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How do you do, fellow gamers?

Also I can’t believe the Catholic church and medieval so-called “”“historians”"" are covering up the truth about Pope Joan The Pope Who Is Not Only A Motorcycle But A Transformer Too Basically Arcee Except Not Pink.

I guess that explains why they couldn’t do more with her having a motorcycle.


timrodresized: Just like all of the other Rank 9 events, Makoto’s is identical up until the final choice.

Makoto: “…? U-Um, I’m not exactly the most well-versed in these matters, so allow me to confirm this… do you… like me?”

timrodresized: I think we’ve overloaded the robot’s AI.

Makoto: “…O-Oh. Um… you really mean it, right? W-Well then… if, um… if it’s all right with you… let’s start dating, for real.”

Makoto: “This is so embarrassing… I look forward to, um, growing our relationship um… together.”

Makoto: “Sorry. I know we just saw each other. So… I think between us… we managed to help Eiko see the truth. I’d probably never have pulled this off alone. Thank you so much.”

Makoto: “Huh? C-Come on, stop that… but hearing that does make me happy… you’re too nice to me. I’m thinking of calling Eiko once she calms down a bit. But I wanted to get a courage boost from you before I did…”

Makoto: “…Yup, that helped. I think I can talk to Eiko properly now. I guess b-boyfriends… um… really can be… reliable…”

timrodresized: Yeah, Yusuke really is a great boyfriend, isn’t he.

timrodresized: Makoto’s Rank 10 scene is completely identical to her other Rank 10 scene, except it takes place in Joker’s room instead of Big Bang Burger until after the part where her Persona evolves.

Makoto: “Well… I was thinking… maybe we could study some things we don’t have experience in yet… would that be okay? …I want to be with you.”

timrodresized: And that’s all for this horrible non-canon hellscape.

I mean, I don’t get why they didn’t just make both of her Personas into Transformers - have Anat be a beefier motorcycle with a different color scheme.

timrodresized: Oh, right. I said I’d show the Persona 5 figures I have. This is the $200 Futaba, which I bought after knowing what her design was but before finishing her confidant.

timrodresized: I also have this. I forget how much this ran me, but it wasn’t cheap.

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timrodresized: It’s time. Today, we finally reach Rank 9 with Yusuke.

timrodresized: We have four new books we have to buy in order to get Knowing the Heart, so let’s get on that.

timrodresized: We can also get a new decoration for Joker’s room. I think there’s five of these in total. We’ll put them up a bit later.

timrodresized: I’m going to unfortunately have to stick to tradition and do the friendship route first.

Fox: “Where does this passage even go? It feels as though I’m being sucked inside merely by gazing upon it. So this is the heart of man… it is ugly… yet beautiful as well.”

Fox: “That duality is what makes humanity such an interesting subject… as you know, I have been confused recently about the reason for my art.”

Fox: “Did I want to be recognized, or did I want to capture pure beauty? Was it due to my talent, or just my upbringing? …Each answer would seem correct at first, yet only prove itself false upon a more in-depth examination.”

Fox: “Akira… when my mother was painting the ‘Sayuri’… what do you think she was thinking about?”

Fox: “Such love is almost embarrassing to have pointed out to me… but you are probably right. However, I believe that was not the only thing she thought about.”

Fox: “It seems the ‘Sayuri’ was meant to impart something to me… and to all others who view it, for that matter. Love, regret, loneliness, anxiety, calm… and hope. All of the emotions my mother felt, conveyed plainly to the viewer.”

Fox: “That is why it has such a profoundly unique impact on those who see it. My paintings pale in comparison to such depth of meaning…”

Fox: “And yet… that painting has kept me going this whole time. During particularly difficult nights, it was there to soothe my sadness. It acted almost as a ray of light cutting through the somber darkness…”

Fox: “I had wanted to create a similar beacon of hope for others… but it seems I lost sight of that goal. Look. This world is a dark, unrelenting place, Akira.”

Fox: “But that is why I am going to wield my brush again… to give hope to all those who see my paintings.”

Fox: “Yes, thanks to you. You chose to help me work through my problems instead of leaving me to my sadness. Now, I will use my art to paint over the blackness of this world. It shall become a vivid realm, full of hope… I expect it will be a most beautiful sight to behold.”

Fox: “Perhaps you will see it someday, Akira.”

timrodresized: The route switch happens right here. The choices are something like “Let’s make a new world together.” and “I hope I do.”

Fox: “Hm, this radiant light growing within me… it must be the light of hope. …I shall paint it.”

Yusuke: “…Kawanabe-san.”

Yusuke: “Indeed I do.”

Yusuke: “That no longer matters to me though. I am going to enter my painting merely so others can be exposed to it. Well, I will talk to you later, Akira. Farewell.”

timrodresized: Yusuke’s Rank 9 is extremely short compared to almost all of the other Rank 9 scenes. We’ll do his Rank 10 tomorrow morning, but unfortunately we have a very long Mishima event tonight.

timrodresized: For the More Like Yusu-Gay route, there’s no event on the night of 10/07, because Yusuke’s Rank 9 can only be done on a Thursday and picking the romance route locks you out of the next day.

Mishima: “He probably just couldn’t live with himself after what he did to her… his reputation did a total 180 after he announced the marriage though. People used to hate him, but now all everyone wants to talk about is how sweet and manly he is.”

Mishima: “At any rate, we can’t oppose the will of the public. Good thing we decided not to change his heart. Support for the Phantom Thieves would’ve really dropped if we had.”

Mishima: “…I need to make sure our next target is one we can win against.”

Mishima: “Proof. Proof that we’re the ones doing the right thing. Oh, by the way… I came up with a new plan of attack. If we really wanna make you guys famous, we need to do more than just answer promising requests.”

Mishima: “Right now there are tons of idiots out there doubting you, and trying to influence others to do the same. So… we’re gonna purge them.”

timrodresized: I wonder if Chris Metzen played this game, because if he did, I guarantee he and his corruption fetish were salivating. Chris Metzen is the lead writer for Blizzard.

Mishima: “Sorry about that. Purge is a pretty disturbing word, huh? There’s not really any better way to phrase it though. The truth is, I looked up some of these idiots who were criticizing you and sent them warning messages.”

timrodresized: I feel like Joker should follow Golgo 13’s rule regarding imitators and kill Mishima right here.

Mishima: “I’ll have you know, it’s been working wonders. They totally stopped dissing the P-Thieves! There are still some people who say they don’t believe, but deep down they’re just afraid of you guys.”

timrodresized: The… P-Thieves? Is Mishima into watersports?

timrodresized: Mishima’s VA does this disturbing laugh right here and it just works.

Mishima: “Plus now that all those haters are gone, people are putting a bunch more info on the forum. Post after post after post, it’s all ‘please’ and ‘help me’… this is so much fun.”

timrodresized: Mishima has become an early-2000s forum mod.

Mishima: “All I did is find my own way to change people’s hearts. I’m above the simple stuff like producing and advertising now. I can change the world. I have the strength to do that now…”

Mishima: “Akiyama-kun…”

Mishima: “Hahaha… we actually saw each other here not that long ago…”

Mishima: “…Akiyama-kun?”

Mishima: “Are you okay?”

Mishima: “I dunno, you just seem… quiet.”

Mishima: “Zero… he acts like I’m total nothing, but he still takes time to try and mess with me… I’ve changed though. I’m way better than a loser like him. I even heard he’s been hanging out with some shady people…”

Mishima: “They’re all scum. I wish we could change their hearts, for the good of society…”

Mishima: “All right, it’s decided! Your next target is gonna be Akiyama-kun! Let’s see, where’s his info… um, speaking of targets… are you guys gonna come after me someday too…?”

Mishima: “You’re really considering it…? H-Hahaha… good joke, Kurusu… anyway, I’m heading home. I’ll send you Akiyama-kun’s info later…”

Ann: “Didn’t he give us some other weird request too? Something about that handsome actor? Is Mishima-kun trying to take advantage of us?”

Yusuke: “Apparently, he has also threatened anyone who dares speak ill of the Phantom Thieves on his forum. Perhaps we should enact a change of heart on Mishima, not this Akiyama fellow.”

Ryuji: “Whoa, wait up. He ain’t that bad.”

