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Snake Pass finally has a concrete release date of March 28th (29th in Europe) ! Also David Wise is composing all the music for the game, which means if nothing else the soundtrack is going to be amazing.


I’ve been playing a lot of Redout recently. It an anti-gravity racing game that’s really slick. I was initially drawn to it because I thought it’d be like an indie F-Zero. It isn’t; there’s much less destruction. Still, it has a great sense of speed, and a pretty great aesthetic.

Here’s a quick video I recorded of a timeattack.

I tried the demo for that and for just one mode on just one track it’s surprisingly meaty, since there’s a lot of ways to improve your time.

Carrie’s Order Up is a simple but charming and fun arcade-like game where a cute crab girl and her shrimp pal swerve around tables, empty dishes and wandering costumers to serve food. Requires some nimble fingers and quick thinking, but it also has an easier mode to help out newcomers!

Do you like music? Do you also like roguelikes? Then you might want to check Crypt of the Necrodancer, where you move and attack with the arrow keys at the rhythm of the music! The game’s main OST was made by good ol’ Danny Baranowsky, but each one of the multiple character gets different music and remixes! Bit fair of warning though: the last story mode character is hard mode, and this game REALLY means business when it comes to hard mode :cold_sweat:

Drift Stage, totally awesome arcade style racing game with aesthetics


Our guy linked it in the OP but Night in the Woods came out today!!!

It’s so good! It’s so beautiful! The music, the art, the story, aaaahh! Go play it!
(Here’s the KS page for it, it has more info than the Steam page. Look at those characters! Cuties!)