Let's Listen To Other People to Distract Us From What's Happening Around Us (General Podcast Discussion Thread)


Another podcast I like is the Alison Spittle Show, where Dublin comedian Alison Spittle interviews other comedians and other entertaining people. On her latest episode she interviewed Shawna Scott, proprietor of SexSiopa.ie and host of her own podcast Our Sexual History (which, full disclosure, I’ve guested on). It’s literally the funniest episode of anything I’ve ever listened to. I had to sit down for a bit in Waterstones when they got onto peat briquettes.


Lately I started listening to My Favorite Murder. A couple of chatty ladies talk about murders that they learned about, and sometimes read listener emails about murders from their hometown. It’s very fun and genuine.

Sometimes a cat is there.


Future Horse Pod has four running podcasts, and I’d recommend any of them. They’re all run by the same host, Tyler Marshawn, with rotating co-hosts.

Cynical Cartoons and Tynami are pretty similar; Tyler watches something animated and discusses it with a co-host. CC started by covering cartoons with actual cynical messages like Bojack Horseman, but has since expanded to discussing any western animation. Tynami is the “convince Tyler that not all anime is trash” show, but it’s also the “give Tyler good reason to think that anime is trash” show. They cover both good and bad shows, so don’t worry if your favorite show pops up.

The Adam Sandcast is a more specialized podcast; Tyler does a podcast covering every Adam Sandler movie to exist. He’s covered all of them and has moved on to comedians with similar reputations, like Rob Schneider and Kevin James. It’s a bizarre subject matter, but I like what they’ve done with it.

Unfortunate Associates is my favorite podcast; it is entirely dedicated to A Series of Unfortunate Events. They’ve covered the entirety of the book series and the show, and they have a lot of interviews with people involved in the production of both.


I am glad someone else listens to Nerdyshow Network - I was going to suggest it since I am someone who gives them $15 a month on Patreon because of all the good content they do. I will mention one of the podcasts they do which wasn’t in the list just because it is my favourite of their RPG Podcasts. Pokeballs of Steelix is a Pokémon RPG live play which is returning to the airwaves again soon and season one is worth listening to even with bad 2011 audio quality/production because it is one of the most hilariously random RPGs they have done. I mean you have an overweight charmander called Chubs and a bulbasaur called “Sir Burns a lot”

One of the characters Jamesie Rockette is the 35 year old son of Jessie and James who was raised in a cave by his Uncle Meowth. and another is a “Wild Child” archetype called Tark but with an Nature Documentary narrator fallowing him around. Who may not actually exist since he has only talked with was a homicidal teenager who ran over members of Team Rocket with a Truck because his eyepatch told him to do it.


S.Link FM used to be a SMT/Persona exclusive podcast, borne out of NeoGAF, but thankfully has branched out into all RPGs and is genuinely a good listen. Really insightful chats and stuff on it, they recently did a massive spoiler cast for Nier: Automata which got me listening again after a while forgetting about them.

The New Generation Project is a podcast by three guys from Leicester reviewing the entirety of WWE’s “New Generation” from King of the Ring 1993 to Wrestlemania 14 in 1998, they just finished a 4 part look at the Montreal Screwjob, covering Survivor Series 92 with Bret and Shawn’s first title match, the undercard of Survivor Series 97, the title match of Survivor Series 97 and the events leading up to the screwjob, and the documentary Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows made during Bret’s final year in the WWE respectively. Stewart Brooks, the host, does an incredible amount of research and compiling and it makes the whole podcast a great source of information for the backstage politicking that went on at the time, as well as just a fun typical wrestling review cast. Well worth checking out.


Larry Wilmore is my second favourite Daily Show spin-off show runner (I think Jon Oliver does better but only because Larry got canned.) and he is back with a podcast called Larry Wilmore: Black on the air. which even without listening to it I can say it will be a good American political podcast to listen to and a good one to put next to The Bugle.


I have two “newer” podcasts I just found which I want to recommend.