Morgana: “Hm… I guess we could find out what’s happening if we managed to find his Shadow. I mean, he’s already worried that we’re gonna change his heart, right? We’ll probably be able to track down his Shadow in Mementos.”

Morgana: “All things considered, I think our best course of action would be to defeat it and change his heart.”

timrodresized: Does Haru even know who Mishima is?

Futaba: “We can’t have him keep causing problems for us though.”

Makoto: “Either way, we can decide whether or not we change his heart later. For now, we must meet his Shadow.”

Morgana: “Yeah. Let’s head into Mementos and track down Mishima’s Shadow!”

Mishima: “Could you be… the Phantom Thieves!?”

timrodresized: It’s very strange that Mishima’s shadow doesn’t recognize them, especially since he knows who they are in reality and knows that they’re John Persona.

Mishima: “ME, of all people…? If you just shut up and listened to what I told you, the Phantom Thieves would get even more famous… and if you did that, I’d get some of the spotlight too. I wouldn’t be just some stupid zero anymore…”

Mishima: “There’s finally some hope back in my life… so why? Why are you so insistent on stopping me…? Yo, losers, get out of here. I wanna talk to your leader… alone.”

Mishima: “Before you came along, I knew my role in life. I was supposed to be the guy everyone messed with. I had accepted that I was a zero, embraced it even… but once I figured out you were one of the Phantom Thieves, everything changed…”

Mishima: “You just HAD to get close to me…! I mean, seeing a real-life hero do all this amazing stuff made me wish I could be something more… I want to change society too… I want the world to notice me!”

timrodresized: He says this like he didn’t try to get close to Joker at all costs.

Mishima: “If I can just make the Phantom Thieves famous, maybe I’ll end up famous too…!”

Mishima: “I’m not sure… but I don’t have any other choice. I don’t have any special powers like you guys… heck, nobody even pays attention to me…! In the end, that’s why I need you guys… you’re the only way I’ll be able to make a name for myself!”

Mishima: “I know it’s wrong… but if I can’t push my way into the spotlight now, when will I…!? A-Anyway, just bring it on already! You’re here to fight, aren’t you!?”

Skull: “C’mon, let’s go. I’m sure he learned something if he’s been spendin’ all this time with us amazin’ heroes, yeah?”

timrodresized: I was hoping we’d at least get to punch him.

Shinya: “It had a picture of a huge lantern. I didn’t know stuff like that happens in the city…”

timrodresized: The Sanja Festival is a Shinto festival that happens each year on the third weekend in May in Asakusa.

Shinya: “Wow, so you know about it, too? I really wanna check it out… okay, then let’s end training early today and head over there!”

Shinya: “It’s like a festival! Do you think it’s like this every day? What’re we gonna do here, Kurusu-san? I’m not interested in temples…”

Shinya: “Huh? Really!? I thought we were going to the temple. Ooh! I smell something good! Haha… you figured it out, right? I haven’t been able to eat lunch at school lately, which sucks…”

Shinya: “You’re really nice, Kurusu-san. Thanks for bringing me here. Hey, what should we eat first? Ningyo-yaki? Dango? …Let’s see who can eat the most!”

timrodresized: Unfortunately, we can’t do much tonight. The only people available are ones we’ve maxed out, so we read Call Me Chief instead to get ahead on that.

timrodresized: The good news is that as a result of this, we’ll have Knowing the Heart done before the next Mementos visit, roughly two weeks before the guide would have us do it.

Morgana: “I love the sound of the word ‘chief’. I’d like to be called that too, someday.”

timrodresized: We’ll accept this soon enough, but first… Yusuke’s Rank 10. Ignore the date on it, I accidentally recorded the canon run of the 9th and forgot to reload, so I did it on the 10th instead.

timrodresized: I also found out during this run that Yoshida IS available on the 10th, so we will be finishing his confidant this update, ahead of schedule.

Yusuke: “Moreover, it was accepted. The resulting exhibition is actually going on as we speak. Come, let us go. It is being held at the same museum as last time.”

Yusuke: “I still have much to learn, but I finally painted something that I can be satisfied with. Yes. This is the true heart of humanity. The title is ‘Desire and Hope’. What do you think?”

Yusuke: “I added aspects that were previously lacking. This light… is all of you. The title lists hope, but in my mind, it’s a much more concrete thing. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that until now…”

timrodresized: Yusuke’s existing route is about a step removed from being a gay romance route.

Yusuke: “You…”

timrodresized: Could it be that it’s good because Yusuke has finally admitted who he really is? We’ll find out in the next update.

Yusuke: “Huh?”

Yusuke: “…It is.”

Yusuke: “What are you playing at?”

Yusuke: “But… why would you do that? What’s your objective?”

Yusuke: “Huh?”

Yusuke: “So that’s why…”

Yusuke: “…”

Yusuke: “Sensei…”

timrodresized: Okay so wait… this was a guy who killed someone through inaction, had screwed over everyone he ever knew… and suddenly he gives a shit about Yusuke?

Yusuke: “…Yeah.”

Yusuke: “It’s a truly kind offer. Thank you for your generosity. However, I must respectfully decline.”

Yusuke: “I am not Madarame. I won’t be stained by desire. After all, I can see hope. If I am lost, they will extend their hands. If I am wrong, they will chastise me. As long as I have my rays of hope to guide me, I will be fine.”

Yusuke: “…What a strange man.”

Yusuke: “Sacrificing one’s own money for the sake of others - that’s not something anyone can do. Perhaps it’s a tad wasteful of me to decline. Still, I believe it’s for the best.”

Yusuke: “I feel contradictory, but that’s the human heart, correct? …Interesting. That’s exactly what I should be painting. It must have been troublesome dealing with me.”

Yusuke: “But for some reason, I knew that you wouldn’t abandon me until everything was said and done. Thank you… my friend.”

Music The Path Is Open

timrodresized: Odin is the next Persona up the Emperor arcana from Baal. Because we already have Baal, we will be fusing him up into Odin as soon as we hit the next Mementos run.

timrodresized: In hindsight, I really should’ve gotten a picture like that one I got for Tatsuya and Jun in the Innocent Sin LP.

Returning Persona: Kamu Susano-O

Origin: Japan

First Appearance: Digital Devil Story Novels

Shinto god of the sea and storms. Brother of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, spawned when Izanagi washed his face after exiting the underworld. Yusuke’s version of Susano-O comes from an 8th-century book called Izumo No Kuni Fudoki that contain fragments of myth that go against the official version that was kept by the government in ancient Japan.

timrodresized: My favorite part of the article about Izumo No Kuni Fudoki is that they have a myth where their province isn’t big enough, so one of the gods pulls land from Korea to make it bigger.

timrodresized: It’s funny because you don’t really need gods for that - all you need is a Belgian farmer who has a tractor and access to the stones that mark the national border between France and Belgium.

timrodresized: Now I kind of want a game where a god attempts to annex Belgium and you play as an irritated Belgian farmer who isn’t going to let divine intervention stop him from growing his crops. It’d be like Harvest Moon only by the end you’re going to beat the shit out of a deity with a battle tractor.

Yusuke: “…I reiterate my promise to you. I’ll extend my assistance to you, should you ever stumble. Now then, shall we go?”

timrodresized: And that’s that. Let’s go on to what we’re actually doing on the 9th.

Futaba: “They’re so high quality. Way better than cheapos. The subtle facial expressions - even the little wrinkles on the clothes… urgh, I want it so bad… but you could get sushi ten times with that kinda money…”

Futaba: “Oh, that’s it! But what part-time jobs could I even do? Not customer service, that’s for dang sure! Fine… I guess I’ll just have to settle for staring at it.”

Futaba: “Let’s just wait for him to leave. Don’t make eye contact. Okay?”

Iwai: “Mm? Well, look who it is…”

Iwai: “Hey. Didn’t think I’d bump into you here.”

Futaba: “He’s talking to us…! We’re dead…”

Iwai: “…Who’s the little lady?”

Iwai: " ‘Basically,’ huh. Sounds complicated. Still, not like I’m in a place to judge."

Futaba: “…You know this guy?”

Iwai: “What, like for a job…? I guess you could say that.”

Futaba: “Wait, like… that military store?”

Iwai: “Oh, you know it?”

Futaba: “Y-Yeah… uh, I mean, yes sir…”

Iwai: “…Relax, kid. I don’t bite.”

