[Guide] Voicemeeter & You: Partners in Audio


If you go into Voicemeeter, look in the upper-right and click on menu, there’s an option to bind your volume buttons to whichever channel you want.

I had a problem with Discord not picking up my mic. Turns out if you give it a balanced signal, Discord assumes you’re giving it stereo instead, combines both of them and sends…not a lot. It’s almost like adding 1 and -1. My fix was to get Voicemeeter to pan my mic all the way to the left and have Discord pick that up instead. Worked a charm.


oh wow, I literally never noticed that. Good find!


One alternative if Voicemeeter intimidates people and/or they just don’t like it might be Elgato Sound Capture. It functions essentially the same and all you need is virtual audio channels on your PC. What it does is become the default audio device and then you just “tick” where you want the sound to be heard.

What I generally do is:

  1. Make Sound Capture send audio to Virtual Line and Headphones
  2. Make Discord/Skype send sound to Headphones
  3. Make whatever my sidestream is only capture the Virtual Line
  4. Make OBS that’s streaming to Twitch capture Headphones

This leads to the sidestream only having game audio and the main stream having both. Again, you can do this all in Voicemeeter, and with more control, but since Discord lets you adjust individuals’ volumes and OBS and capture cards all have their own audio options, this might be a quicker and less-intimidating approach unless you’re doing something REALLY convoluted.


Due a few changes in Windows 10 as well as cable input, I’ll be changing a few things in this guide to reflect the new UI/setup


Alright, the long awaited (at least long-delayed) update to Voicemeeter & You: Partners in Audio is done

This update now covers

-Windows 10 configuration updates

-Updates to Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Cable

-Why Discord needs badly to change it’s character limit in audio source picklist

If there are any issues or complaints, please send them my way