Colors Flying High - Let's Play Persona 5 Royal

As is typical for P5, the concept is sound but the execution is absent. I was about to type a whole thing about how many/most of P5’s scenes were written very quickly (no surprise considering how huge the game is) – so they knew what the scene was for in the most mechanical sense, but not what it’s about or what makes it interesting – but then I realized this specific scene has a separate problem.

This is a police interview, in which Joker is in fact the guilty party (well, he didn’t commit murder but is guilty of the greater crime of being John Persona). In other words, he is going to be asked a series of questions, and if he answers incorrectly he will be arrested and the story will end. Also, Joker doesn’t speak – all his answers are chosen by the player. Also also, this isn’t a game where you game over for answering questions wrong. When you put these three facts together, you come to the conclusion that Joker just can’t be asked any questions. Thus, there cannot be a scene.

Update 76

timrodresized: Today’s one of the last days we’ll actually get to play the game. It’s all cutscene from here on out.

timrodresized: Trust me when I say the school festival is fucking TORMENT. I recorded it last night and it made an hour feel like three weeks. It’s also the exact point when the game goes to shit.

timrodresized: The "Student Sharing Special’ is truly the worst part of it. I was having flashbacks to YIIK the entire time.

Usami: “The absurdity of it all… ‘Who exactly are the Phantom Thieves?’ That’s what we want to know. We really have no clue what method they’re using… killing someone without directly interacting with them is like magic.”

timrodresized: Or, you know, a drone strike.

Usami: “Speaking of magic, did you know that there’s magic in math too? A magic square! It’s a square in which adding up the numbers in any row, column, or diagonal gives you the same total. Kurusu-san. Please look at this.”

timrodresized: There’s something I realized last update that I didn’t mention, but Kawakami is the only teacher who calls Joker “Kurusu-kun”. You’d think people would realize something is up there.

Usami: “That’s correct. It’s easy once you know which numbers fit in the squares.”

Usami: “In a 5x5 square, there are more than 200 million. Can you believe that? If you had to choose, would you try to find the Phantom Thieves or solve 200 million magic squares? I’d choose the magic squares, hands down.”

Usami: “They might both be magic, but magic squares can be calculated. And math doesn’t kill anyone.”

timrodresized: You know, apart from ballistics. Or artillery strikes, which use triangulation. Or guided missiles.

Morgana: “Having everyone out there looking for the culprit is getting me down…”

Makoto: “You don’t need to keep mentioning it. We’re doing this to keep suspicions off of us, remember?”

Ann: “Goro Akechi… this one too. Akechi.”

Haru: “They’re mostly the same over here as well.”

Morgana: “Everyone’s so eloquent when they can be anonymous. It’s like they never accepted us to begin with.”

Haru: “It would be nice if you did some work too, Ryuji-kun. You came to help us count these, right? Come on Leader, can you tell him too?”

Ryuji: “We’re gatherin’ information too. Y’know, like, online and stuff.”

Morgana: “I guess that’s one way of saying it…”

Ryuji: “Whoa, look here… this ain’t good.”

Morgana: “Criminal profiling? The acts of thievery committed by the Phantom Thieves are mere fakes. And their true goal is… murder!? Every heart they changed before Okumura was just a warm-up!?”

timrodresized: It’s like the writers forgot the whole “Mental shutdowns were happening for over a year” thing.

Ann: sigh “So now they’re accusing us of being a bunch of killers…”

Ryuji: “This is so effin’ stupid! Dammit!”

Makoto: “We have the results. First place is Goro Akechi.”

timrodresized: I like to think of this part of the game as the part where the writers realized “Oh shit, we really don’t have a plot yet, do we?” and rushed to cobble something together.

Ryuji: “What!? Akechi!?”

Ann: “What’re you so surprised for? We’ve been mentioning him this whole time.”

Ryuji: “Seriously? Not some singer or an idol?”

Morgana: “It’s because of us that his popularity has skyrocketed.”

Ann: “I knew people would vote for him, but this is way more votes than I was expecting.”

Makoto: “It would be best for us to avoid inviting such a clear danger upon ourselves… I’d like a little more time to think about who to ask…”

Haru: “That reminds me… how is Futaba-chan doing? She seemed like she was looking into something on her own… has she told you anything?”

Haru: “It’s not that I don’t trust her, but…”

Makoto: “Even one clue would work wonders for us. We should let her continue with her own investigation. I hope she finds something…”

Akechi: “Even though my opinion has been met with criticism, I’ve held fast that the Phantom Thieves are not just. However… I believe the recent series of suspicious deaths is unrelated to their actions.”

Akechi: “This doesn’t change the fact that they are indeed a dangerous group. That said, I would like to express that immediately linking them to this case is far too hasty. There are many questions to be answered here… it feels as though there is more to this.”

Sojiro: “I wonder why the sudden change.”

Sojiro: “What’re you staring at your phone like that for? Oh… are you going through a breakup?”

Sojiro: “Don’t let things get complicated, okay? Having to keep dealing with that stuff later on is a pain… by the way, you haven’t been causing any trouble, have you? I heard the police showed up at your school…”

Sojiro: "As long as you’re not getting involved… "

timrodresized: We’re going to spend the next two nights with Ohya because we need to unlock her Mementos request.

Ohya: “Thanks to my quota… and that shithead chief. But I made some progress on my personal investigation. I did some research on the Phantom Thieves. I’m starting to get the impression they might actually be the real deal.”

Ohya: “No signs of an internal power struggle, no dirty money changing hands… it almost seems like all this recent negative press was fabricated. There’s no actual proof to support the claims. And I mean, you’re still a fan, right?”

Ohya: “Honestly, the more I get know about the Phantom Thieves, the better I understand them… I can relate to their sincerity. They remind me of how I used to be.”

Ohya: “I already know firsthand that fighting the evils of society is a never-ending, thankless job… but I still do it nonetheless. I bet the Phantom Thieves share that same type of passion.”

Ohya: “Maybe… I mean, he is a pretty big fan of theirs, so…”

Ohya: “Yes, this is Ohya. That’s right… what? You found Kayo…!? What do you mean, you can’t tell me!? Why the hell not!? Hey! What’s going on!? Wait!”

timrodresized: Could it be that this is a gigantic ripoff of Persona 2?

Ohya: “That was one of my journalist friends. He thinks he found Kayo. He followed up on a string of pretty far-fetched rumors for me, but now he’s saying he doesn’t want to get involved.”

Ohya: “…Dammit! Why the hell won’t he tell me what’s going on!? I can’t just give up now!”

Ohya: “Wait… you’re the one who pressured my contact to keep quiet?”

Ohya: “What!? Are you trying to kill me!?”

Ohya: “Don’t talk about Kayo like that… don’t you dare! If you even think about talking shit on Kayo again, I won’t hesitate to beat the living crap out of you!”

Ohya: “Shit…! This had to happen just as I got a new lead on Kayo… What should I do? Should I go knock him out!?”

timrodresized: They absolutely should’ve put in a scene here where Ohya solves her own problem by kicking the shit out of her boss. Fucking cowards.

Ohya: “Hmph. I know I’d be playing right into his hands if I let him get to me, but… god dammit! No. I need to stay calm. I can’t give him any more reason to fire me.”

Ohya: “Just stay calm and think… arghhh! This sucks! An even greater quota is gonna be a problem… but I can’t give up now! I promise, I won’t stop fighting! I’ll prove it to you with another great article!”

Ohya: “Exclusive: The Phantom Thieves, Stealing Hearts and Changing Lives! sigh Sorry. I really will try and calm down now…”

timrodresized: That headline is two words away from being Jill Stingray’s catch phrase from VA-11 Hall-A, and honestly her and Gay Joker would be a pretty sick crossover.

Ohya: “…I’m still frustrated though. All that bullshit he said is really getting to me. I wish I was better at controlling my emotions. Like you are.”

Ohya: “I’ll just work twice as hard! I should be fine as long as I keep getting good info from my favorite source here. Oh, that reminds me! Lemme hear all about today’s scoop.”

Ohya: “You’re really the only reason I’m still surviving through my crazy quota. And… it honestly helped that you were there with me earlier.”

Ohya: “If you hadn’t been there, I would’ve just gone full blast on the chief, and that would’ve been it… but I finally got a lead on Kayo. I’ll do whatever it takes to find her…!”

Ohya: “Right! I’m not gonna let this crap get me down! I’m made of tough stuff! Watch me, Chief Shithead! You’re gonna be crying at my feet!”

Ohya: “Still, I do have my limits. I gotta do something about this insane quota… well, I’ll come up with something. You just focus on getting me new info, okay?”

Ohya: “Okay, see you soon. Niiight…”

timrodresized: I believe this is the first time we see Makoto’s winter casual outfit.

Makoto: “Regardless, I thought over the matter of who we’re going to invite for our school festival… I’m considering asking Akechi-kun.”

Ryuji: “For real!? Weren’t you talkin’ about how you didn’t wanna draw danger to us or whatever?”

timrodresized: It’s because she’s THE SMART GIRL. I mean, she’s only fucked up two plans already, how much worse could it possibly get?

timrodresized: Also, I found this screenshot of what I think is the dancing game which kind of exemplifies how I see Makoto.

timrodresized: I just imagine her making this fucking expression every time she does the whole SMART GIRL thing.

Makoto: "I understand this is dangerous. But without a powerful source of intel, we won’t be able to win against the police network. And I can no longer rely on my sister for information…’

Morgana: “Bold move. I’m surprised to hear that suggestion coming from you, Makoto.”

timrodresized: Let me show you exactly what I mean.