Iwai: “Oh, me and these guys go way back. They distribute some of my wares here.”

Futaba: “Wares…? What about that model gun in the second floor display case?”

Iwai: “Oh, huh… yeah, that’s probably one of ours.”

timrodresized: You mean one of yours, right? It’s not like you work with anyone, given that in Strikers the shop closes because you leave it.

Futaba: “That kind of authenticity is hard to find.”

timrodresized: That was a quick turnaround.

Iwai: “Whoa. You know your stuff, little lady. You oughta drop by the shop sometime. I got plenty more models for someone who can appreciate 'em.”

timrodresized: I’m imagining Futaba going to Iwai’s and ordering five M1911s, each one styled after a Featherman. He asks her how the hell she’s going to carry five guns and she goes “I have ways.”

Futaba: “R-Really!?”

Iwai: “Yeah, really. See ya around.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “A speech about the Phantom Thieves… there are some things I want you to hear, so please come and listen to it.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Thank you. I appreciate it, but…”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I haven’t spoken to him since we last met.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Okay, I’m going to get started.”

timrodresized: Is “break a leg” even a thing in Japanese?

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I will. Especially with you looking on.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Setting aside whether their actions are right or wrong… there is one thing I can safely say about the Phantom Thieves. A belief with conviction… has the ability to move a person’s heart.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I’m sure you are all aware that I am ‘No-Good Tora’, the one accused of embezzlement. I was a fool 20 years ago. It’s no wonder that I was considered a failure as a politician.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “However, because I was accused like that, I was able to understand the suffering of the weak. Why am I in politics? In the past, it was merely for political gain. But why do the Phantom Thieves continue to change hearts?”

timrodresized: I kind of wish they would’ve focused less on Yoshida’s speeches, which are all pretty much the same. I recorded his Rank 10 last night and couldn’t remember which set of screenshots was which because they’re so similar.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I believe they do it for the world and its people. And in choosing to do justice for others, they had no choice but to disguise themselves. No matter what the world says, I fully support them.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I’m just an average citizen. However, I will continue to voice my beliefs. I may not be able to become a Diet member this election… and I may not be able to effect change during my lifetime…”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Thank you for listening.”

timrodresized: Isn’t it also kind of weird that Yoshida is a politician who only ever talks about John Persona?

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “That’s right.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Matsushita…”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “My candidacy… huh? What an unexpected turn of events. The Phantom Thieves… perhaps, it’s the effect of you moving my heart.”

timrodresized: I like that he’s the only confidant who kind of asks “Did you do anything to me?” when they realize that the person they’ve been talking to is a high schooler with brainfuck powers.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “You have a bright future ahead of yourself as a Diet member. I’m sure you’ll be able to stay composed when the opposition taunts you. The Phantom Thieves… the power to change a person’s heart…”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I don’t possess a special power like they do, but I won’t lose to them when it comes to conviction. Speech is my only weapon. Just my voice and my words. That’s how I win people over.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Thank you for sticking by my side, Kurusu-kun.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Contrary to what I thought, getting your heart stolen isn’t such a bad thing. If he’s a member of the Phantom Thieves, then…”

timrodresized: We’ll do this event just to see it, but even if I was following the guide to the letter, we’d do it and then reset to do an actual confidant event today.

Morgana: “I guess Futaba’s coming here to show us a magazine tomorrow. It sounds like fun, but… I’m going to bed.”

Futaba: “Oh, I have enough for you, by the way. There’s some seriously ingenious stuff in these things.”

Futaba: “And this keyboard is too curvy! How do you even type on this thing?”

timrodresized: I bet she saw one of those Maltron keyboards. Seriously, those things are like $600, which is kind of absurd.

Futaba: “Man, nice! This ‘PC Build Competition’ is right up my alley… have you ever built your own PC before, Akira?”

timrodresized: Yes I have, and I’m damn well going to build another soon, provided this crypto crash sticks.

Futaba: “Really!? Huh, you’re more of a techie than I thought. You might even be a PC master! What were the specs? What CPU did you use? How much RAM did you put in?”

Futaba: “Ooh, did you overclock it? How’d you handle cooling?” Hehehe… we should go to Akiba together sometime, Akira!"

timrodresized: Let’s reset and do what we’re actually doing today.

Shinya: “I mean, I couldn’t do anything to him… there’s just no way.”

Shinya: “Right!? He must have done something to win… I’ve heard rumors about Takekuma! People say he uses cheat armor! You know what that is, right? He totally broke the rules by equipping it…”

timrodresized: We call that “pay to win”. By the way, this choice is one of a few where you get full points for more than one answer - in this case, either the first or the third.

Shinya: “I bet that’s why my usual shots didn’t work against him! That has to be the reason! But next time we play, I’m definitely…”

Shinya: “Yep. Even the Phantom Thieves had a comeback victory against Medjed. I’m gonna win next time! Just watch! The thing is… I told my mom about what happened with Takekuma…”

Shinya: “But… she didn’t… really care. All she said was, ‘Okay.’ It’s probably because I lost… she doesn’t like kids who lose.”

Shinya: “My mom once told me that… we need to be strong, because it’s just the two of us. She said no one helps the weak. They just get preyed on…”

Shinya: “That’s why I wanna get stronger. Strong enough that we won’t get preyed on. Strong enough that WE’D be the predators…”

timrodresized: I’m just picturing Gotou, who at this point is probably a hobo after losing his military command in If, walking by and going “Hey kid, wanna rule the weak?”

Shinya: “That’s exactly who the Phantom Thieves are… the strongest… who can prey on anyone. Once I become the strongest, my mom will be able to count on me.”

Shinya: “The only way I can win is through games… that’s why I can’t lose. …What should I do about Takekuma’s armor…? The strategy I used last time didn’t work…”

Shinya: “Of course! I’m definitely gonna win next time! …Thanks. You’re like a big brother to me. I can talk to you about anything… I heard that that’s what it’s like to have a sibling…”

timrodresized: This ability was added for Royal. It makes the gun customizations that do status ailments better, but that’s not what we’re going to use it for.

timrodresized: Because we just unlocked Odin, we have access to Ann’s ultimate SMG. It not only does a shitload of damage but also inflicts Despair, and with this ability the chances of it doing so are pretty good. Despair locks an enemy down, so you can potentially win entire encounters with just Ann.

Shinya: “Takekuma better watch out… crap, look at the time! I gotta go! See you later!”

Shinya: “That Takekuma… even thinking about him pisses me off! I’ll beat him next time for sure. But since he might be cheating, normal training isn’t gonna cut it. I gotta think of a new strategy by the next time I challenge him!”

Shinya: “I don’t know yet… I just need some time to think. I feel like I’m right on the edge of a good idea. Once I figure everything out, you should come train with me!”

Shinya: “I gotta be the best. Or else my mom won’t… well, I’ll definitely win next time. See ya.”

timrodresized: Tonight, we’re going to finish off Yoshida’s confidant ahead of schedule. Once we do this, we’ll have avoided one of the two major permafucks in this game. His confidant cuts off on 11/13.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “A weekly magazine reported that Kuramoto was the real culprit in the funds misappropriation case. Old Man Kuramoto will likely be forced to retire from the political world.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “The police can’t do anything, because it was 20 years ago, but he has a moral obligation. I hear his grandson Benzo resigned from the party as well. It could be due to Matsushita’s influence, or perhaps it’s just the party’s way of atoning…”

timrodresized: It’s funny how all of our other confidants need us to do something, but Yoshida probably would’ve turned out the same even without us.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Now it’s all up to me… and my abilities.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “To think that people would be excited to hear me speak… the article mentioned I didn’t want the real culprit to be named even though I knew who it was.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Apparently, people admire me for having quietly accepted a false charge for 20 years. I didn’t intend for any of this to happen though.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I appreciate that someone like you, who’s been watching me so closely, would say such a thing. I’ve struggled for the past 20 years… but I can put all that behind me after the election.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “…Oh, look at the time. I should get started. Today will be the last day I request help…”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I don’t intend to meddle. Everything I’ve told you has been based on assumptions, but if you’re still willing to listen… then I think you should focus on your ‘work,’ because the time is now. I can’t think of anything else to teach you.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “You are now an expert on giving speeches. I taught you all I know about the art of public speaking, in return for you supporting a guy like me. And over time, you became someone who shared my beliefs.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Thanks to you, I was able to overcome my crisis these last few months…”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “But if you ever find yourself in harm’s way on your journey, I will be there to help you. We’ll be comrades who reform the world… together.”

