Let's All Write Short Fiction! Now with new, disastrous prompts



All the trees turned to stone


Oh wow, I feel silly that I didn’t notice this thread before. At least now I have enough reading for the next few lunch hours of next week. :slight_smile:

Hit me up with an apocalypse please, might as well try to exercise the writing muscles.


The Earth has released giant monster as vengeance for mankind’s despoiling of the environment



With PAX East and working on my LP eating up a bit of my free time, I probably won’t be able to get this one by March 12th. Gonna try though!


Feel free to take your time and submit it later than that if you want. Don’t stress over it, at least.

I don’t know if I will be posting a story this time… just can’t figure out anything that I’m happy with.

Anyway friends, the time for a new prompt approaches (Monday)! So if you have any ideas for a theme, now’s a good time to share :smiley:


The onion made my shitty story canon.


oops im a bit late for the apocalypse story, but I guess I’m just in time for whatever the next one’s gonna be!

I’d rather get used to writing stories before i start coming up with themes, so I will patiently wait for one to be announced. :allears:


im late in my own thread. and seeing as nobody has submitted anything, or suggested a new theme, i’ll keep the apocalypse going for another week!

@CandySpider you can have an apocolypse where nobody knows how the world ended, but now only robots remain.


New theme idea: what’s in the box that your grandfather gave you?


Theme idea: no telling who you’ll meet and what you’ll find at the local diner.


i like both of those a lot as individual prompts but i’m having a hard time thinking about how a series of prompts could come from them

maybe i’ll just go for open prompts for next round. just whatever people feel like coming up with! phrases, poems, concepts, pictures… hm hmmm


Anyone still alive?


I am trapped in exam hell


I don’t know where else to post this so here goes.

I just finished the first draft of the book I’ve been working on for God knows how long.


EVERYONE GET BACK IN HERE BECAUSE IT’S TIME to spend an entire month crying into our keyboards FOR NANOWRIMO.

Oh yeah, that’s right, let’s all write 50k words in 720 hours. (That’s 69 (nice ) words an hour.)

Need some prompts? I’m handing them out! C’mon folks! Misery loves company!

My NaNoWriMo is going to be absolute garbage but I don’t care!
Watch It’s progress if you want.


I’ll take a prompt, though I don’t know if I’m still remotely good at writing or if I’ll find the time.


Your prompt: Two siblings go on a camping trip together and discover a strange artifact that allows them to see the pasts of other people.


Alright, I got started on mine, if anybody wants to watch that as well when I have free moments: here


Hi, hello there, I like writing things. How did everyone’s NaNo go? Quite well myself. Finished with a mix of a novel, a novella, and a pair of short stories, because I’m a rebel like that. Any chance of this prompt-giving and story-sharing continuing? It looks like I missed all the fun, and what better time to try and strike something back up but the new year? Well, close enough to the new year.