SMARTGIRL: “Did you see his press conference yesterday? One of his comments defending the Phantom Thieves stood out to me. ‘There is more to this.’ I think he said that knowing for certain that the Phantom Thieves would be watching.”

Yusuke: “Still, there will be so many other students at the school festival… what are the odds of success?”

SMARTGIRL: “It’s a gamble. And the odds are less than favorable… but we can no longer afford to hesitate.”

Makoto: “What are your thoughts? Should we invite Akechi-kun?”

timrodresized: We can’t even fucking disagree with her.

SMARTGIRL: “I’m not… but, we have to do this. Is everyone okay with that?”

Ann: “I’m good… whatever he says has gotta be more reliable than what I’ve been able to come up with.”

Yusuke: “It would be reassuring to gain him as an ally, rather than simply a source of information.”

Ryuji: “Hold on, how’re we even gonna get in touch with him? It’s not like we got his contact info…”

Ryuji: “For real!?”

SMARTGIRL: “Could you send that my way, please? I’ll contact him right away.”

Ryuji: “I gotta say, I’m really not big on this Akechi deal.”

timrodresized: You know what would have ruled? If Atlus had done something so that people who played the base game didn’t have to sit through this shit a second time. This is easily the worst part of the game.

Ann: “Now’s no time to be petty.”

Morgana: “Just think of him as a source of intel, nothing more.”

Makoto: "I have a response already. He says, ‘Let me think about it.’ "

Ryuji: “Wait a sec. Didn’t he say he wasn’t gonna do any more stuff for the media?”

Yusuke: “That’s likely why he’s so hesitant.”

Ann: “What’re we gonna do if he turns us down?”

Makoto: “I’ll keep trying. It may be frustrating, but he’s all we have at the moment. We need him to do it, no matter what.”

Morgana: “We’re counting on you, Makoto.”

timrodresized: Tonight, we have to see Mishima again.

Mishima: “Huh!? W-Well, actually… I was just gonna say the same thing. I mean, going after him wouldn’t even help you guys get famous. It’d practically be pointless.”

Mishima: “Oh… I get it. Of course a thief who steals hearts would see what’s going on in the depths of my psyche… you know, I first started the Phan-Site so I could spread your message of justice to the world…”

timrodresized: No you didn’t! You did it to get laid!

Mishima: “But before I knew it, the only reason I wanted to help you guys was so I could get famous myself. Though maybe that’s always been the real reason…”

Mishima: “I don’t know… I thought I was doing it out of respect for you guys… yet deep down, I think I really just wanted to show the world that I’m more than some stupid zero.”

timrodresized: They should’ve made Mishima a party member, and had his awakening happen right here. “I am thou, thou art I… thou art also horny and kind of a dipshit, but I am not.”

timrodresized: His Persona is the faceless guy from hentai. You know the one.

Mishima: “I don’t deserve to work alongside the valiant Phantom Thieves. …Well, thanks for everything! Bye!”

Mishima: “I’m such an idiot… hahaha… I can’t even run away right… sigh Working alongside the Phantom Thieves has made me feel like I myself can change the world… but it’s only ever been you guys. I’m still just as powerless as always.”

Mishima: “That’s the truth… hahaha… I wonder if there’s really any way a pathetic guy like me can help you…”

Mishima: “That’s it…! My special power lies in running the Phan-Site! I don’t want it to be about public relations anymore though. First and foremost, that site needs to be a safe haven for people in serious trouble.”

Mishima: “After all that happened to me with Kamoshida, I know how hard it can be to speak out against injustice… so… as long as there are voices crying out to the Phantom Thieves, I’m gonna help them be heard.”

timrodresized: At this point, the only thing EXP is doing for us is reducing the amount of money we have to pay to fuse Lucifer.

Mishima: “At any rate, we should just forget about going after Akiyama-kun, okay? I’m still worried about some of the rumors I’ve heard about him, but I’ll do some more research.”

Mishima: “By the way, he’s not as bad a guy as he pretends to be. Apparently he’s super sweet to his girlfriend. Can you imagine that? They’ve been talking about getting married even since back in middle school… I’m honestly kinda jealous.”

timrodresized: Joker: “What’s weird about that? Yusuke and I are getting married as soon as all this dumbass Phantom Thief bullshit is over.”

Mishima: “…That thing I mentioned about Akiyama turned out to be true. It wasn’t just some rumor. I found a post on the Phan-Site by a girl who I assume is Akiyama-kun’s girlfriend.”

Mishima: “It says she’s worried because her boyfriend’s been hanging out with some sketchy guys. Acting strange, too. It seems like enough evidence to make him a target, but I’m gonna look into this a little further, just to be safe.”

timrodresized: I picked this because I like to think Joker is telling Mishima it’s his turn to die. I haven’t played that and probably won’t because I hated Danganronpa with a passion.

Mishima: “Yeah, leave it to me! We can’t ignore any cry for help on the Phan-Site! Haha… even I didn’t realize the Phan-Site meant this much to me. Thanks, Kurusu. For helping me get here.”

timrodresized: Well, here we are. Today’s the last day before the part where the game goes to shit.

Kasumi: “…Senpai, have you been sleeping well? You look kind of tired… it might not be my place to ask, but… are you okay?”

Kasumi: “Um… never mind, it’s nothing. That reminds me! Tomorrow is the school festival, isn’t it? Is your class all finished with preparations? It feels kind of nice, working with everyone to put all the things together…”

Kasumi: “I hope we all have a fun time tomorrow. Well, I’m going to do some training today, so please excuse me!”

timrodresized: There’s one of those “walking to class” bits where it’s just students talking about how much they love Akechi. I’m skipping it.

Maruki: “Some of those old stories sounded too crazy to be true, now that we’ve got so many years behind us. Sometimes, people have a hard time remembering what’s real and what’s exaggerated.”

Maruki: “This kind of stuff happens to you guys too, right? But there’s a reason for this. This phenomenon has a name too.”

Maruki: “All right, Kusuru-kun. From a psychological standpoint, what’s a key reason our memories can differ from reality?”

Maruki: “That’s right! Impressive. It’s a type of cognitive bias that can impair or even alter your memories. Specifically, the name of the phenomenon in question is called ‘false memory’. Like the name implies, it’s a case where our brain may generate memories that simply aren’t true.”

timrodresized: I’m pretty sure all those memories of me liking this game were those.

Maruki: “The difference between inaccurate memories and the facts can lead to a lot of confusion. Still, if your subconscious desire manifests as a memory, I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.”

Morgana: “False memories, huh… but it’s totally real to the person, right? What a strange concept.”

timrodresized: There’s a dumbass plot reason this is in. You might be able to guess why.

Morgana: “That’s amazing! Everyone’s gonna have their eyes on you now!”

timrodresized: No cat, that was Final Fantasy 8. I swear I’ve made that joke already.

timrodresized: The icing on this trash pile is yet another pointless Akechi event. This was, of course, one of his confidant events in the base game.

Akechi: “Why, you ask? I just came to enjoy some delicious coffee. How has business been for you lately?”

timrodresized: He came here just to piss me off.

Sojiro: “Take a look around. …Is the Niijima lady doing well?”

Akechi: “Unfortunately, we haven’t seen each other lately. We had a… difference of opinion.”

timrodresized: Oh look, it’s Hideki Kamiya.

Shido: “And because they’ve targeted only prominent figures, our government leaders have been hesitant to act. I apologize for any concern they may have caused and will henceforth search for an apt countermeasure.”

timrodresized: Oh, right. I should mention that Shido is voiced by the same guy that does Char in the Gundam anime - in both English and Japanese.

Shido: “This is an important undertaking, and one I intend to confront with every asset available to me. The selfish criminals enacting this ‘social reform’ are in fact the ones most deserving of reformation.”

Shido: “Answering to the interest of the people as hastily as possible is my natural duty as a politician.”

Shido: “Rampant political scandals, thieves on the loose… as sad as it is, this is the state of our nation. We must resolve this problem, and I assure the people of this noble country that I will do just that.”

timrodresized: There’s a shot here I missed where it does a black and white flashback to when we saw Shido in the hotel after the Kamoshida arc.

timrodresized: If you’re wondering why Joker’s memory is so bad, it’s a plot point. A very bad, very dumb plot point that we’ll see for the first time on the 26th.

Sojiro: “I’m not worried or anything. You’re just blocking the store entrance.”

Sojiro: “Sorry, wasn’t listening.”

Akechi: " ‘Criminals,’ hm? Well, that must be how he sees it. However, that is ignorant of their true nature."

Akechi: “If these people attack others with no remorse, why would they make a teacher and an artist apologize? Could a murder truly have been enacted by the same group?”

Akechi: “If this Okumura incident was not the Phantom Thieves… if they only change the hearts of criminals… then even though they can’t be considered ‘innocent’… perhaps my goals are not so different from theirs…”

Akechi: “Hahaha. I knew there was something special about you, ever since the first time we met. I feel as though I could tell you anything during our conversations.”

Akechi: “Ah, that reminds me. I’ve been invited to a panel at Shujin Academy, and… oh wait, I’m sure you know that already. Considering it’s such a good opportunity, I’ve decided to accept the offer.”

Akechi: “Thank you for the coffee. It was delicious.”

Sojiro: “Glad you liked it.”

Akechi: “I’m happy I could see you. I’ll be going now.”

timrodresized: This is directly about one of the most hamfisted Maruki cutscenes in the game. The thing is, I have a feeling I know exactly why they did this, and it’s because of something we’ll run into in the next update.

timrodresized: I mean, obviously it’s there to set up the plot for Royal, but there’s a reason that goes beyond that.

timrodresized: We can also talk to Sojiro to get a reward for coming in first on exams.