Music The Path Is Open

timrodresized: Given what Caroline and Justine’s ability does, this is kind of pointless unless you’re on a low-level run. I don’t think the speedrun even bothers to get this.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Thank you for everything. All right, it’s time to begin!”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Does anyone out there have something they aspire to do? I met a certain young man… through a method that differs from mine, he was trying to reform the world.”

timrodresized: Certainly not, you know, the guy standing right next to him.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “As you know, that is a very large mountain to cross. Unfortunately, I am unable to travel the same path as him… however, I will not say goodbye. Because we will surely meet at the peak.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “He is desperately doing what he aspires to do. So I encourage you all. Please find what it is that YOU aspire to do. And I will support you. Because that is what I aspire to do.”

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll go through three days of nothing but cutscene as we finish the Okumura arc. Don’t forget to check the “Alternate Scenes” header for the new Yusu-Gays!

timrodresized: Here’s Yusuke’s Rank 9 Romance scene. This was intended to happen after Joker and Yusuke leave Mementos - instead of running in Kawanabe, they get sushi instead… and Yusuke tries his best to confess his love to Joker.

timrodresized: This comic was done by Salty Vanilla.

timrodresized: And finally, Yusuke’s Rank 10, done by Yokobox:

timrodresized: I apologize for not writing anything, but I’m just not a good romance writer. I hope this satisfies all those people who wanted a gay romance route with Yusuke.

The phrase “Sword Art Online inflation porn” is somehow even funnier than just “inflation porn”. I thought that attaching any anime to “inflation porn” made it funnier, but everything else actually makes it less funny and slightly depressing. Except maybe like, “Trigun inflation porn”. But that has too many n’s.

Eh, it works…okay. The painting Yusuke made is about there being more than one facet to the human heart, and the Confidant in general opens with Yusuke making a painting of pure darkness and ends with him making a painting of darkness and light. But it seems as much like an attempt to get the plot point of Madarame raising Yusuke to make sense as much as it seems like an actual story beat.

I was about to say it’s a common translation for “Ganbatte” but “Do your best” is literally the option above it.

The worst part is, and I am not making this up, right after I went looking for that comic I checked my email and there was one in there from my stock broker titled “Will inflation stick around?”.

I switched stock brokers that very same day.

At least Salty Vanilla can display people having more physical chemistry than Atlus can. Which sounds like damning with faint praise but I’m not, I’m saying all the romance cutscenes so far in this game have been weak and it’s all been rapidly downhill since smooching Ann in an alternate timeline. Just sitting together so their shoulders are almost touching, wow. Don’t you think that’s moving too fast? Shouldn’t you go to her dad’s grave and symbolically ask permission to date?

Also given the popularity poll and the phan fan site posts it seems like a missed opportunity that Mishima’s issues are not more closely tied to the main plot.

Click Here for Update 73

timrodresized: It’s time for the end of the Okumura arc.

Morgana: “I guess Okumura finally had his change of heart. That has to at least lift some of the burden on Haru’s shoulders.”

timrodresized: I kind of wish they hadn’t shoehorned it so that the party is always together any time anything major happens. Persona 4 felt a lot more realistic, where something would happen and you’d get a call about it and then meet up later.

Morgana: “Hm? Wait, where’s Yusuke? …If he’s still asleep at this point, he’s definitely going to be late for school.”

timrodresized: He’s still sleeping off the jet lag from Paris. Either that or he was up all night painting again.

Usami: “That aside, Okumura Foods has been a hot topic recently. This much media coverage must be worth at least ten million yen.”

timrodresized: I dunno, Subway’s had a lot of media coverage recently because of the whole tuna scandal (article might be paywalled, it’s the New York Times). I bet they wish they could pay 10 million yen (~$90,000 USD) to make that story and the existing lawsuits over it go away.

timrodresized: On a side note, I read another article about them recently, and their former CEO sounds a lot like a real-life Okumura.

Usami: “At first, I even thought that all this outcry was just some kind of elaborate marketing campaign. I guess it’s giving them too much of a bad image to be that, though.”

Usami: “Advertising and public image are more important than anything else for a corporation. Are you familiar with a psychological test using these images? The idea is to give the two shapes names appropriate to their appearance.”

Usami: " Kurusu-san."

timrodresized: This test was originally performed in 1929 by a German (technically German-American, but he didn’t move to the US until 1935) psychologist named Wolfgang Kohler. Originally, the two words were “takete” and “baluba” - the modern “kiki” and “bouba” come from a second experiment in 2001 that was done in both the United States and India.

Usami: “That’s correct. Most people named B ‘Bouba’ and A ‘Kiki’. Sharp sounds like K and T are linked to a spiky image. According to one theory, sounds and shapes are processed in the same area of the brain.”

timrodresized: The groups that don’t tend to be people who speak a language where those sounds aren’t commonly used (it’s been tested on people in Nepal among other places). The test also has a much weaker correlation in people with autism.

Usami: “Furthermore, this sense is the same worldwide. No matter the language, the result is the same. A product’s name impresses an image on people before they even use or buy it. Big Bang Burger exemplifies this. The voiced consonants and short syllables leave a strong imprint.”

Usami: “Although with the news these days, it may also evoke the image of the strong oppressing the weak.”

Morgana: “Even the teachers have their eyes set on Okumura… well, he should be having a change of heart, so there should be nothing to worry about.”

Kawakami: “So, about Dr. Maruki’s counseling… you’ve already gone to see him, right?”

Kawakami: “I see… that’s good, then. I’m sure you’re aware, but Dr. Maruki’s term here will be ending pretty soon. The higher-ups told me to make sure you’ve received adequate counseling…”

timrodresized: I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier (I think I did back when we first met him) but Maruki’s confidant must be at Rank 10 to get the expansion content for Royal. His confidant cuts off on 11/18.

timrodresized: His confidant is also different from everyone else’s in that you cannot get Rank 10 before 11/18 - the game will automatically give it to you if you are Rank 9 on that date, otherwise you are locked into the base game’s ending.

Kawakami: “Be sure to visit him so you don’t bring any unwanted attention to yourself, okay?”

timrodresized: We will be doing his Rank 9 on 11/17.

Morgana: “Counseling, eh? But anyway, let’s go get lunch! Bring on the bread!”

Kasumi: “I’ve been doing quite well. Are you also about to eat lunch, Kurusu-senpai? If it’s all right with you, would you mind eating together?”

timrodresized: Dammit, game! Stop trying to set up the plot for the expansion this early!

Kasumi: “Oh, would you like to join us for lunch, Dr. Maruki? We were just discussing eating together.”

timrodresized: What the fuck is this, an episode of Seinfeld?

Maruki: “Are you sure? Well, maybe I will tag along, then.”

Maruki: “That doesn’t really…”

Kasumi: “I have to eat this much to stay active! I always burn through everything I eat! From my point of view, it’s your two lunches that are the issue here. If you’re going to strengthen your body, you have to eat right. You should really work on your diets.”

Maruki: “Hahaha, touche. And you’re right, yours does look nutritious. You know… you seem to be giving off a different vibe lately.”

Kasumi: “Yes! I was able to put my problems in the past and move on.”

Maruki: “Ah, so that’s what it is. You don’t seem to be overexerting yourself, either.”

Kasumi: “I’m sorry I’d worried you.”

Maruki: “Oh, not at all. It’s wonderful to hear how you’ve been. I must admit, I’m a bit surprised. If you don’t mind my asking, was there some kind of reason for this breakthrough?”

Kasumi: “Well… it’s all thanks to Kurusu-senpai and his acquaintances. I suppose you could say they gave me a reason to rethink things - or, more like a reason to stand up to my problems. Isn’t that right, Kurusu-senpai?”

timrodresized: I have to wonder how she’d know who the rest of John Persona is, given that she’s only met them once. I’m sure she could guess on some of them.

Maruki: “Stand up to your problems, eh? You’ve grown to be very strong, Yoshizawa-san.”

Kasumi: “Mmhm, I’m totally over it now! Sorry for talking so much. Why don’t we focus on our lunches? Itadakimasu!”

timrodresized: They translate it as “thanks for the food” but let’s be real here, anyone who has watched anime for any period of time knows what itadakimasu is.

