Huh? Radio? what's going on with that radio? - Let's Play Silent Hill (1999)

Last two videos are done! I hope you guys enjoy! :smiley::smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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You enter the final battle with no ammo and the Incubus starts reciting the “you cheated not only the game but yourself” tweet for the last thirty seconds he’s alive.

I feel like not many people talk about SH1 in comparison to some of the other Silent Hill games, but it still has a really solid storyline. There were a bunch of little things I didn’t know about it either, so the summary was appreciated. And I mean really, the fire was on purpose. At what point would you give Dahlia the benefit of the doubt?

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Just tremendous, throughout, Whitney, thank you. Your passion for this old gem is infectious, and some great, well-researched info dumps. Finally found out what the heck a Green Lion is all about. :smiley:

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Damn I missed a good joke! I should have put that tweet up when discussing the cheat lol!

I’m happy you enjoyed the summary video as well :slight_smile: I’m surprised the game’s plot isn’t discussed more given how a lot of people are confused about it due to its overall vagueness. I really don’t know why people are so keen to think the fire wasn’t on purpose given all the evidence to the contrary. Honestly I didn’t even realize that plot point was up for debate until TRSHE’s video years ago and now that boiler theory is constantly referenced whenever someone asks what the story of SH is…

Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed all the videos and even learned something as well! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Oh, I hadn’t noticed this update was made!

I hope you enjoy it Oheao! :slight_smile:

@moderators my LP is complete and I would like to keep the thread open to replies :grinning:

This has been such a great LP, thank you for doing it! It’s been probably the most informative Silent Hill LP I’ve ever seen, tremendously thorough, and chock full of obscure tidbits that are just about guaranteed to educate even an old timer like me. This LP taught me stuff I never knew about the game and its production. Thank you!

One criticism I have, not of the LP, is just how definitive the Japanese guidebook is in providing answers to a lot of the ambiguous backstory and plot elements that are a hallmark of the game, and of the series overall. I’ve enjoyed wondering about the history of Silent Hill and the plots that were unfurling before the game play ever started. It seems that all my questions did have answers and that kind of takes away the fun of theorizing. C’mon, Konami, let me conject a little bit here.

All told this was a great foray into a game that doesn’t get as much love as I think it should since its sequels tend to steal the spotlight. I’m looking forward to your next LP (and maybe another Twitch charity playthrough soon?).

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Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the series. I’m actually planning on doing Silent Hill 2 next. As for charity stream I’m actually doing year long one and I just started Silent Hill Homecoming on Sunday night :slight_smile: I usually stream most days from 9:00pm PST to 11:00pm! I usually announce what I’m doing over on my twitter. I’ll probably have another 24 stream in December as well!

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