Sojiro: “I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Then maybe you didn’t need this… oh well. Take it.”

timrodresized: The Leblanc charm nulls sleep.

Sojiro: “I made it myself. It’s got my finest coffee beans in it. I wanted to give it to you before the exams… but well, you still have more tests. Don’t let up on the finals.”

timrodresized: Finally, it’s time to get Ohya’s Mementos request. We only have two left to go: Futaba’s and Shinya’s, both of which we’ll pick up early next month. At that point, I believe we’ll have finished every Mementos request we actually need to do to 100% the game.

Ohya: “All my connections who knew where Kayo was are gone, thanks to the chief and my publisher… well, say something.”

Ohya: “You can tell? Well, I guess it is pretty obvious. sigh Pulling these consecutive all-nighters is really wearing me down.”

Ohya: “Of course! They’ll fire me if I show any signs of weakness. The chief really wants me to mess up, but I’m not going to give him the satisfaction. Haha…”

Ohya: “Tell me about it. It’s a race to see whether I can find Kayo before he crushes me…”

Ohya: “There’s nothing I can do about a guy like that. He’s rotten to the core. And despite how he acts, the higher-ups like him. I have no one to go to. It’s over.”

Ohya: “Ughhh, I’m gonna die…”

Ohya: “Why? You gonna try to find his weakness? His name is Shinpei Honjo. I heard that he’s a good husband, and he used to cover economic foreign policy…”

timrodresized: It’s strange to me that

Ohya: “Don’t go trying anything heroic.”

Ohya: “I wonder where Kayo is… sorry, but I don’t feel like getting any info from you today… thanks for coming all the way out here though. I’ll see you around…”

timrodresized: And that’ll do it for this update. Next update will be called “Where The Game Goes to Shit” which should tell you everything you need to know about that.

timrodresized: We’ll also maybe see a new More Like Yusu-Gay. It depends on Salty Vanilla’s schedule, because I honestly completely forgot about the festival date being a thing. It’ll be out eventually.

It’s funny you should mention that, because there is one - it happens after the Casino and is technically the bad ending (making this the third Persona game I know of where you get the bad ending based on your answer to a single question).

Like usual, I put all my responses in an unsaved Notepad. Then my computer crashed. So I forgot what I was going to say, except for one point.

I’m a little unclear what Makoto’s ‘plan’ even is? We need Akechi to be our ‘ally’ (whatever that means) so we can get…information from him? And the only way to do this is to invite him to be a guest at our school festival on short notice, even though he and Joker are already friends?

lol I forgot most Persona games have the “Do you want to want to reload your save? Y/N” moment.

Well then he sounds like a man who has never done a bad or wrong thing in his life and I trust him completely now with whatever decision he makes.

Also in my head every time John Persona gets home he hesitates for a moment before stepping on the porch, wondering which person he talked to today that’s about to call him the instant his feet touch the entryway.

Click Here for Update 77

timrodresized: And now, it’s time for the game to go to shit. You are now entering a world of ass-pulls, last-minute attempts to glue several different copies of the game script together in the style of Ni no Kuni 2, and general shit that never gets mentioned in Strikers because even the writers at Koei-Tecmo realized how dumb it was.

Ann: “There’s definitely a lot more people than last year.”

Ryuji: “Well, yeah. This place got ‘famous’ and all. The Phantom Thieves, Kamoshida, Principal Kobayakawa. On top of that, we got Akechi as a guest.”

timrodresized: Thank you, Ryuji, for summing up a situation we already know about.

Makoto: “There may be police officers in plain clothes too… actually, they probably are here. We better be careful about what we discuss.”

Morgana: “Acting like normal students is going to be important.”

Futaba: “What do you normally do at a school festival?”

Ann: “Look around at the exhibits… and eat stuff?”

Ryuji: “There’s no set rules for this kinda thing. Walk around and hang out, like when we went to the beach.”

Futaba: “I think I can do it if I’ve got everyone with me!”

Makoto: “You’re so laid-back… there’s a possibility your name and Ryuji’s have come up.”

Ann: “A number of teachers had been questioned before, and even we were interviewed the other day too.”

timrodresized: That sentence is so badly localized and out of place that it sounds like Allanson dialogue. Here’s a hint, Atlus localizers: you don’t need the “too” there because the “even” implies it.

Makoto: “Don’t let your guard down too much.”

Morgana: “It’s true that the initial members have been at this for a long time, making it easier to get tracked…”

Ryuji: “All riiiight…”

timrodresized: I have no idea what the point of this conversation was. All they really needed to say is that the police might be around.

Haru: “Now, now. Let’s leave it at that. We just need to be mindful about what we’re saying, correct?”

Makoto: “Oh, um…”

Yusuke: “You seem to be having quite a lot of fun, Haru. You did mention that you were looking forward to this.”

Haru: “I want to go around with everyone and eat at the refreshment stands.”

Futaba: “This’ll be a great change of pace from all the nasty stuff lately!”

Makoto: “Shall we head off to the stands then?”

Makoto: “Oh right. This is your first time at our school festival.”

Ryuji: “They’re pretty good - from what I’ve heard…”

timrodresized: Wait, how would Ryuji not know? He’s been here at least a year, because the thing where Kamoshida broke his leg presumably happened a year before Joker got here for the timeline to make sense.

Ann: “I know a great one! Follow me.”

Haru: “Maid Takoyaki?”

Ann: “New customers! I’ll show you all to your seats.”

Ryuji: “…So it’s your class’s stand.”

Ann: “It’s still a refreshment stand, isn’t it?”

Futaba: “It’s like a deserted island here…”

Makoto: “Well, I guess it’s good for talking since there aren’t any people here…”

Ryuji: “And it was all bullshit.”

Morgana: “Here she comes… act normal.”

Ryuji: “Who cares? There’s nothin’ ‘normal’ about this anymore.”

Ryuji: “Take my order!? What happened to the maid atmosphere!?”

timrodresized: Uh, what? How is that not a maid atmosphere?

Yusuke: “There are a lot of odd flavors…”

Ryuji: “Stick to a normal one. I bet they-”

Ryuji: “The hell…”

Yusuke: “Well then… I’ll have the mentai cheese takoyaki…”

Haru: “Then, how about the squid-”

Ryuji: “That doesn’t even sound remotely possible! Ain’t this whole menu just a sham!?”

timrodresized: If you replace “maid costumes” with “battles” and “octopus” with “writing and localization” you pretty much have the design documentation for Persona 5.

Ryuji: “I can see that!”

Morgana: “Ryuji, you’re making a scene…”

Haru: “Then, what would you recommend with what you have now?”

Haru: “We’ll have that, please.”

Ryuji: “…Let’s forget the octopus and get back on topic.”

Ann: “On that note, hearing Kamoshida being almost treated like a victim makes me wanna eat my stress away!”

Morgana: “I’ve even heard conjecture that the principal was targeted for reasons like ‘he knew too much.’”

Yusuke: “I kept hearing about Goro Akechi’s popularity.”

Futaba: “All thanks to the Phantom Thieves!”

Ryuji: “You know, did that Akechi guy agree to show up here 'cause he believes we didn’t kill anybody…?”

Yusuke: “Or, he may simply love large gatherings.”

Ann: “Oh, true. He didn’t seem like he minded being pampered by the media at all.”

Morgana: “We plan on stealing intel, but we might fall into another trap. I’m gonna be bummed if that happens…”

Makoto: “You’re so carefree… does it mean you have nerves of steel in any situation? Still, it doesn’t change the fact that we don’t know what Akechi-kun is planning.”

Ann: “Ooh, it’s fresh made!”

Futaba: “Lies! I heard a microwave go off!”

Ryuji: “Well, it’s not like I was expectin’ crispy takoyaki at a school festival or anything. So, what makes this a ‘Russian’ takoyaki?”

Haru: “Could there be jam in it as a secret ingredient? That sounds quite delicious.”

timrodresized: No it doesn’t.

timrodresized: So… wait a second. You don’t have regular takoyaki, but you have what’s basically regular takoyaki with a spicy one added in. And you couldn’t just, say… take that out?

Ryuji: “Dude, don’t tell me the ‘Russian’ part means…”

Ann: “It’s like, going for the obvious one is manly?”

Morgana: “I-Is that so?”

Yusuke: “I’d prefer the most beautifully shaped one… but all of them are misshapen.”

timrodresized: Yusuke fucking gets it.

Haru: “Oh, aren’t you all going to eat? I think I’ll go for the ‘special’ one.”

Makoto: “Wait… is she honestly going for it?”

Ryuji: “Do YOU wanna go for the red one?”

timrodresized: Joker looks into the red takoyaki and sees Lucifer’s face staring back at him. “By the powers of hundreds of orders of fallen angels, I command this particular takoyaki to be REALLY, REALLY hot!

timrodresized: True bible fact: It wasn’t the rebellion against God that got Lucifer ejected from heaven, it was the hot sauce pranks he pulled on everyone within reach.

Ryuji: “Oh, you sure? All right, then I’ll just help myself to it… NOT!”

Makoto: “Th-the panel isn’t until tomorrow though…”

Akechi: “I came to check out the venue. I can’t make any mistakes since a lot of people will be present.”

Futaba: “Someone’s eager.”

Akechi: “But, people ended up recognizing me. Everyone bombarded me with questions.”

Ryuji: “That’s 'cause you were sloppy.”

Akechi: “I grew tired of the baseless rumors they kept bringing up, so I escaped to where there weren’t any people.”

Akechi: “Let’s just call this my performance fee.”

Ann: “But-”

Ryuji: “It’s fine.”

Akechi: “Mmm, it’s quite deli-”

timrodresized: This scene might not seem bad, but here’s why it’s bad. As we’ve seen, Akechi is a character whose entire personality is more or less “I’m a fancy boy and also the Detective Prince”.

timrodresized: What you have to understand is that in the base game, this is the only time you ever really see Akechi acting like this. There’s also the obvious slip from Update 27, but that’s less him breaking character than it is him making a mistake that just happens to be stupid.

timrodresized: I feel like the writers for Royal really weren’t sure how they wanted to go with Akechi, so they did a bit of both (things like the scene in the cafe where Akechi wears Joker’s glasses) and hoped that they wouldn’t piss off his fans. You know, due to the whole Akechi ranking first in every single Japanese popularity poll thing.

Ann: “Eating it in one bite is a bad idea…”

Akechi: “Ngh… my throat… urgh! This is…! Ohhh… oh, my stomach… it burns!”

Ann: “Are you okay? Do you need water?”

Akechi: “I-I-I’m… I’m fine! I just love… uh… spicy-spicy stuff… haha…hah…”

Futaba: “Hey, does he sound broken to you?”

timrodresized: It’s also really, really strange that they have the panel for the festival on a different day.

Ryuji: “It’s like he wants to get picked up for some commercial or something.”

Yusuke: “But… did he truly come to check out the venue? …This isn’t good. I keep suspecting every little thing.”

Makoto: “…I know what you mean. I’m doing the same too. I need to do my best tomorrow. We need to somehow get him to be our source of intel… I’m gonna pull this off no matter what!”

timrodresized: She’s not going to pull it off.

Futaba: “That Akechi guy… when he got here, didn’t he say that everyone’s all here?”

timrodresized: He did. I wonder how he’d know that? I mean, I suppose he can guess, given that he’s known since 06/09 that Morgana can talk.

Ryuji: “You’re… you’re just imaginin’ things…”

Yusuke: “Yes, but the associated mental fatigue was extraordinary. Being cautious takes a lot out of you…”

Ann: “Seriously. I think I’m as tired now as I am after midterms.”

Futaba: “I didn’t mind any of that. I just loved seeing that detective gulp down the special takoyaki…”

Haru: “I had fun as well, since I got to spend time with you all.”

Makoto: “What would you like to do now, Haru? Walk around a little more?”

Haru: “I appreciate the gesture, but I’m satisfied with stopping here. Why don’t we go home and rest up? We’ll have to deal with Akechi-kun again tomorrow, after all…”

Morgana: “I have to agree. What will his next move be?”

timrodresized: In the base game, this cutscene ends here. Keep in mind that we’ve been on nothing but cutscenes for the better part of 40 minutes at this point.

timrodresized: What we’re about to see is Maruki flexing his extraterritorial rights in one of the most ham-fisted ways possible to ensure this cutscene doesn’t end. Seriously, Royal extends this and tomorrow by at least 10 or 15 minutes.

Morgana: “sigh Where’d he wander off to? Always doing whatever he pleases… think he’s still checking out the festival stalls? Well, I’m sure he’ll be fine - this is Yusuke we’re talking about. Let’s head home.”

timrodresized: Wait… where’d he get that takoyaki from? Didn’t the person at the stand say they were out? That doesn’t look like the one with the red takoyaki in it either…

Yusuke: “My name is Yusuke Kitagawa. I’m a student in the fine arts division at Kosei High. I do apologize for interrupting your day, but ever since Ryuji and Ann first spoke of you, I’ve grown quite intrigued… now I wish to speak with you as well.”

Maruki: “Ryu… oh, Sakamoto-kun and Takamaki-san? Well, I’m flattered that you’ve taken an interest in me. You’re here about the counseling, correct?”

Yusuke: “Correct. Now, teach me how to unshackle the human heart and glimpse into its endless abyss!”

timrodresized: The best part is how this scene makes no fucking sense, especially if you’ve already done Yusuke’s Rank 10.

Maruki: “Whoa, whoa, hold on there! How should I put this… your enthusiasm is appreciated, but I suspect there’s a huge misunderstanding about what I do.”

Yusuke: “I apologize - I simply couldn’t contain my excitement. Would you still permit me to witness your counseling skills in action?”

Maruki: “That’s not really allowed, haha… oh! But how about this? Why not try out my counseling yourself instead?”

Yusuke: “Me?”

timrodresized: Man, that’s a cheap shot at Yusuke’s moveset. At least he has Charge now.

Maruki: “All you’d have to do is chat with me for a bit.”

Yusuke: “Very well… you and I shall go head-to-head.”

Maruki: “I’m not sure what you think happens in counseling, but, uh, there won’t be any of that…”

Yusuke: “It’s in the past. …How curious. I never imagined counseling to be like this.”

Maruki: “Well, I’d say this is less ‘counseling’ and more about building a rapport. When someone first comes to see me, we always start with them telling me a little bit about themselves.”

Yusuke: “Hm, a method of self-reflection that relies on speaking with another person so as to sort through one’s own emotions…”

Maruki: “There really shouldn’t be any cross-examining in a proper counseling session, though… I just do my best to guide patients in a positive direction so they can improve their lives.”

Maruki: “At the very least, I talk them through their problems so they can make the correct choices for themselves…”

Yusuke: “I see.”

timrodresized: Isn’t that just the Law ending from most of the mainline SMT games?

Maruki: “In all honesty, I’m sure there are people who think that… but life in this world confines people to certain frames of mind sometimes, and without them even realizing it.”

Maruki: “If I can help lift the weight off their shoulders and free their minds, I believe the results are worth it.”

timrodresized: Ends justify the means. Got it.

Yusuke: “…Thank you very much for speaking with me. This has been a most valuable experience.”

Maruki: “Before you go, Kitagawa-kun - what would you say is your greatest wish in life at this moment? Would it be success as an artist?”

timrodresized: Mine would be to LP an English translation of the PSP version of Eternal Punishment instead of whatever this shit is.

Yusuke: “No, that’s not it. The only desire I have for my art is for it to improve through my own efforts.”

Maruki: “I see- then what would you wish for?”

Maruki: “Ah… I see.”

Yusuke: “At any rate, I must be going now, so please excuse me. I hope we meet again someday.”

timrodresized: We finish this day of nothing but cutscene by finishing Art of Automata, leaving us with… I think two books before Knowing the Heart.

Makoto: “Our guest of honor is Goro Akechi.”

Akechi: “I feel kind of bad, considering how many people have gathered… I’m sure you all would’ve been happier to have a singer or a mascot appear, wouldn’t you say?”

Makoto: “We’d appreciate it if you could tell us about your experiences with the notorious Phantom Thieves. It’d be wonderful if you could let us hear more about your actual investigative process.”

Akechi: “I’m not used to being the one interrogated… so please go easy on me.”

timrodresized: It’s strange he’d even agree to this, given that they’re asking him to talk about an ongoing investigation. Back when I was a reporter, I interviewed cops a few times. They HATE that.

Yusuke: “He talks of how the Phantom Thieves are dangerous, yet he says they haven’t committed any murders. Either he has an idea who the true culprit is, or he has uncovered the identities of the Phantom Thieves.”

Ryuji: “C’mon, Makoto… you gotta get it out of him!”

timrodresized: If you’re wondering what Makoto’s plan is, the answer is she doesn’t have one. I don’t really understand why she’d expect a cop to coment on a case in public like this.

Akechi: “Getting right to the point, I see. Well, if it’s as much as I’m allowed to say, then everything on TV and the internet is all of it. We don’t have any leads yet, and the methods behind their crimes are still unclear.”

Makoto: “I see… Even with this country’s power, arresting them is proving to be difficult. Is that the case?”

timrodresized: Wouldn’t this be really strange for the audience? I mean, you’d think they’d be expecting her to ask him about his ideal date or something stupid like that.

Akechi: “I wouldn’t phrase it that way - but well, something like that.”

Makoto: “Thank you for answering that question. By the way, it seems you’ve denied a correlation between the Phantom Thieves and the murders… why the sudden change?”

Makoto: “Until now, haven’t you upheld your stance that the Phantom Thieves are dangerous? How are you so positive that they haven’t committed murder?”

Akechi: “Aren’t you a little too comfortable interrogating people? Why, it’s as if you’re a prosecutor.”

Makoto: “But won’t you tell us? What reason is there that you’d claim their innocence when you previously stated they were unjust?”

Futaba: “She’s pelting him with questions.”

Akechi: “Every person whose heart they changed have truly been criminals, including Okumura… why, then, was he the only one who needed to be killed…?”

Makoto: “Why is that?”

Akechi: “I must admit… I couldn’t deduce a reason. That’s why I believe that case should be thought of as if a different party is responsible. And if - this is all hypothetical, mind you.”

Akechi: “If the Phantom Thieves are the ones I know of, I can’t possibly imagine they would kill anyone.”

Makoto: “Your comment just now… does this mean the police have already identified who they are?”

Akechi: “Oh, no. The police haven’t gotten that far yet. But I have my own conclusions about the true identities of the Phantom Thieves.”

Ann: “Pipe down!”

Haru: “He’s lying, right…?”

Futaba: “But if it’s the truth…”

Akechi: “You’re not going to ask me who they are?”

timrodresized: Makoto figures she can just SMART GIRL her way out of this shit.

Akechi: “It’s only my personal opinion, so announcing that here wouldn’t pose a problem. However… there is a possibility that everyone present will hear the truth before the police or media.”

Ann: “The truth…?”

Futaba: “What’s he planning on saying?”

Makoto: “That’s quite the confidence you have. If you’re so certain, then very well. I’d like to ask you then: Who do you think the Phantom Thieves are, Akechi-san?”

Ryuji: “That idiot!”

Yusuke: “No… there’s no way he could have any evidence…”

timrodresized: So, okay… did he plan that? Did he have someone in the audience planted to call him just in case this came up? How did he know Makoto would ask him that?

Akechi: “Would you mind if I step away for about… ten minutes or so?”

Makoto: “I’m terribly sorry, everyone, but we’ll be taking a break. We’ll resume the panel in ten minutes.”

Akechi: “Please don’t troll me online for this interruption, okay?”

Makoto: “There’s the PE faculty office.”

Akechi: “I want you to come too. There’s a matter I want to discuss. Your friends from yesterday are here, aren’t they? Can you bring them too, if that’s all right?”

timrodresized: I mean, no shit. He’s basically Light Yagami.

timrodresized: Congrats, you’ve got uh… a couple of photos that could easily be explained by Photoshop filters. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can do stuff like this with one button these days.

timrodresized: I really wish they’d give Joker an opportunity to snark this. “Hey Akechi, congratulations, you saw Yusuke emerging from the Elemental Plane of Boyfriend.”

Ryuji: “That’s gotta be 'shopped!”

Akechi: “I have video footage too. Please, let’s not feign ignorance. All of you can go to that other world too, yes?”

Akechi: “As I just said, I know everything. I also know that when you traverse over there, your appearance changes as well. It’s because of those mysterious powers, isn’t it?”

timrodresized: An obvious lie. We already know he knows about Morgana, and that was in June.

Ryuji: “Dude, it’s the Nav…”

Akechi: “When the app activated on its own, the scenery around me suddenly changed. Quite frankly, I still can’t believe it myself. But from the look of these photos, all of you seem quite used to it.”

Ryuji: "We’ve been listenin’ to you blab on for a while now, but cut the delusional- "

Akechi: “All of you are acting as Phantom Thieves in the Metaverse. I can say so with conviction because I have the same power as you.”

timrodresized: We could already infer this from him being able to hear Morgana, but now we know that Akechi has a Persona. We also know that he’s had it since at least June, if not earlier… and that he was in Okumura’s Palace.

timrodresized: This would mean that Akechi fits all the criteria for being the killer, and it’s fucking stupid that Joker doesn’t point this out. It’s not like he’d even have to reach back that far, because Akechi is admitting this shit now.

Akechi: “I’ll take your silence as confirmation. In all honesty, I’ve been curious about you since the time of the Madarame case. But to think it would end up like this…”

Akechi: “I believe that as well…”

Makoto: “…How can you be so sure?”

Ryuji: “For real!?”

Ann: “Who was it!?”

Akechi: “I couldn’t identify his face… he had a mask on, after all. Actually, when I took these photos, I entered that world too.”

Akechi: “He shot at me the moment he noticed me.”

timrodresized: That’s funny, because you’d think someone would have heard the apparently unsuppressed gunshots. Also, how do you know the shooter’s gender?

Yusuke: “That’s who killed President Okumura?”

timrodresized: Now, here’s the real question. Why isn’t Makoto asking these fucking questions? This would’ve been a great opportunity to make it obvious that she can do shit.

timrodresized: In fact, I’m going to be real here when I say that if Makoto asked a couple of pointed questions, the plot would be resolved right here.

timrodresized: You might be wondering if this is actually a trap on Makoto’s end, and… no, it’s not. At this point, no one is even vaguely aware of the possibility that Akechi could be the killer.

Akechi: “Most likely. At the very least, I was almost killed by him. ‘I can’t die here… I need to determine the truth…’ When those thoughts overcame me, I awakened to that power - a most fortunate accident.”

timrodresized: Fuck you, Hashino. Fuck you. He stole that straight out of Eternal Punishment. We’ll hopefully see that when the translation is done.

Morgana: “This guy has a Persona too?”

Ann: “Morgana. Our teammate who taught us about the Metaverse.”

Akechi: “…Really? This is unbelievable… but it IS true that you know things that I don’t… say, Morgana. Were you also the one who instructed them on how to change people’s hearts?”

Akechi: “I experienced that world too, but I still haven’t solved that mystery yet.”

Morgana: “We go in the Metaverse - we call them Palaces - to steal the core of their desires: their Treasure. And those whose Treasure has been stolen have a change of heart.”

Akechi: “Hahaha… there’s certainly no way anyone could figure out such an MO.”

Ryuji: “Anyways! Back to what you were talkin’ about! Are we in this mess 'cause of that guy!?”

Akechi: “Although I don’t completely understand the method, all you do is simply reform people. Someone else is behind the murders. However, the police have decided that the Phantom Thieves did it… they’ll arrest you at this rate.”

Haru: “Th-They’re going to treat me as my father’s murderer?”

Akechi: “I can’t overlook such a grave mistake. Which is precisely why I want us to strike a deal. I may be able to save you from this situation.”

Futaba: “A deal?”

Akechi: “I would like you to cooperate with me on investigating the truth.”

Yusuke: “And if we decline?”

Akechi: “Then I think I’ll have to inform the police about all of you, along with that video I mentioned.”

Ryuji: “This ain’t no deal! It’s blackmail!”

Akechi: “Say what you will. This is the method that I believe is correct. The justice I uphold will not tolerate criminals who kill people at their leisure.”

Haru: “Justice…”

Akechi: “You’ve heard that Sae-san is the one spearheading the investigation about you Phantom Thieves, correct? The higher-ups are concerned only with settling the case.”

Akechi: “They want to capture the culprits behind the psychotic breakdown incidents and end the commotion. Those are the ones who are putting pressure on Sae-san. I can only imagine her impatience.”

Akechi: “Even if there is no objective explanation of the method, it’s over once causality is established. Sae-san can’t make rational judgments at the moment. If she were to be cornered, well… she may even make up a confession.”

Makoto: “Make it up?”

Ryuji: “So they’re gonna make it all our fault!? Just 'cause they feel like it!?”

Ann: “We haven’t killed anyone though! …And we’re still going to be arrested?”

Akechi: “You’ll be found guilty if you’re caught, and it will be treated as a very serious crime.”

Ryuji: “Bullshit! None of that makes any sense!”

Akechi: “Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do alone anymore to stop the flow of things…”

Makoto: “And that’s why you want our cooperation?”

Akechi: “Yes. In return, I’ll turn a blind eye to what you’ve done. Those are my conditions. That said, I ask that you disband the Phantom Thieves after this.”

timrodresized: I dunno, kill him? Dump his body in the Metaverse, where it’ll never be found? He’s already threatening murder charges - what’s one more murder when you’re already accused of at least three?

timrodresized: Seriously though, Tatsuya or Jihei would’ve already lit Akechi on fire at this point.

Akechi: “I see… I thought I was making a lot of concessions myself. Well, you don’t have to decide at the moment. Considering this is you we’re talking about, I believe you’ll come to a favorable reply.”

Akechi: “I’m glad we could talk. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend such a meaningful time like this.”

timrodresized: “Spend such a meaningful time like this?” What the fuck kind of localization is that? Oh right, I forgot, this is the part of the game where it goes to shit.

Akechi: “I look forward to your answer. It was definitely worth coming today - for various reasons. We should be getting back. … About that, I’m sorry. Would it be acceptable if we ended the panel here?”

Akechi: “The reason why you called for me in the first place is because you wanted intel, correct? My business is concluded as well.”

timrodresized: A good writer would have had that last line be a plot point where Makoto was working with Akechi the entire time, which would explain why she’s so fucking incompetent. Hashino is not a good writer.

Makoto: “I’ll deal with it somehow.”

timrodresized: The game then fades to a blur. This? Right here? This is where I checked out on the plot the first time I played the game, and just wanted it to be over.

timrodresized: This scene sucks for a bunch of reasons. It feels stupid because it’s taking your agency away, but also because by the time we see what happens here, we’ll already know everything it has to tell us.

timrodresized: This scene (and the other three like it) are trying to patch a massive ass pull that Hashino makes in late November. You’ll know it when you see it, and it ruins the entire goddamn plot.

timrodresized: David Cage pulled this exact shit in Heavy Rain, and it was just as dumb there as it is here.

timrodresized: Anyway, here’s how I’m going to handle these. Underneath this update, you will see a second “summary” box. That box will contain the full text of the blurred scene. You can view it if you’d like, or wait until November when they’re revealed normally.

timrodresized: I will warn you that there’s a couple of cutscenes in November that will not make any fucking sense if you read the blurred scenes early… but they also won’t make sense if you read the blurred scenes afterward.

Akechi: “So, I truly apologize about this… but I’ll have to end things here today.”

Makoto: “To make up for the time that was planned for this panel, the rakugo research club will instead be-”

timrodresized: Wait, what? Rakugo… what? How do you research a comedy style? Why did this need to be here at all? Seriously, why would you not just cut to the post-festival date?

Akechi: “I can’t say anything in detail regarding the Phantom Thieves investigation… but I feel another great stride will occur again soon. I hope you all continue to pay attention to what happens.”

Makoto: “Let’s have a big round of applause for today’s guest, Goro Akechi.”

Ann: “He totally used Makoto’s suggestion against us.”

timrodresized: I swear, there must have been a draft of the script at one point where Makoto was a traitor and actively working with Akechi. It’s the only thing that explains how utterly incompetent Makoto is.

timrodresized: Just think about it though. What’s one time where Makoto has been right on anything, barring the handful of times where she points something out in a dungeon?

Yusuke: “Indeed. We intended to get intel out of him, but to think it would play out like this.”

Ryuji: “So what? We’ll just accept his deal?”

Ann: “He’s got evidence on us. We really don’t have a choice…”

Ryuji: “Dammit, what’re we gonna do!?”

Morgana: “Calm down, Ryuji.”

Ryuji: “How am I s’posed to calm down!? What are we gonna do!?”

Yusuke: “What’s done is done. We’ll have to cool our heads and think more on this. We must make up our minds by the time he contacts us again.”

Morgana: “We need to give this a lot of thought…”

timrodresized: Well, shit. I have to wonder, though: how would he know that’s a real one when there were places all over Tokyo selling fakes?

timrodresized: There’s still the plausible explanation that John Persona bought a fake card, made it look like a real one, and then used the threat of a brainfuck to get Futaba to change without actually doing anything.

Sojiro: “I knew it… she’s… oh god…”

timrodresized: And now it’s time for the date cutscene, with absolutely no one else jumping in to assert their extraterritorial rights and extending this entire mess by say… another several minutes.

Morgana: “Post-festival party? I thought this thing was over… eh, nobody invited you to it, so let’s just go home.”

timrodresized: Oh look, it’s Atlus’s Lightning. Are you here to sell us your custom Louis Vuitton bag?

Kasumi: “Since we’ve run into each other on our own, why not go together? People say these kinds of events should be enjoyed with others, so let’s go have some fun!”

timrodresized: Kasumi being here makes this scene kind of stupid. In the base game, you had the scene with Akechi and then you did the festival date and went home.

timrodresized: In Royal, you instead go to the party with Kasumi, leave, go back with someone else, and then then go home. You know, instead of just making her a choice and giving the player a save point that doesn’t require them to go through multiple days of shit to get back to it.

Kasumi: “Let’s get in there, Kurusu-senpai!”

timrodresized: This is more or less how all of the other date cutscenes start.

timrodresized: There is a long dancing animation here and I don’t know why they did it. Seriously, I timed it on one of my re-records and it’s like 15 seconds long.

timrodresized: You may also notice the sign that says “Syujin Academy”. I’m pretty sure that’s how the name of the school is actually spelled, and it’s this kind of thing that makes your localization look bad.

Kasumi: “Kurusu-senpai - let’s do it!”

timrodresized: As you may be able to guess, this entire cutscene exists for one reason: to justify the showtime attack that Joker eventually gets with Kasumi. I believe you have to be Rank 10 with her to get it, meaning it’s basically limited to that mystery palace.

timrodresized: Her Showtime Attack is called Dances with Phantoms, and is the only one where the film reference actually makes sense. It’s less a showtime attack with Joker than it is a solo attack, because she’s Atlus’s Lightning.

timrodresized: In the More Like Yusu-Gay route, this scene instead happens with Yusuke. We might not see that for another update or two - Salty Vanilla is working on it.

timrodresized: There’s this short scene where they’re dancing together, but it looks like crap in still shots. Fortunately, I took a video of both this and the anime cutscene we’ll see shortly.

Kasumi: “Hmm… got it. I’m in!”

Kasumi: “Just wait here, and watch what happens!”

timrodresized: I love how whichever studio did these anime cutscenes can never get Morgana on-model. It just can’t be done.

timrodresized: The way this studio can never get anything on-model, even when it’s the only thing in frame, reminds me of the 70s Lupin III anime where they had animations that played for 10 seconds or more but were only two or three frames long.

timrodresized: Animation studio boss: “Shit, we need something to hide the fact that we can’t draw Kasumi on-model… anyone got any ideas?”

timrodresized: Animator: “How about we just put a three or four second animation where the shot is going through people’s legs, so the viewer sees our horrible off-model animation as little as possible?”

timrodresized: Animation studio boss: “Brilliant!”

timrodresized: I mean, I guess I can’t blame them, given that anime creators usually don’t make all that much money, but still.

timrodresized: Animator: “We don’t need to be on-model for any of these close-ups, do we?”

timrodresized: Animation studio boss: “Fuck no! Just be as off-model as possible and we’ll call it an art style.”

timrodresized: Animator: “Boss, how do I draw a cat? The client says they want a cat in this scene, but I’m not qualified for that.”

timrodresized: Animation studio boss: “Hell if I know! Call Fred! He was on that project with the catboy, right? That’s practically the same thing.”

timrodresized: Animator: “Boss, the client says they want this scene to be like a minute long and I’m already out of ideas! What do I do?”

timrodresized: Animation studio boss: “Shit, if only Fred was here. Uh… you’ve got that leg shot from earlier, right? Just copy-paste that a couple of times.”

Kasumi: “Ah, thank you!”

Kasumi: “It’s my dad. He’s telling me to come home before it gets too late. Sorry to leave you like this, but I have to get going.”

timrodresized: There should have been a line here where Kasumi goes “Oh, no, we’re all done with the scenes where I’m being harrassed and you have to step in to save me.”

Kasumi: “Thank you. I’ll be all right, though. The post-festival party was so much fun! Especially with you! See you soon!”

timrodresized: I… don’t know why they put this line here. The writers knew that there was a festival date thing coming up. I mean, they presumably had the game’s script to work with. You know when they have trouble keeping shit like this straight that it’s a sign of bad writing.

timrodresized: Just like the Hawaii scene, we have three scenes that require Rank 9 and being on the romance route (those being Ann, Kawakami, and Makoto). Ryuji’s scene needs you to be Rank 10, and Haru is the fallback if you don’t meet any of those.

timrodresized: Keep in mind that we haven’t been able to save since the night of the 25th - meaning we have to go through the entire day to get back to this choice.

timrodresized: For this update, we’ll be doing Haru’s date. All the others will be filed under the “Alternate Scenes” header.

Haru: “I’m sorry. I can’t stop thinking about what Akechi-kun said…”

Haru: giggle “It feels like nothing bad could ever happen when you say that.”

Haru: “Sharing…? I never knew we had such an event.”

Haru: “Ooh, he’s going to choose? I wonder who it will be…”

Haru: “Huh…? Is he… looking this way?”

Haru: “He’s talking to me… isn’t he?”

Haru: “Well, I’m going.”

Haru: “Um, yes…”

timrodresized: Haru’s version of this scene is easily the most awkward of them all.

Haru: “Oh, please don’t worry!”

timrodresized: I wonder if it’s easier to take the death of a parent if they were a moustache-twirling cartoon villain.

Haru: “Something to share… I have too many things…”

Haru: “Huh?”

timrodresized: Now, I get that awkward moments like this happen a lot, but something tells me this goes beyond the usual degree of social ineptitude.

Haru: “Erm…”

Haru: “Well…”

timrodresized: Yeah, you know what, let’s just take this situation from bad to worse.

Haru: “Huh?”

Haru: “Wait…!”

Haru: “Th-that wasn’t what we were talking about…”

timrodresized: All of the date cutscenes are basically identical to this, but with Ann or Makoto. The only one that’s significantly different is Kawakami’s, which is probably the one I like the best.

timrodresized: I just wish that they had written an alternate version of it for if you’re not dating her, because it would have had a thousand times more impact that way.

Haru: “It turned out to be more like an interview party, huh? I still can’t believe you said that…”

Haru: “Huh…? Right… at any rate, I’m not sure what I would have done without you. Thank you for saving me. You’re a mysterious person, but you’re so reliable.”

Haru: “Who knows what may lie ahead. For now, I’m worried about what happened with Akechi-kun… but I have to say, my first post-festival party was quite fun. Though… I guess it’s my last too.”

Haru: “Here, I’d like you to have this.”

timrodresized: The reward for all of these dates is the same - the item has a different name, but in all cases it’s an SP restorative.

Haru: “I… bought it earlier…”

timrodresized: By this, he means “I can’t wait to never use it.”

Haru: giggle “Now then, let’s go home.”

timrodresized: You thought this day would just end? Oh no.

Futaba: “You took off somewhere during the festival, huh… I tried to find you, but I gave up pretty quickly.”

Morgana: “Futaba? What are you doing here in front of the store?”

Futaba: “I needed to calm my brain. My thoughts were getting out of hand. Not just Akechi, but other stuff too. We’re in deep trouble unless we can do something soon.”

Futaba: “But anyway, I was just thinking about going inside, so your timing is perfect. Let’s go.”

SIU Director: “They’re saying whatever they want. So, how’s the investigation going? Any clues yet?”

Sae: “Nothing that leads to a firm conviction yet…”

SIU Director: “What’s going on here? Didn’t you say that you were sure about closing this case? And I thought I told you that failure won’t be tolerated.”

Sae: “…”

SIU Director: “Well, this is troublesome. If this continue at this rate, never mind a promotion… we’d have to let you go entirely.”

SIU Director: “I had high expectations for you, but it seems this task was too much to handle for someone so young. We may need to reform the operation as well since the selected personnel for this-”

timrodresized: Has it even been a week since he put her on the case?

Sae: “Please let me see this through to the end! This case is something that I’ve always-”

SIU Director: “I know that you’ve been at this for a while now, even before the police spared us the staff for it. If you can manage an arrest, I’ve made special arrangements so that you can question them personally.”

timrodresized: Here’s the game justifying the use of the secret murder room, though it’s a mystery why they’d let Sae interrogate Joker if they were planning on killing him anyway.

SIU Director: “…That’s what you want, isn’t it? The leadership of this country is about to change. We can’t let this case carry over into their term. I’ll make myself clear again: failure isn’t an option. We need results.”

timrodresized: And now we know who he works for. It shouldn’t have been hard to guess.

Sae: “…I understand.”

SIU Director: “You’re allowed to take some… bold measures if you need to. We need good results, no matter what. Oh, one more thing. If the unexpected happens to occur, contact me immediately.”

timrodresized: If you are at all thinking about the plot, you might ask why Akechi hasn’t simply given the names of the party directly to the SIU Director. There’s a reason for that.

Sae: “…To you, sir?”

timrodresized: Could this guy be any more cartoonishly evil?

Futaba: “Sojiro?”

Sojiro: “This is a calling card, right? I’ve read about it online too.”

timrodresized: Sojiro saw one of those “How to tell if your teen is John Persona” segments on the local news.

Futaba: “Y-You went into my room without my permission!?”

Sojiro: “I’ll apologize as much as you want later. …So, what is this?”

Futaba: “That’s…”

Sojiro: “Is it something to get flustered over? I knew it. This isn’t just some game you’re playing. Why aren’t you saying anything?”

timrodresized: I ask that question a lot of this game’s script.

Morgana: “Why did you keep it!?”

Futaba: “I mean… it was memorable…”

Sojiro: “Explain.”

Futaba: “Explain…”

Sojiro: “Can’t tell me?”

Sojiro: “I’m talking to Futaba here, you know… I’ll get right to the point. Is this a ‘real’ one? Did they… trigger a change of heart in you?”

Futaba: sob

Sojiro: “How about it?”

Sojiro: “Futaba… here… sit down. I can at least listen to what you have to say.”

Futaba: “It’s the same as Mom’s research… they changed… my cognition…”

timrodresized: Here’s what I hate about this scene. Futaba is basically two separate people - there’s the more somber one (which we see near the end of her dungeon and right here) and then the epic gamer memelord anime gremlin we see in her confidant.

timrodresized: This, right here? The sort of somber, brooding Futaba? This is the Futaba I like. If she were like this the entire game, she would be the best girl with virtually zero competition. I’m not saying she has to never be happy - that’s not the point. They could’ve just dialled back the memes and it would’ve been far better.

timrodresized: Now, a good writer would’ve realized what they were doing and either made it a plot point that she acts like two different people… or just give her a single coherent personality. Basically, they should’ve stuck with their initial plans to just make her a goth.

Sojiro: “Seriously? …Wakaba’s research about altering one’s cognition… I wondered about it myself too, but still…”

Sojiro: “When she said she was gonna go to the beach out of nowhere. Even the doctors had thrown in the towel.”

Futaba: “…”

Sojiro: “At first I just chalked it up as other kids being a better support for you than any adult. But as I kept watching the tabloid shows here day in and day out, a thought crossed my mind…”

Sojiro: “I thought… your case kind of seemed similar to what these Phantom Thieves were doing.”

Futaba: “…Wow.”

Sojiro: “I’m still your guardian, you know. I’d never overlook such a drastic change in your behavior.”

Futaba: “Sojiro…”

Sojiro: “But to think that Wakaba’s research and the Phantom Thieves changing hearts were about the same thing.”

Sojiro: “She said something odd when we were out drinking… that one of these days, she might die a bizarre death. Who wouldn’t take that as a joke? I just laughed it off.”

Sojiro: “But… it happened exactly as she said. If anything were to happen to you, I’d feel like I let her down.”

Sojiro: “There’s something I want to ask you, Akira. Judging from your attitude, you knew about this calling card, didn’t you? You should’ve known that Futaba had a change of heart through the Phantom Thieves as well.”

Sojiro: “…Is there a connection between you and them? The first incident of a change of heart was a teacher at your school. The kid who brought that painting here was a pupil of that artist who had a change of heart, wasn’t he?”

Sojiro: “And then there’s Futaba… you always seem to be linked to these incidents somehow. Got anything to say?”

timrodresized: The entire Japanese police force can’t figure this shit out, but one random cafe owner can.

Sojiro: “…You think this is a game? You know what people call them? Criminals. Why did you introduce such dangerous people to Futaba!?”

Futaba: “I asked them! That’s why Akira saved me! He stole my heart!”

Sojiro: “…Asked? Stole?”

Futaba: “Oh… uh… ummm…”

Sojiro: “Wait, are you saying that he’s the one who changed your heart? He doesn’t just deal with the Phantom Thieves… he’s actually one of them? You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?”

Sojiro: “Are you serious? You… really are a phantom thief? For crying out loud…”

Futaba: “Sojiro…”

Sojiro: “So basically, I’ve been sheltering a phantom thief for the last six months? And on top of that, Futaba’s involved too… what the hell…”

Futaba: “I…I want to find the culprit who killed my mom!”

Sojiro: “Wait, killed?”

Futaba: “I… remember it now.”

Sojiro: “Stop this nonsense!”

Futaba: “Why won’t you believe me!? Are you the same as everyone else? Didn’t you know already!? The way Mom died wasn’t normal!”

Futaba: “Didn’t you notice that her research was stolen by someone!? Sojiro…!”

Sojiro: “…When she passed away, I did think it was odd. It was awfully fishy. But what could I do? …All I was able to do was run from it all. Run away, hide… and end up here, as some old guy running a cafe.”

Sojiro: “To be frank, I took you in for my own good. Like it’d somehow make up for what I’d done. It’s basically my fault that you got burdened with all this crap.”

Futaba: “It’s not your fault, Sojiro.”

Sojiro: “I acted all big, lectured, even yelled at you kids… and I end up getting consoled by her. God… real pathetic, aren’t I?”

Futaba: “I mean, the one who killed Mom is the one at fault!”

Sojiro: “…I see. Don’t worry.”

Sojiro: “Let me just say one thing though. Immediately back out of a fight that you can’t win.”

Sojiro: “If by chance you pissed off the same guys that killed Wakaba… then they’re not someone that kids like you can deal with. Listen to reason, all right?”

Sojiro: “We’re done talking about this. C’mon, time to eat. All that yelling’s gotten me hungry.”

Morgana: “Phew… if he turned us in, that would’ve jeopardized our operation. …Still, we should tell the others about what just happened.”

timrodresized: It should be pretty obvious to everyone involved who the actual killer is. I mean, given that we already know one person who meets all the criteria.

Futaba: “We’re gonna win, no matter what!”

timrodresized: I mean, yeah, Futaba could be an Inkling. She’s got the hair and general build for it, even if she’s a bit tall.

Futaba: “All this happened because I kept the calling card… it’s so late already… is Sojiro still awake? This is kind of awkward…”

timrodresized: Joker has a very strict rule: no anime gremlins allowed in the bed.

Futaba: “…I’m gonna go home. Night.”

timrodresized: We’re forced to go to bed tonight, which I suppose makes sense given how many people jumped in to assert their extraterritorial rights. Next time: More cutscene and a goth mom. Before I finish this, there’s an optional IM conversation I didn’t even notice until my second or third re-record.


Click Here for the full version of the blurred cutscene (optional, read the update first)

timrodresized: I don’t have this scene recorded yet in Royal, so all of the dialog choices will be marked with Joker’s dialog icon, which I think is more appropriate given the lack of agency. Please also note that I didn’t pick the dialog choices in this scene, but will pick different ones when the LP catches up.

Morgana: “…You realized it too, then. It was our conversation about pancakes, right? There’s no way he could have reacted like that if he hadn’t heard me.”

Joker: “We can’t trust him.”

Morgana: “My thoughts exactly. It was your social studies trip. We met him in the hallway of that TV station…”

timrodresized: There’s a black-and-white shot of a scene from Update 27 here. I’ll just post the color version instead.

timrodresized: This, by the way, is why so much of the fanart of Akechi has him eating pancakes. Because that’s how fucking stupid this plot twist is.

Morgana: “There’s no way that this is the first time he’s heard my voice. This whole deal feels sketchy.”

Joker: “He’s suspicious.”

Morgana: “Yeah. It’s impossible not to think that of him. Okay… let’s get everyone on the same page right away.”

“Russia sushi yo. Umai yo. Oishii yo.”

It’s been a million years since I watched an episode of Durarara, but I see you, Atlus. I see you.

I think that’s a joke in a Woody Allen movie or something.

There’s a diner near where I live that has an early bird menu, where the dinner comes with a soda and pudding. The chicken parm isn’t on the early bird menu. But chicken parm but with a slice of ham on top of it for some reason IS on the early bird menu. I never tried asking for chicken parm with ham, without the ham.

Those ellipses are the painful irony as Ryuji realizes they’re fucked, but in the same moment knows he’s the dumb character and isn’t allowed to say anything.

This is my contribution to the LP, everybody. Tim asked me who we should date at the festival and I said “uh…da fluffy one”

Originally, I wasn’t going to do the other ones at all. It takes forever to get to the date choice (I timed it while re-recording and it’s around 12 minutes if you’re going as quickly as possible) and most of them have near-identical text with the choices re-worded slightly. Kawakami’s is really the only one that is significantly different.

Then I decided that I’d do it anyway, because it’s easy enough to just let it fast-forward in the background.

You know, I didn’t realize until the Nice Detective mentioned it off-hand in the “interrogation” but the Scooby Gang here is kind of eyebrow-raising. If you wanted to make Akechi seem smart you could have him question the group or just Joker about how the group grows whenever there’s a change of heart. Yusuke doesn’t even go to their school, and how does a kid on probation and a delinquent become friends with Sae’s sister? And none of them roll in Haru’s social circles. Then all those times he just pops up around Joker are because he was tailing Joker, which pulled him into a palace.

Basically just copy how Sojiro figured out everything on his own but have the smart person say it too.


timrodresized: Let’s take a look at the other possible festival dates. I timed it, and these take about 12 minutes real-time each to get to. This includes the loading times, because it’s faster to dashboard out of the game and restart it than it is to get to a point where you can load your save.

timrodresized: Don’t bother doing this if you’re playing the game yourself, because most of these scenes are word-for-word identical with only the names changed. The lines from the NPCs are always identical, so we’ll be skipping the two lines that start each route.

timrodresized: Kawakami’s route is probably the best one for this particular scene.

Kawakami: “That’s today’s youth for you, I guess.”

Kawakami: “That includes you, because you’re still young. …Anyway, about what Akechi-kun said earlier…”

Kawakami: “Wanna go someplace where we can be alone? There’s something I want to talk to you about. Enjoy the post-festival party. Just stop by the students’ association room when you’re done.”

timrodresized: This is one of the two routes in which Joker gets picked.

timrodresized: I like to think that if Joker took the mic, the only thing he’d talk about is how much he loves Yusuke.

Kawakami: “…You know how Akechi-kun was talking about the true identity of the Phantom Thieves? Well, lemme know if you’re in any trouble, okay? I’ll be there to help you.”

Kawakami: “No matter what’s going on around you… I’ll always be on your side. I know I always end up depending on you, because you’re so reliable… but depend on me sometimes, all right?”

timrodresized: I like this scene a lot, though I wish there was a version of it if you aren’t on Kawakami’s romance route.

Kawakami: “No, we’re at school. Remember? It’s not exactly a substitute, but I can give you this.”

timrodresized: Weirdly, all of the other items you get from this event have the person’s name in them… except Haru’s, which was called a “Sakura Amezaiku”.

timrodresized: It makes me wonder if there was originally supposed to be a route with Futaba (there isn’t, because I’m pretty sure you can’t have her at Rank 10 yet) and they put the item in but forgot to rename it.

Kawakami: “…This is embarrassing.”

Kawakami: sigh “That’s a relief…”

Kawakami: “Oh, and about what you just asked me to do… I’m pretty okay with it… as long as we’re not at school. Get home safely.”

Ann: “…Oh, sorry. I was just worried about the whole thing with Akechi-kun… we’re gonna be okay, right?”

Ann: “It actually feels like that’s the truth when you say it.”

Ann: “They’re really doing this again this year…? I guess this disorder really makes the post-festival party what it is.”

timrodresized: To save space, Ann gets called up to the stage. The announcer refers to her as “the girl in the hoodie with the super-bleached hair”.

Ann: “Huh? Me!? What should I do…!?”

timrodresized: So what you’re saying is that somehow, some way, it’s gotta get better than this? That you’ve got but one shot at life, so you should take it while you’re still not? Because life is so brief, and time is a thief when you’re undecided, and like a fistful of sand it can slip right through your hands?

timrodresized: I wish I could find that video of Dark Souls 1 where a guy invades and there’s three people with channeler tridents doing the channeler dance in a field of prism stones to that song. I’d look it up, but given the internet’s propensity for giving me weird shit I’m sure I’d find like… a weird erotic Makoto ASMR channel.


timrodresized: Fuck! No! Fuck! Bad internet! Bad!

Ann: “Would that be okay…?”

Ann: “I-I don’t know…!”

Ann: “Huh!?”

Ann: “What do I think…?”

Ann: “Ummm…”

Ann: “Huh…!?”

Ann: “H-Hold on a sec!”

Ann: “Huh!?”

Ann: “Ugh… that was embarrassing. I can’t believe you had the courage to stand up and say that in front of everyone.”

Ann: “Huh…? So you did it to help me… at any rate, I had really frozen up for a second there. So… thanks. You were a huge help. You know, you’re actually a pretty dependable guy.”

Ann: “I think we’ll be good together… uh, i-ignore that! T-Talking about the future… that’s a bit too heavy for right now, huh? Ahahaha!”

timrodresized: I went back after this to see if you get points if you do this with Haru, and you don’t.

Ann: “I’m still worried about Akechi-kun… but this post-festival party actually turned out pretty fun. I, um… I-I want you to have this.”

Ann: “I hope you like it. Wanna head home together?”

timrodresized: Ryuji’s scene could be canon to More Like Yusu-Gay, and actually lets Joker declare to the world that he’s gay and in love with Yusuke.

timrodresized: The More Like Yusu-Gay scene that Salty Vanilla is working on right now happens in place of the Kasumi scene, though there’s nothing saying they don’t attend this event as well.

Ryuji: “They’re doin’ this again…?”

Ryuji: “This guy’s got something!”

timrodresized: I applaud his dunking on Mishima.

timrodresized: Oh right, Ryuji forgot that Mishima is invisible.

Ryuji: “What!?”

Mishima: “Exactly.”

Ryuji: “Dammit…”

Ryuji: “Sakamoto…”

timrodresized: Ryuji says this so quietly that you can’t hear it.

Ryuji: “Ummm… uhhh…”

Mishima: “Huh?”

Ryuji: “Huh…!?”

Ryuji: “U-Um, well…”

Ryuji: “S-So uh, y-y’know…”

timrodresized: Had to pick this one.

Ryuji: “What was that!?”

Ryuji: “That dick…”

Ryuji: “Hell yeah he does!”

timrodresized: Ryuji’s scene is the most useful of all of them, because it’s the only one that gives you points toward a confidant you haven’t maxed yet. But… there’s really only one option here, isn’t there?

timrodresized: Because Hashino is a coward and a homophobe, we don’t get to say it… but it’s absolutely canon that Joker says it.

Mishima: “Turns out you’re just a big chicken, huh…?”

Ryuji: “I’m gonna kill you if you don’t shut it…”

Mishima: “Ahahahahahahaha! No…! I… I can’t stop… laughing… snicker

Ryuji: “Dude… by the way, I woulda been totally effed if you hadn’t said something.”

Mishima: “You mean you were nervous…? But you’re the brilliant Sakamoto-kun…! snicker

Ryuji: “Dammit, I’m goin’ home! Grrr… Oh yeah, uh, this ain’t really the best way of thankin’ you, but uh, here. Take this.”

Ryuji: “…Hehe.”

Ryuji: “We’re knee-deep in shit dealin’ with Akechi, and he gets to just laugh his ass off… huh, I’m kinda jealous. Later.”

timrodresized: Finally, we have the worst possible option.

Makoto: “…My apologies for being so distracted. I can’t stop thinking about Akechi-kun… are we really no match for him?”

timrodresized: I mean, you clearly aren’t.

Makoto: “Hm… you’re right. What’s done is done. We should enjoy ourselves for the time being.”

timrodresized: I was going to make a joke about the lyrics to the casino’s theme here, but I’ll save that for later.

Makoto: “This event is never very popular. The older teachers seem to enjoy it for some reason though…”

Makoto: “Oh, he’s choosing from the crowd? The MC this year is actually somewhat capable.”

timrodresized: So what did they do in previous years? Just give up? “Okay, who wants to share some juicy info about their love life? Somebody? Anybody? Fuck it, I give up, I’m going home.”

Makoto: “…Do I have to go?”

Makoto: “That’s not really the proper use for that phrase…”

Makoto: sigh

Makoto: “Hello…”

Makoto: “Ummm… I… don’t really have anything to say… I’m sorry.”

timrodresized: He actually asks her the whole “Are the Phantom Thieves students at Syujin” question, but I missed a line and honestly it’s funnier this way.

Makoto: “What do I think…?”

Makoto: “That’s…”

Makoto: “Huh…!?”

Makoto: “…Urgh!”

Makoto: “R-Relation…!?”

timrodresized: Only took her what… three months to admit?

Makoto: “The post-festival party has never felt that long before. By the way, I’m surprised you were able to say what you did back there.”

Makoto: “Huh…? I was at a complete loss for words. You really helped me… thank you. This may be a little rude to say, but you’re surprisingly reliable in a pinch.”

Makoto: “My sister always says if I get married, my husband should be someone dependable like that. Oh, um… uh… forget what I just said!”

Makoto: “…Urgh! Despite everything that happened with Akechi-kun… my final post-festival party has turned out to be quite the unforgettable one. Oh right… here…”

Makoto: “If you’d accept this…”

timrodresized: And that’s all of them.

Seeing how almost character’s scene is them stammering while staring blankly into space, I can see why Atlus thought a repetitive dance with no keyframes or music might help mix things up.

I’m trying to figure out what the eight dimensions are supposed to be. Or maybe 8D is supposed to be the old sunglasses emote.

Click Here for Update 78

timrodresized: I hope you’re ready for another three days of PLOT, because that’s what you’re getting with this update. It’s funny to me how people used to call games like Final Fantasy 10 movies, because I’m pretty sure P5 has the most imbalanced cutscene-to-gameplay ratio out of any game I’ve ever played.

timrodresized: I wish they had taken the time to re-do the TV graphic in English, because even I can tell that you could glean all of that just by reading the chyron… assuming you can read Japanese.

Sojiro: “If I report you to the police and they arrest you, I supposedly get thirty million yen for it.”

timrodresized: Like they’re actually going to pay that and not just brain-murder whoever claims it.

Sojiro: “I hope you understand the situation you’re in. Even people who didn’t have an interest before will be on the lookout for the Phantom Thieves. And it’ll happen every day, even at school.”

Sojiro: “…Why did this happen?”

Sojiro: “That may have been true, but still… well, how do I put this? I’m sorry I didn’t realize it. It’s also my responsibility that this happened. All I can do now is give you shelter.”

Sojiro: “Just don’t become desperate and do something reckless, all right?”

Sojiro: “I won’t sell you out. As long as you’re here, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Morgana: “I feel bad about what we’ve done to the chief. I’m responsible too.”

SIU Director: “With this, the Phantom Thieves have become public enemy number one. chuckle Exactly. …That will be when their curtain falls.”