Kasumi: “I should get going. Please excuse me!”

Maruki: “Yoshizawa-san really does seem to have found her footing. She seemed absolutely tormented about her situation just the other day… I have to say, this drastic change has really knocked me for a loop. Perhaps the Phantom Thieves changed her heart?”

Maruki: “Haha, I was just joking. Looks like time’s up. You should head back to class as well. See you around.”

Haru: “You can just call me Haru. The seasons are changing soon, so I thought it’d be nice for the plants to change as well. This time, it’s a Yusuke Kitagawa production.”

timrodresized: Yusuke is slowly devolving into Jun. Soon, he will replace his katana for a flower and sending messages to Joker via thrown bouquets.

Yusuke: “Furthermore, Haru chose the flowers herself. It will surely be a great bed no matter the arrangement.”

timrodresized: This is pretty much Haru’s confidant ability - she can plant things. It takes time and the rewards from it aren’t anything special, so I never touched it in the base game.

Makoto: “Hm, I’m looking forward to it.”

Futaba: “Why don’t we plant you, Mona?”

Morgana: “Weren’t you a shut-in until just recently? You’d better photosynthesize while you’re here.”

Ann: “That’s not gonna make a difference!”

Ryuji: “Hey, y’know how we’re thinkin’ of the school festival as our celebration party? Anyone else think we should have a real celebration on top of that?”

Yusuke: “I must agree. It would be not only a celebration, but a welcoming as well. I’d like to do something among ourselves.”

timrodresized: Yusuke has to cover to stop all the questions about where he and Joker were all weekend.

Ann: “Let’s do it then! A joint party to celebrate and to welcome Haru!”

Haru: “Oh, you don’t have to do that. The school festival is more than enough.”

Morgana: “How is everyone else supposed to get excited if the star of the party’s not into it?”

Makoto: “By Destinyland, do you mean that kingdom of dreams?”

Haru: “It would be a bit late, but there are some plans that allow us to rent out the park for the night.”

Ann: “The entire park!? You’re talking about THE Destinyland, right?”

Haru: “Didn’t you say you’d like to do something amongst ourselves?”

Yusuke: “I did, but…”

timrodresized: Yusuke’s like “If you had told me you could rent out Destinyland for an entire night I would have asked you earlier so I could confess to Joker there.”

Haru: “Hold on. I’ll go check.”

Ann: “She really thinks like a celebrity…”

Ryuji: “The heck’s she gonna check?”

Ann: “We’re really gonna have it at Destinyland? Not like, one of the restaurants, but… the entire park?”

Futaba: “Even for just one night, the price is insane…”

Haru: “Oh, that won’t be a problem. We had originally booked it for a company party, then had to call it off because of the scandal… we’d barely get anything back if we canceled the reservation, so why not take advantage of it?”

timrodresized: It’s weird how at first she seems to insinuate that the company has some kind of deal with the park where they can do that on short notice, and then it’s suddenly this planned thing that just happens to be tonight.

Yusuke: “Wouldn’t that be oddly conspicuous though?”

Haru: “It’s still officially under the company’s name. We needn’t worry.”

Ryuji: “In that case… let’s do this. We’ll just celebrate twice as hard today!”

Haru: “I’m sorry for disrupting everyone. You did come to help me, after all. Well, let’s get back to it!”

Ryuji: “So seriously. How much does it cost?”

timrodresized: Money. Loads of money.

Yusuke: “The food was arranged on my plate as though it were paint on a canvas.”

Haru: “I thought if we were going to dine together, it would be better to do it somewhere with a view.”

Ann: “The VIP life is incredible! Not that I’d expect anything else from a private rental!”

Makoto: “There really is no one else here.”

Futaba: “We are the rulers of the kingdom of dreams!”

Haru: “That’s right.”

Yusuke: “It’s beautiful…”

timrodresized: Yusuke glares at her SO FUCKING HARD.

Ann: “Almost anyone would fall for that line in front of a sight like this!”

timrodresized: Morgana is then ejected from Destinyland for being horny.

Ann: “You say that like you’re not tapping into your inner child too, Ryuji.”

timrodresized: How hard can that be? You’re all only 17, apart from Makoto and Haru.

Ryuji: “This is just ‘cause Futaba kept naggin’ me to put 'em on!”

timrodresized: I’d mention something about Ryuji’s constant hatred of adults, but we haven’t heard about that in a while. Hashino abruptly drops it and I don’t think we hear him talk about it again.

Yusuke: “My, this is so heartwarming!”

Haru: “Honestly, I would’ve liked to see the parade as well. But given how sudden the request was, they couldn’t get enough staff together to do it.”

timrodresized: So now we’ve got two lines in the “Okumura Foods can rent out Destinyland on a whim” camp and one in the “Okumura Foods had already rented out the park but didn’t go due to the scandal” camp. Which is it!?

Makoto: “Perhaps that will have to wait until next time.”

Ryuji: “Either way, this party’s totally the best one so far! It’s freakin’ amazing!”

Haru: “I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it.”

timrodresized: In my mind, the answer is that Haru is like the love interest from Lupin III Part 4, who wants to be a thief but doesn’t want a criminal record, so she merely buys entire banks on a moment’s notice to rob them. She just straight-up bought Destinyland on that rooftop.

Morgana: “Be careful, Haru. You’ve shown these guys what luxury means. This’ll really raise the bar for our next celebration party.”

Yusuke: “You’re already talking about our next party? Don’t you think that’s a bit premature?”

timrodresized: What you’re witnessing here is the high point of the game - not necessarily in writing quality, but in terms of the rise of John Persona.

Haru: “Still… how do I put this? I met Mona-chan, I got to know you all… isn’t everything going a little too perfectly? It’s actually a bit frightening…”

Morgana: “You worry too much.”

Haru: “…I must just be overly cautious because of my circumstances up till recently. I’m sorry for bringing it up.”

timrodresized: Who talks like that? Seriously, who? “It’s probably just me. Sorry for bringing it up.” Fixed your fucking dialogue. And yes, I understand they’re trying to do the Elly thing with her, but still.

Ann: “Hey, isn’t it almost time? You know, for the press conference.”

Okumura: “Today, I’d like to elaborate upon the whole truth behind my company’s labor situation. How my employees were forced to work under severe conditions, how… lax we were with sanitation…”

timrodresized: And then the camera cuts away to Valley of Defilement, or Blighttown if you haven’t played Demon’s Souls.

Okumura: “And how my corporation acted as a whole to… cover up every facet of this scandal. For all of this, I wholeheartedly apologize.”

timrodresized: If I was writing this, Okumura would go “Oh, that’s because our company name is actually…” and then it cuts away to the Okumura Foods building where part of the sign with the company’s name on it is obscured by a tree, which blows to the side in the wind to reveal the actual name is “Okumura Food Poisoning”.

Okumura: “Yes.”

Okumura: “About that… I have a critical piece of information to announce here today.”

timrodresized: Shadow the Hedgehog is a bitch-ass motherfucker. Anyway, Okumura’s about to die and it gets a little graphic, so you can skip this part coming up. Just ctrl + f “nice boat”.

Morgana: “Okumura’s going to say who’s really behind the mental shutdowns.”

timrodresized: This entire thing is EXTREMELY inconsistent. We know from Persona 2 that having your shadow die doesn’t actually kill you - it just renders you braindead.

timrodresized: The problem is that the way having your shadow die works in this game makes no sense. First there’s the kind who just go braindead - we saw that with the train conductor at the beginning of the game.

timrodresized: Then there’s the kind who go full-on The Happening and attempt to kill themselves with whatever they can find - this was Futaba’s mother and Principal Evil.

timrodresized: Then there’s… whatever this is, which I think they just kind of stole wholesale from Death Note.

timrodresized: Come to think of it, isn’t this that scene from Ni no Kuni 2? The one with Roland’s son that happens right around the final boss?

timrodresized: So does having his shadow die also fuck with the cameras, or is that unrelated?

timrodresized: I’m very surprised they didn’t do the whole “nice boat” thing.

Haru: “F-Father!?”

Ann: “Wh-Why did he collapse!?”

Makoto: “That didn’t look right at all… don’t tell me…!”

timrodresized: This scene might’ve actually been effective if we hadn’t known for two weeks that Okumura was dead.

