using him to lunch 3 of the 4 golden beasts in a single bite. The last one is unfortunately in an area which Dimitri can’t get to.

Shooting them with gale seeds also counts towards killing them.


We all need a maze in our lives.


I’m learning as I record more portable Zeldas for later LPs: the portable games make the boomerang way cooler than the 3D games.


I dunno…i think the Wind Waker iteration of the boomerang, what with the multi targeting, is pretty rad.


I think it’s the arc. Boomerangs in 2D games just go straight forward, with no real difference from your slingshot other than ammo and damage. In 3D games, you need to pay attention to the space on your left, or it’s going to bonk off a wall. As a result, the bow/slingshot tends to overshadow it, since they’re more mechanically straightforward.


I’d kinda say that just in general that’s the deal. It was the same problem when Sonic the Hedgehog got brought into the 3rd dimension. In 2D you know exactly where the boomerang is going to go; in 3D the thing is basically useless if you have to aim manually. That’s why Sonic got the homing attack and the boomerang is magic and tracks targets.


I do like the 3D Boomerangs–they’re thematic (compare Ocarina’s kid and adult equipment), and it forces a change in your awareness, because open and closed spaces now differ, and for retrieving things without z-targeting, you need a sense of depth as well. But the hookshot is just point and click, not to mention, most of the 3D games don’t give the boomerang any time to breathe before they slap a bow and arrow in your hands (Wind Waker’s a truncated game, but it’s particularly glaring in Twilight Princess). So they’re easy to forget about, while the Seasons boomerang is almost a better weapon than the upgraded Sword.


Dead men wakawakawaka no tales.


Perhaps it only became a crypt because the dragon kept eating everyone.


Short detour to the linked game’s Hero Cave for some brainteasers and body bruises.