First the actually new podcast “Citation Needed” is 5 comedians coming together to read a wikipedia article on a subject and basically fill everything else between with jokes…If you enjoy it they have 4 other podcasts between them which will provide you with more current affairs and/or bad movie based comedy as well.


On a recently returned old podcast. From 2006-2010 there was a videogame music podcast called “Into the Score” which is a in depth musical study and music history analysis of different videogame soundtracks. The old episodes are still online which are well worth listening to because of the analysis.

Two months ago the podcast returned as a youtube show.


Neo Scum is extremely good. Oh my god is it good.

NeoScum is a future-fantasy comedy podcast featuring five Chicago improvisers antagonizing their way through the roleplaying classic, Shadowrun. It follows a group of misfits and outsiders: a chromehead decker, a teenage candy-junky klepto, a kid’s show wizard with a petulant thirst for adventure, and the nastiest trucker this side of the robo-Mason-Dixon. Join the irascible NeoScum crew as they dole out street justice to every deeb they encounter – whether they deserve it or not. Starring Blair Britt, Eleni Sauvageau, Casey Toney, Mike Migdall, and Gannon Reedy as “The Game Master.” Contact/follow us on twitter.com/NeoScum


The official Steven Universe Podcast is two episodes in and it’s very cute. It’s hosted by one of my favorite youtubers MKatwood, which is NUTS. So far she’s interviewed Rebecca Sugar and the voices for Steven and Connie who were in-character for a bit.

Oh, and also, hell yes, Neoscum is just getting better and better with every episode, please listen to it.


I forgot to mention Laser Time, which I’ve been listening to since it started. Would highly recommend backing their Patreon because the bonus podcasts are great fun to listen to.


I have a few re-updating/newer shows to recommend…but I will start with one.

The Real Congregation by Marc with a C. Marc is a musician and record geek’s journey into his record collection and he plays an eclectic mix of music as well as doing episodes which focus on specific artists (The Monkeys, a whole episode on Weird Al’s original songs, etc.)

It started off on the radio and then moved to nerdyshow before going on hiatus but recently it has come back on Marc’s patreon.

It helped him go to Canada to produce his latest album “Obscurity” which came out at the start of the month:


So I’m gonna bump this thread to tell y’all that Dex01 and I recently started a podcast, called Flash In The Pan! Each week or so we look at some classic Internet animations from our childhood. Remember the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny? Super Mario Bros Z? Violent stickmen? Anime dating sims? That’s what we cover, and we do it with a mix of comedy, film crit and serious analysis!

You can check out our website HERE or our Twitter feed HERE!


A lot of stuff i listen to while editing or on public transport have already been mentioned so i’ll give quick winks to the ones not mentoned some are niche but i think are great

The fantasticast Each week, your hosts Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland guide you through the history of the Fantastic four from 1961 to the present day every issue, every spinoff every one page cameo. Somehow they made strange tales fun the comic thar spawned the human torches most dangerous foe ASBESTOS!!!

OSWREVIEW VIDEO VERSION The Old School Wrestling video podcast! They chronologically critique old WWF (WWE) Pay-Per-Views. Started off with the hulk hogan era but got bored of it and just did random theme blocks of episodes. one of the funniest podcasts i listen to

jojos world jojo fan Liam S. Smith and jojo newbie Nick Ballantyne watch an episode of jojos bizarre adventure and then have an unscripted chat about it which a lot of the time is nick going wtf did i just watch.

What A Beautiful Podcast! A podcast about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with your hosts Jack and Andy they recap and analyze the original manga from the beginning

Dice funk a much more comedy based dnd podcast which is in its fifth campeign at the moment

space spinner 2000 A Podcast about 2000ad the uk sci fi anthology comic which spawned Judge Dredd. Hosted by two americans one of whom is completely blind to the comic

behind the sofa and where eagles dare two podcasts done by two new zealanders one of them is a doctor who podcast the other is about 1980s comic the eagle