Morgana: “You’re right. We followed all the same steps! We made sure we just took the Treasure too…”

timrodresized: Is this an aspect of the dungeons we haven’t seen? That at the end, the party gets together and goes “Okay, did we accidentally kill anyone?”

timrodresized: I’m picturing them doing this at the end of a palace and Ryuji is visibly nervous and sweating. Morgana calls on him. “Ryuji, how many bodies? One? Two?”

timrodresized: Ryuji shakes his head. “Three? How many bodies, Ryuji?” and then Ryuji mouths “Twenty.”

timrodresized: “Twenty people!? How the hell did you kill twenty people!? There weren’t even twenty people in this dungeon! How do you even manage to accidentally kill twenty people!?”

timrodresized: Then it cuts to Ryuji in front of a control panel in Okumura’s palace with a big red button labelled “EMERGENCY ATMOSPHERE PURGE” right in the middle. The next cut is to the Okumura Foods building, which is suddenly on fire.

timrodresized: You know what, basically just this scene with the Persona 5 cast, only the pizza is a pile of bodies.

Haru: gasp “I should call home!”

Ann: “This - this isn’t our fault… is it? It’s been okay all four times so far - ever since Kamoshida!”

Makoto: “If we let the Shadow live, the real person won’t undergo mental shutdown… right?”

Morgana: “That’s how it should work…”

Ryuji: “Yeah… i-it’s gotta be…”

Futaba: “A-Ah…”

Yusuke: “What’s wrong?”

Futaba: “Th-This is… the same… I remember now… it’s just like… what happened to my mom…”

Yusuke: “So this is the moment when mental shutdown occurs…”

Makoto: “But why did they target Okumura-san?”

Ryuji: “Dammit! The hell’s goin’ on here!?”

Haru: “Um… I have to go. I’ll talk to the staff before I leave. Feel free to take your time…”

Ann: “Haru…!”

Ryuji: “This ain’t our fault, right?”

Yusuke: “I’d like to think so…”

Ann: “Some welcoming party, huh…”

Makoto: “I’ll get in contact with Haru later. But for today, I think we should all return home.”

timrodresized: I like to think that Caroline and Justine snuck in and they’re just riding whatever the Destinyland equivalent of Splash Mountain is, completely oblivious to what’s going on.

Akechi: “What are you watching? gasp That’s-”

Sae: “This is just a hypothesis… but perhaps Okumura was bitten by his lapdog.”

Akechi: “Are you implying that the Phantom Thieves triggered a mental shutdown on Okumura?”

Sae: “There might have been a falling out of sorts, so the Phantom Thieves abandoned a useless employer. And to cover their tracks, they dealt with Okumura.”

Akechi: “I hate to bring this up, but I’m actually here about that.”

Sae: “Did you find any evidence?”

Sae: “How do you mean? You were suspecting the Phantom Thieves as well.”

Akechi: “It is still hypothetical at this point… but I don’t want to rule it out.”

Sae: “We’re searching the Okumura residence tomorrow. Same with Shujin and its principal. We will find evidence on this… no matter what it takes.”

timrodresized: So what you’re telling me is that the principal died almost a month ago, you suspected the Phantom Thieves were behind it… and didn’t think to search his office until just now?

Sae: “…By the way, I wanted to ask you something.”

Akechi: “Yes?”

Sae: “…You haven’t looked at my laptop or taken files from it without permission, have you?”

Akechi: “That’s quite out of the blue.”

Sae: “There were traces that someone transferred data from it. It was only a small error pop-up… but I noticed it immediately after I had that argument with you last month.”

Akechi: “And that’s why you suspect me? Oh please, give me a break.”

Sae: “Are you saying you didn’t?”

Akechi: “As a detective myself, I honor the value of information - as well as the effort invested in it. I take pride in what I do. I thought you of all people would understand such values, Sae-san.”

Sae: “…I apologize. But then… who stole my data?”

timrodresized: It wouldn’t be cardiac arrest, that was a heart attack right out of a movie.

timrodresized: Does anyone remember her actually saying that? I sure don’t. But yeah, this is the point where Hashino realizes he just did an ass-pull and is desperately trying to justify it.

timrodresized: This is far from the only time he does this. I feel like this part of the game happened because the writers realized they were five dungeons in, only barely had a plot, and needed to pull something off fast if they were ever going to finish it.

timrodresized: In fact, by the end of the next dungeon, we’ll have seen the part that made me check out on the plot when I played the base game.

Morgana: “It should’ve been okay! It… should’ve been…”

Morgana: “Dammit, this doesn’t make any sense… why he suffered a mental shutdown is one thing… but what are we supposed to do from here on out?”

timrodresized: Tonight’s another night where the plot forces us to sleep.

Justine: “Our master has an important matter to discuss with you. Heed his words well.”

Igor: “…Or so I’d like to say, but something odd seems to have happened.”

Igor: “Who knows?”

timrodresized: I feel like this last exchange was an email between the writers that accidentally got added to the script. “Okay, so Okumura dies… now what’s supposed to happen?” “Who knows? We’re just throwing shit at the wall at this point.”

Igor: “However, don’t you sense it? The malicious will of another… it seems a contingency has occurred. At this rate, your rehabilitation cannot be completed… though I doubt that will be the case.”

Igor: “I truly look forward to seeing how you overcome this predicament. …We shall meet again.”

timrodresized: The opinion bar is dropping. It’ll continue to do that over the next few days.

Kawakami: “Will you quiet down!? We’re in class right now! Not to mention, you have midterms starting on Monday! Focus on studying!”

timrodresized: We will be coming in first place on those exams.

Morgana: “…Things are getting pretty bad.”

Sae: “I see.”

Sae: “We’ve confirmed the victim’s connection to the Phantom Thieves, at least. Thank you for your cooperation.”

timrodresized: I had to re-record this bit because I missed a crossword (we’ll see it at the end) that should’ve been at the end of the last update, and I only just noticed the two cops in the background interrogating that chair.

timrodresized: Cop 1: “Chair, where were you last night at 8? Why are you in this weird corner area that doesn’t really have anything in it?”

timrodresized: Cop 2: “It looks suspicious. Dust it for ass-prints and sent it to the lab.”

Sae: “Yes!”

Sae: “I’m sorry to ask again, but your father hadn’t said anything abuot the Phantom Thieves, correct?”

Sae: “Please contact me if something catches your attention. It doesn’t matter how trivial it seems. …You don’t have to force yourself though. Just anything that comes to mind.”

timrodresized: The date change on the film reel effect bits before the Sae cutscenes have been slowly changing. This is as far as this one goes… though we’ll know EXACTLY when the Sae cutscenes happen pretty soon. Can you guess why?

Sae: “And even the death of Shujin’s principal, who we found a calling card for, was the work of another?”

timrodresized: Oh, one fuckup I found with these Sae cutscenes - if you look at the one from the start of the Kamoshida arc, it has the Phantom Thieves logo on it that Yusuke designed, even though he wasn’t there for that.

Sae: “You don’t sound like you’re lying… if you wanted to deceive me, you could’ve easily made up a much simpler lie than this ‘Metaverse’. Moreover, your account coincides with my own investigation. Is that even possible if it were made up?”

Sae: “And I hate to admit, but… with my line of work, I know a false testimony when I hear one. Still, if you set your sights on Okumura based on my intel, it’d be before his name was even ranked.”

Sae: “You could’ve ignored him and targeted some other famous person. Why would you go so far as to further investigate and pursue this criminal?”

Sae: “Heh… simple enough. There’s still no proof that another suspect exists. That said, it’s safe enough to say that you aren’t the murdering type.”

Sae: “But with the subsequent deaths of Okumura and Shujin’s principal, the public’s opinion changed. Pressed to prove your innocence, your next objective was…”

Sae: “If what you’re saying is true, you must tell your side of the story to the end. We’ll both be in trouble if your testimony becomes unreliable. Well then, let’s move on.”

Sae: “At last, we arrive at your most recent crime.”

timrodresized: Yes, this means exactly what you’re thinking.

Morgana: “I hope Haru’s okay…”

timrodresized: Tonight, we’ll be reading to get ahead on that. I think I mentioned earlier that the guide has us do Knowing the Heart before the next dungeon - it doesn’t.

timrodresized: The good news is that because we have all these nights where we can’t do anything else, we’ll have just enough time to finish all those books before the next dungeon, because this is an LP where we are ahead of schedule and under budget.

Morgana: “Did you want me to call you ‘Chief’ now? Heh, I’m just kidding. Did you learn more about chiefs and their big hearts? Even in the underworld, there’s kindness…”

timrodresized: Wait… it was a book about the yakuza? Figures.

timrodresized: We’ll keep going even though we’re technically at the start of the next plot arc, because there’s even more cutscene here.

Morgana: “It looks like Haru is managing… somehow. All right, let’s meet up with everyone after school.”

SIU Director: “The public has praised them as ‘allies of justice,’ before they strike them back to the ground… now then, she’ll be next…”

SIU Director: “Yes, I’ve already spoken to human resources about it. It will be a heavy responsibility, but I’m certain it’d be an honor for her. The culprits behind the mental shutdown cases she’s been pursuing all this time…”

timrodresized: The SIU director went to HR and was like “Hi, I’m part of an evil, shadowy cabal and I need to brain-murder my subordinate. Are we all good on that? Yes, I understand that this would make my third brain-murder in a 30-day rolling window.”

Ryuji: “It’s so damn loud…”

Futaba: “Hrm? Where’s Haru?”

Ryuji: “She’s the one that called us, so she’ll show up eventually.”

Ann: “Well, even though things have calmed down, she must be occupied with what happened to her father…”

Futaba: “Wh-What’s up?”

Ann: “People are posting that we killed President Okumura!”

Yusuke: “So it’s begun already…”

Ryuji: “What!?”

Yusuke: “Think about it. The CEO collapsed the way he did, during an apology conference that our group caused.”

Ann: “Still…! They were raving about us so much, and now they just treat us like murderers?”

Futaba: “What a lightning-fast change of attitude!”

Ryuji: “They don’t know a damn thing about us or our situation!”

Makoto: “Calm down. Not everyone is necessarily saying that…”

Yusuke: “But there’s no way to vindicate ourselves.”

Haru: “I’m the one who asked you to make time for me too…”

Makoto: “…My condolences. It must be rough.”

Haru: “I’m okay now. Um, I called everyone together because there was something worrying me. Did you all target the principal?”

Ann: “Huh? The principal? …You mean ours?”

Haru: “Yes.”

Morgana: “What makes you say that?”

Haru: “Yesterday, a public prosecutor came to my home. Um… it was a woman named… Niijima-san.”

Makoto: “That’s-”

Haru: “I overheard her saying a calling card was found in the principal’s office. Considering that this was right after what happened… it’s got to be Shujin’s.”

Ryuji: “That’s the first I’ve heard of it!”

Makoto: “Doesn’t this all seem weird to you? It may just be my imagination… but I feel as if… things are escalating far too quickly after President Okumura’s incident.”

Ryuji: “For real!?”

Futaba: “That could be…”

Ann: “Then we need to catch them as soon as possible.”

Yusuke: “Hold a moment. Can we assume we’ve been set up though? We don’t even know their objective.”

Ryuji: “What else are we supposed to do then!?”

Makoto: “Let’s all calm down for a moment. From what Haru said, even the police are suspecting that the Phantom Thieves are murderers… it wouldn’t be wise to carelessly make a move at the moment.”

Makoto: “We need to act as normal students for now. In addition, we have midterms next week.”

Ryuji: “Exams? At a time like this? Rgh… I envy you, Futaba… Futaba?”

Makoto: “I wonder what that could be. At any rate, we need to behave and not draw attention to ourselves. Understood?”

Morgana: “But that’s impossible!”

timrodresized: Did the writers forget that Mishima knows who the party is? I think they did.

Morgana: “Mishima is a bit narrow-sighted, but he’s a good person deep down. We can’t betray him…”

timrodresized: Tonight, we’re going to continue to be ahead of schedule on books. We’re going to have a lot of nights in October where we can’t do anything else.

Morgana: “Stories about great people from the past, huh? I’m just a little suspicious of how true they are…”

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll go through an entire week in one update. We’ll also start picking up our next batch of Mementos requests.

They could’ve squared this bizarre ‘death-by-gunshot-on-two-week-delay’ circle by like, while Okamura is giving his speech, do a cut to the inside of his Palace where DARK FIGURE WHAT WE DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE shoots his Shadow in real-time. If you want him to die outright but want it to match the other mental shutdowns, you could have him collapse and hit his head on the podium or something like that. Then the SIU director could say “Well him dying wasn’t part of the plan, but I am evil so I don’t care”.

That aside, I actually enjoyed the content of this update. It gives a pretty good sense of everything falling apart and not being able to do anything about it. Haru booking them a private dinner at Tokyo Disney is really forced, but it’s a decent ‘we’re on top of the world’ image.

If John Persona was getting a lawyer worth a flip and not a convenient prison suicide in all likelihood I’m pretty sure nothing he’s said so far would be considered reliable. I still don’t even consider it reliable.

Real considerate of Haru to stick with the team and not watch her father die then learn about the Principal’s fake calling card and think she was duped into helping a team of murders kill her father to make her spill the beans to the police. Thanks, Haru.

Click Here for Update 74

timrodresized: We’ve seen the rise of John Persona, and now it’s time to see the fall. Welcome to the penultimate arc of the base game.

Morgana: “Bless that girl, worrying about others even at a time like this…”

Morgana: “…”

Morgana: “I wish we could prove our innocence, but we can’t afford to make a dumb mistake and get ourselves caught. We’ll just have to keep laying low and wait. Let’s not do anything conspicuous, okay?”

timrodresized: There’s almost no way Hashino didn’t steal this from somewhere.

timrodresized: So okay, he doesn’t know who John Persona is… but he knows the name John Persona, which only the people in John Persona know or use.

Morgana: “Mishima really does get some amazing info for us sometimes… our reputation may have taken a hit after Okumura’s death, but we can still prove our justice in Mementos.”

timrodresized: Today’s the day we actually do Yusuke’s Rank 10, but we’ve already seen that.

timrodresized: Sojiro’s Rank 7 requires that you have maxed out Kindness. Please remember this fact for the end of this event.

Sojiro: “…Hm? You look like you have something to say.”

timrodresized: And what I have to say is “Shit, I forgot to get a matching Persona, better go get one.” Unfortunately, we were full up, so I had to fuse away a useless Regent I got because I forgot Baal is an Emperor Persona.

Returning Persona: Power

Origin: Judeo-Christianity

First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei I

Order of angels responsible for keeping history and maintaining knowledge of philosophy and theology.

timrodresized: I then grab the cheapest Persona I can find and go.

Futaba: “Uncle’s bank info, transaction history, credit details… I’ve got tons of dirt on him!”

Sojiro: “…How’d you get your hands on this stuff?”

Futaba: “Hacking, of course! Uncle’s in loads of debt! He’ll never win a suit against us now that we have all this data!”

Sojiro: “This is a criminal offense, you idiot! There’s no way we’d be able to use this stuff in court!”

timrodresized: Is Sojiro the first person to call out all the blatantly illegal shit people do in this game?

Futaba: “But…”

Sojiro: “I’ve known all along how badly in debt he is. He’s not gonna try and take custody back, so don’t go doing stupid crap like this, okay?”

Futaba: “But Sojiro…! I-I only did it 'cause of all that stuff he said to you!”

Sojiro: “About that… I’ve been thinking. When push came to shove, I wasn’t there to help you. So, you know… maybe there’s somewhere better for you out there…”

Futaba: “S-Somewhere better…? Am I not supposed to be here…? Am I just in the way…?”

Sojiro: “No, that’s not it…”

Futaba: “You can just stay here and play with your stupid coffee beans!”

Sojiro: “Makes sense though… you’re the ones who saved her, after all. …Where did I go wrong?”

Sojiro: “I really did try to care for Futaba… look where that got me though. I told myself she was the reason I kept making Wakaba’s curry here… but deep down, I think that was just an excuse to stay distant…”

Sojiro: “At the end of the day, the coffee and the curry people love so much are both just… excuses.”

Sojiro: “Yeah… I mean, I spent more time in this cafe than I ever did trying to talk to Futaba… I’m gonna go out for a smoke, try to cool off a bit. Sorry to lay this on you, but can you go after Futaba for me?”

