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It really sucks when a series that you love comes out with something that is so obviously just Not For You. That being said, I’ve found that shipping has been a large part of the series since at least FE6. Look at all these dang people who talk about Ike/Soren!

  1. The story of Fates (and Conquest specifically) is somehow even worse than Awakening. I know, that’s hard to believe, but the plot is a tire fire from start to finish.

  2. Pairing up has been significantly retooled in Fates. It is still the default “state” for combat, but it’s been split into an Offensive and Defensive stance. Defense works more or less identically to how Awakening did it - you combine two units into one, the lead unit gets stat boosts, and you occasionally block an attack for free (although it’s based on a meter that fills up as you fight, rather than purely chance). You do not get free attacks out of it, though. Offensive stance is done by positioning two units next to each other, and when you attack, the second unit contributes a half-strength attack as well. Said attack can be blocked by having the unit be in defensive stance.

Way more importantly, enemies now actually use Pair Up. You’ll find enemies that are already paired up in defensive stance, and enemies will dynamically make use of offensive stance on their turn, so you have to be aware of formations and who might pair up with who.

3/4) Supports and Marriage are largely unchanged from Awakening. The list of who can support with whom is a bit stricter, but fundamentally everything is the same. The reason for the kids existing is even dumber than time shenanigans, and absolutely none of them have any relevance to the plot, but it still does the Awakening thing where it expects you to use them because you just stop getting recruits about halfway through the game.

I really want to stress that the actual Fire Emblem bits are probably the best the series has ever seen (Conquest especially), but you would be forgiven for skipping it if you didn’t dig Awakening.


look man, as a Baby Gay i took every scrap of representation media offered me (which is part of why I adore Heather) :v

“Jokes” at my expense aside, I do feel like the way Awakening/Fates does things changes the dynamics of the shipping, as someone who was/is a hardcore shipper for years. I can’t really put my finger on it, but… There’s just something about the supports that’s different from how they were written in FE6-FE9, at least in Awakening. I think it might be that it’s because the end goal of 90% of them is making babies, which blows from multiple angles.


Today I learned that Ike and Soren (<3) are canon gay and I need to go out and get myself a copy of Path of Radiance ASAP.

I also need to play through Blazing Sword again. I’ve been enjoying FE: Heroes, but so far it seems that Erk is not in and I need my boy Erk. He’s very important.


For the record I would like to say that I was trying to highlight how shipping is very popular, and hey, here’s a ship that a bunch of people were talking about! I’m sorry if I made you feel that I was making a joke at your expense, it wasn’t my intention.

That being said, I did prefer how Supports were handled in previous FE’s. The relationships progressed more naturally and its frustrating when any guy can fall in love with any girl and vice-versa. I liked it as a one-off in Awakening, less as a constant for the series going forward.


Oh, no, I was ribbing myself, I should have been clearer. Don’t worry about it.


I feel like the CBA supports are are usually pretty well contained in themselves, so having a larger pool of characters to support with overall is good in that case. Also, making S supports not be “immediate marriage” would be nice, (in Revelation, Peri and Hinata actually start dating rather than marrying. It was pretty cool… until five seconds passed and Hisame’s chapter unlocked. That ruined the mood.)[quote=“Rudje, post:43, topic:1109”]
there’s just something about the supports that’s different from how they were written in FE6-FE9, at least in Awakening.

They’re a lot less flexible now than they were back then, mainly because it’s explicitly about marriage, and specifically heterosexual ones. So while a lot of the relationships had to be inferred before, you at least had more room to do so, (a modern FE7 remake, at this point at least, might not give Lyn and Florina or Lucius and Raven an S Support and that would be a literal crime.)
Also, character endings are mostly copy+paste now and that sucks. There were some exceptions in Awakening, but it was really bad with that in Fates. I mean I guess it’s better than the “this person was never seen again” endings from the DS games, but it’d make pairings more unique.


i decided to try out path of radiance, partially (mostly) because the talk of ike being Canon Gay. i lost boyd on the first mission
this is why i play on casual in the new games, lol
i actually started playing conquest on the phoenix mode, where your units revive the next turn if they die, but it’s a bit much even for me.


(a modern FE7 remake, at this point at least, might not give Lyn and Florina or Lucius and Raven an S Support and that would be a literal crime.)

^This. Part of why I liked the supports in FE7 was:

A) that they felt like an actual rare reward you could stumble across or had to work for to beat the hard mode. Much like the other things I mentioned, I don’t like that supports now feel like a critical part of the game and you HAVE To get them all or you’re missing out. Awakening gives you a literal list of what supports you have and are missing.

B) You can get S-ranks with not-marriage partners. Eliwood x Hector, Hector x Matthew, Serra x Matthew, Lyn X Florina, almost none of the S-supports talked about a relationship because that wasn’t the point. The point was just 2 comrades in a war forming a really tight bond, which then gave them ever-so-slight combat boosts. I way preferred that.


Yeah I think I’m skipping Fates. It’s already a year old, I’ve got 2 RPGs on the 3DS on the go and the Switch is coming out soon, plus FE:H came out to give me a fix.

Also, I added another complaint to the list. :3:


On the one hand, I love FE7 to death, but on the other hand:


The votes are in!

And combine Ike votes and he beats out Lyn!

(And combine Robin’s votes and they beat out Chrom)


I’m surprised Lute did as well as she did. She and Gaius are some of the only characters I voted for that made it in, not that I expected anything different.
That being said, how did Roy make it to 2nd place? Over Hector???


Hector wasn’t in Smash.

He should of been, but as such less people know about our wonderful golden axe boy.


Definite proof that people do, indeed, like Ike.


Hector almost beat the little redheaded #*)@ despite that handicap. I take it as a point of pride.


FE: Heroes is uh…something…that exists. Mounted units having no range whatsoever was a jarring choice, but seeing as the maps are so tiny, having normal range would be a little OP. Art’s cute at least (for the most part…)


The worst part about the movement range is how armored units can only move one square. I only have one, but I can never use her because she ends up being a non-factor in battles. It’s a waste of a precious slot.


well, they have 1 more range than anything else. the weirder thing to me is that flying units are slower


I saw this the other day and I feel it is relevant to this thread