EVERYONE IS DEAD! Smash Ultimate: World of Light


Released in late 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fifth entry in the Super Smash Bros. Series: a huge crossover fighting game that started as a Nintendo exclusive, but has since branched out to multiple third party developers. Ultimate aims to contain as much content from the previous four games as possible along with a flood of new content. Given how much hype preceded this games release, with character trailers, speculation videos and the like, I’d be truly surprised if you haven’t heard of it in some capacity.

That said, Ultimate’s most interesting feature is a World of Light: a story mode which offers a similar (confusing) story to Brawl’s Subspace Emissary mode, but with the fun variation of the previous instalments’ themed Event Matches. This story gives us a chance to look at and play with a ton of obscure character from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Namco, Monolith, Square and maybe more in future!

Just a heads up, I’ve played about an hour of this campaign beforehand, so everything after Episode 3 or 4 will be played blind. Don’t fret though, I’m a vigilant editor and too much of a sore loser to show all of my defeats: I’ll edit around them. Enjoy!


Part 1: Kirby’s Adventure
Part 2: Linked In
Part 3: Easily Distracted
Part 4: Talk Sh*t, Get Fit
Part 5: Cursed Bartender
Part 6: Grossi

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Please try to avoid spoilers! I’d like to be fully blown away by whatever interesting twists(?) this story has to offer!

Here be my Patreon! That capture device was pricey and my landlord doesn’t consider it a wise investment…


Saving this space!


forever doomed to mess with sphere grids aren’t you :grin:

seriously though first spirit i got was baby rosalinas default car from mk8

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Here’s some more smashing: as well as a brief look at levelling up!


Henry Fleming is the main protagonist of a novel called The Red Badge of Courage which was originally written by American author Stephen Crane in 1894 why is he in smash you may be wondering? He appeared in a game called Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Think of it as Valkyria Chronicles crossed with the league of extrodinary gentlemen in which abe lincoln brings together a team of literary characters to fight invading aliens.

congrats on beating the fiora wall as i call it there were two perticular spirits that caused issues for me early game she was the first one

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Morally speaking, I will never pair Roy with Lilina, in that I will pair Eliwood and Hector no matter what Blazing Blade tells me to do.

Link’s bombs in this game are really intimidating. Even though the AI doesn’t utilize them that well, the moment they come out, the battle becomes a game of keep away. The amount of control they have over a battle is impressive considering they added exactly one new aspect to the move.

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Time to learn about the joys of obstacles…


i think its kapp’n from animal crossing that needed for the boat it leads you to the aforementioned streetfighter map which is one of my fave maps in wol

i kinda wanna see that gyroid face now color me curious

the fire emblem tunes in ultimate are really good

no missed characters this time david described them all pretty good





oh bugger that is terrifying


People say Villager is terrifying in Smash, but I dunno. That’s not one of their alts, so they’re pretty tame.

Given Merric is usually referred to as a wind mage, wielding Excalibur and all, I would have figured he’d focus on neutral jabs or up specials. Then again, having done the Robin achievement, I’m well aware that Flurry can’t kill for shit so it’d make this an easy fight.


robin was using his wind attack in that spirit fight you just didn’t see it much cause david was pretty good at keeping the cpu robin on the ropes


I know he can, but certain Spirits prioritize very specific moves, but the Merric spirit just had a general “favors special moves.”

Also I wanted an excuse to complain about that Robin achievement, because it was weirdly annoying.


After clearing out the F-Zero track, we head towards a small town…

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Summoning in this game is fun as hell!


I have been two Octoroks away from a (mostly) complete set of spirits for the past week or so. Before it was two Octoroks and a Leo, but the recent event fixed that.

Jeff took me far too long to get. I waited until I got Mii Swordfighter and spammed the up special where you leap up and slam the ground. Jeff’s is rude.

I never knew about the liquid part of the Biometal, but it’s worth noting that the Mega Men that appear in the Model X spirit battle are based on 4 of the biometals you get in the game, who themselves are based on characters that appear in the Zero series. Though I think one (the red and white one that starts with a sword,) is based on Zero instead of Phantom, the rest are probably based on the other Guardians, given the color schemes used for them.


Trying desperately to raise enough SP for Rodin! Almost there!

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Okay just to make it official, this LP is on hiatus until I beat (or at least make decent progress through) Kingdom Hearts III: I Attack the Darkness! Kingdom Hearts III

If I focus on one LP project at a time, it’ll be easier for me to get things done!