Let's Play the Portable Legend of Zeldas! (Now playing Phantom Hourglass)


Time to save Ralph’s friend so he’ll finally shut up.
We hope.


Perhaps the magic oar was Maple’s previous vehicle, before she got her broom.


Anime reference? Doesn’t Botan in Yu Yu Hakusho ride an oar, or some kind of…giant rice-stirring paddle, or something?


Yeah, it’s an oar. Her role as a grim reaper included ferrying the dead to spirit world, a la Charon.


Keep the seawaters clean. Use Great Fairy chlorine.


“Which is fitting because we’ve got the tuna time now”

It took me longer than I’d care to admit to realise what was actually said.


Jabu’s grown some distinct digestive geometry since Ocarina of Time.


I remember playing a lot of Ages, and I remember the Zora’s domain being my favorite zone, but for the life of me, I can’t remember why. Especially seeing the game replayed–maybe because the diving mechanic made it feel a lot bigger than the few screens it was?


Hi, I’m here now. I’m in this thread so you can all yell at me about the tidbits I got wrong as per usual. Thank you and namaste.


Today’s dungeon music is the sound of dragging yourself up a road blackout drunk.

Next Wednesday is the last part of Ages, and then Seasons will begin next Sunday.


I do so enjoy turtlemothspider soup at the top of the world.

Seasons begins on Sunday!


Now, Seasons is the Oracle game I did play. My brother and I got the two of them for Christmas way back when, and I never had the chance to move on to Ages because that was ‘his’ game and he never got around to beating it.

What I’m getting at is I’m glad I finally saw Ages, and I’m eager to see how Seasons changes when it’s the second game.


I seriously can’t remember anything about Season’s villain besides his name.

Seasons was the one I did a linked game with and jesus entering those passwords for a linked game is a nightmare.


hope you remembered to grab your ages ring collection password too


McFly thought he was free. And then the Triforce spat him out into another far-off land. It’s time for the linked version of Oracle of Seasons!


you talk to the snakes in vasu’s to get or insert a password which lets you carry over all your rings from one game to the next


Yes, Thorn had played through a good chunk of the game all in one sitting, so he never came across that snake thing. I plain forgot during the commentary part - you can tell that I remember there being a way to transfer the rings, but I just couldn’t quite recall it at the time - it was on the tip of my brain.


In retrospect, Vasu having snakes should have been one of the more obvious secrets.

First dungeon is a breeze, except… speaking of “obvious”…


I think that “hwaaaaaah” is him yawning.


We get this game’s gimmick item, and it’s much more dynamic than Ages’.

Also Link’s Awakening DX has started for my patrons, and I recorded that without the sprite filter. I see what people mean about it making the game look weird now.

Also also forgot to share another piece of Mecca fanart here: