EVERYONE IS DEAD! Smash Ultimate: World of Light

Damn it, I narrowly missed the window to add this into the episode.

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Man, all of the little details for the spirit battles are really cool.

Also, Sans in Smash. What even is anything anymore.

Back to the campaign! Let’s head to the… west? Sure, why not?

Personally, I don’t think there’s enough FE in Smash. Add Edelgard you cowards.

Pikmin getting ludicrous boosts from Spirits is certainly helpful for breaking this mode. I don’t think I could have done a certain challenge Coughduckhuntcough without 'em.

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fassads a piece of shit so him being repped by warios kinda perfect

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Dipping our toes into the Spirit Board once again, as it’s time to expand our roster!

Taking Sigurd out with a fire hammer was pretty much the most fitting way to do it.

Also, “I’m not losing to Claus” is a statement that I doubt will hold up in later spirit battles.

As we blitz through the world with our brand new cyborg ninja, a couple of trends start to emerge.

Raiden Spirit is a really good pick for Marth. I think I was pretty lucky when I played and got Lyn on the spirit board early on, so she ended up being the Attack spirit I used for most of the game, if not all of it.

Mega Man Legends is indeed good, even if a little clunky. It’s certainly got enough personality to make it worthwhile.

Powering through more of the Spirit Board. Eventually we’ll get through all of the exclusives!

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hector is indeed in season 2 of the wonderful castlevania anime his appearance in it isn’t minor though. i cannot recommend that show enough its really good especially since a third seasons coming soon

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Who’s the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
You better learn my eman esuac’ s’ti Yelhsa
Esh swonk eht tsekrad slleps dna ehs swerb the meanest potions
You might be the ingredient I seek
Don’t let yourself eb deloof yb reh tneconni ronaemed
Uoy better be afraid of the great Yelhsa
Ehs t’nseod yalp htiw sllod dna ehs never combs her hair
Who has time for ylrig sgniht ekil taht?

Eye fo twen; I tsac a xeh no uoy
S’amdnarg wig; this’ll make you big
Kitten spit; soon your pants won’t fit
Pantalones Sucitnagig! (Ho on, ton niaga!)

Ehs nac elur eht dlrow dna llits hsinif lla reh krowemoh
Enoyreve knows I’m the greatest Ashley!
You better watch your step or she’ll cast a lleps no uoy
I denrut ym rehcaet otni a noops

M’i a evals ot ym slleps
Dna sey s’ti eurt, well
I don’t have as many friends as you
But I think you’re nice and maybe ew dluoc eb sdneirf…
Dna fi uoy yas on, you’re toast…

Who’s the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
You better learn my name 'cause s’ti Yelhsa
Tsuj rebmemer siht nehw uoy ees reh no eht steerts
I’m the coolest girl you’ll ever meet ~

god screw that perticular spirit fight:smile:

Another foray into the Spirit Board, now with more adorable spirits, more fusions and more… eye-strain.

Lyn’s Blade Lord design in this game is actually from Awakening. Some of the returning DLC characters got special artwork from various artists.

Engineer + Fox = Tails rules. I do love how creative a lot of the spirit combinations get.

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the spirits to make Eggman is wonderful but thats for a later part i guess

Crossing into the ribbon-laden threshold of dreams!

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Recruiting more spirits and preparing for our first dungeon!

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Time for Paper Mario TTYD and Super Smash Bros. Melee to battle for my affections.

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