Futaba: “Y’know, Mom used to talk about Sojiro tons when I was little. How good he was at making curry, how interesting he was to talk to… I remember everything.”

Futaba: “I even remember how she smiled when she talked about him… Mom really liked Sojiro…”

Futaba: “I said some real mean stuff tonight. It’s not his fault Mom’s incident happened… it’s not his fault I shut myself away from the world. And because of me… Sojiro lost a crapton of money…”

Futaba: “I thought I’d be able to stay here with him if my hacking worked…”

Futaba: “Yeah… yeah, you’re right.”

Futaba: “Mm-hm…”

Sojiro: “Look, I’m sorry about what I said just now. And well… if it’s okay with you… I want you to stay here, forever.”

Futaba: “Forever…”

timrodresized: You’d think this would be a problem given the whole tomb thing.

Sojiro: “I know it might be more fun living with people your age like Akira… but I’ll do my damnedest to see things from your perspective. So… will you stay with me?”

Sojiro: “H-Hey… quit your laughing! sigh You’re as exhausting as ever.”

Futaba: “Hey, Sojiro. I know I’ve caused you a lot of trouble… but I really do wanna be here. So, let’s keep living together.”

Sojiro: “Futaba…”

Futaba: “Sorry for not saying that sooner. Oh, and… thanks for taking in someone as horrible as me.”

Sojiro: "…Are you sure I’m good enough?

Futaba: “I wouldn’t want anyone else.”

Sojiro: “Heh, no hesitation… don’t come complaining to me if you regret it. …Actually, I’m not gonna let you regret it. If you ever need help, just tell me. I might not be graceful… but I’ll be there to protect you.”

Sojiro: “And you can stay with me for as long as you’d like. Forever, if you want.”

Futaba: “Mm-hm, I will. …Forever. I can’t wait to keep living with you too, Akira!”

Sojiro: “I didn’t stand up for Wakaba when I knew something was off… and I didn’t stand up for you either. Instead, I went on and on about how you can’t fight back against the laws of our society…”

timrodresized: I feel like Hashino wrote this scene without knowing which confidant it was going to be part of, and then just flipped a coin and landed on Sojiro.

Sojiro: “How you should just accept the hand you’re dealt in life… but those were mere excuses I made to keep myself in line. They gave me the easy way out I wanted so badly…”

Sojiro: “Maybe instead of all that coffee crap, I should’ve been teaching you not to make the same mistakes I did. There I go, ranting again. But… I feel like I managed to put a lot behind me today.”

timrodresized: Sojiro: “Instead of all that coffee crap, I should’ve taught you THE BLADE” and then out comes the katana.

Sojiro: “…Thanks, for making me realize what’s really important in life.”

Sojiro: “All right, I better head home too. Don’t stay up too late, okay? I don’t want you oversleeping.”

timrodresized: Remember how I said at the start of this event that you need maxed-out Kindness for Sojiro’s Rank 7? Yeah, we get useless Kindness points even though there’s no way you could use them at this point.

Sojiro: “…Hey, you good to talk?”

Sojiro: “Don’t know how it took me so long when we’ve been so close, but… I finally had a normal conversation with her. How do I say this… it feels like we’re a real family now. Not just pretending to be one.”

Sojiro: “And that’s only because you helped us connect, so… thanks for that.”

Sojiro: “A real dad, huh…? Sounds corny as hell, but I can’t deny it. Heh… what am I doing? Calling some guy up and rambling about my feelings… eh, but I guess you’re not exactly an ordinary guy yourself.”

Shinya: “The games are on me today… just be sure to keep up.”

timrodresized: As a heads-up, we’re intentionally fucking up the answers in this event.

Shinya: “Don’t worry, I have a lot of money on me today! Now, let’s get to it! Get into your stance!”

timrodresized: This game came out years before YIIK did, but even then this was a poor choice of shirt.

timrodresized: And here we have Shinya in some kind of half-Jojo pose. I like to think the cutscene director saw the script for this cutscene and was like “Fuck it, I’m gonna day-drink. No one can stop me!”

Shinya: “…The King.”

Shinya: “I didn’t take it, I earned it. That money is for my war fund, to help me get stronger.”

Shinya: “Sh-Shut up!”

timrodresized: Mom says it’s my turn rule the weak!

Shinya: “If you want your money back, you’ll have to beat me!”

Shinya: “A bad guy…? Me…? R-Really? Even though I’m strong?”

timrodresized: I like that he’s undergoing his own JRPG protagonist arc while Joker sits there silently.

Shinya: “I’m not a bad guy… am I…?”

Shinya: “No I’m not… I mean, I won… I got stronger, just like the Phantom Thieves did… so how am I… the bad guy?”

Shinya: “…I guess I…I already knew that… I felt bad, even when I was winning. I won’t do it again… I don’t wanna be a bad guy.”

Shinya: “…Thanks. Hey… um… do you… hate me now?”

timrodresized: This is a wrong answer. The correct choice is the middle one. I was kind of hesitant on doing this now that I know what’s going on, but the problem is that Shinya has a very specific unique event that gives us a thing for Joker’s room.

timrodresized: The trigger for it is to either be Rank 6 and do it on several dates in late October, or be Rank 9 and do it on 11/3. Because of how many cutscenes October has, we can’t hit Rank 9 by that point.

timrodresized: What’s really dumb about the whole thing is that most of the other unique events that give you a room decoration happen after Rank 10 and don’t involve purposely fucking up answers. They could’ve fixed this in Royal, but we all know what Atlus’s motto regarding anything that might cost money is.

Shinya: “…Sorry. I promise that I won’t do that again… So please don’t hate me… Sorry. I promise that I won’t do that again. So please don’t hate me…”

Shinya: “The Phantom Thieves are strong because they defeat strong enemies, right? Beating up on weak opponents… that’s bullying… that’s what bad guys do. I was wrong.”

Shinya: “Thanks, Kurusu-san… I wouldn’t have realized this on my own.”

timrodresized: This as as many down shots as we’re going to get.

Shinya: “I’m gonna head home now. I need to think about what I did… I’ll see you later… bye.”

Shinya: “Hey, Kurusu-san, where did I go wrong…? I just wanted to be strong like the Phantom Thieves, but somehow I turned into a bad guy without even noticing…”

Shinya: “The more I thought about everything, the more scared I got… Kurusu-san… are you sure you aren’t gonna hate me?”

timrodresized: This is another intentional wrong answer. The correct option is the top one.

Shinya: “Oh…! Yeah, you are! Haha… I won’t make the same mistake ever again. Trust me, big brother. Phew… I feel a little better after talking to you.”

Shinya: “Thanks, Kurusu. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Okay, I’m gonna hang up now. See you at the arcade!”

timrodresized: Tonight, we have Iwai’s last confidant rank before we have to take his Mementos request.

Iwai: “While you and Kaoru were over at that diner, I was out gettin’ info from a reliable source of mine. Turns out I guessed right. Tsuda was the one on the other end of that Hong Kong mafia deal.”

Iwai: “Apparently he paid them off for a huge arsenal of guns. This is where things start gettin’ interestin’ though… if he was smugglin’ all that shit in, why would he come to me askin’ for modified guns?”

Iwai: “I mean, don’t somethin’ about that seem off to you?”

Iwai: “Right? That piece of shit’s tryin’ to lord his position over me… but he ain’t got shit now! What I’m really sayin’ here is… I don’t think those Hong Kong guys ever delivered on their end of the deal. They prolly just took his money and flat-out stiffed him on the guns.”

timrodresized: And this is where we reach the part of Iwai’s confidant where Hashino realizes he’s written himself into a corner. This plot would make sense if Iwai was actually running guns - but he’s not.

Iwai: “Masa told me somethin’ real weird back when you and Kaoru were over at the diner though. Apparently, the clan’s been treatin’ that Hong Kong transaction like some kinda massive business success.”

Iwai: “That means Tsuda’s been lyin’ to em this whole time… and now he’s tryin’ to use me to cover up his mistake.”

timrodresized: But HOW? I mean, what’s he going to do, show up with a bunch of airsoft guns and hope no one notices or tries to fire one? This is why defanging shit is dumb, because it forces ass-pulls like this.

Iwai: “Yup. Everyone’s always known he’s one sneaky son of a bitch. …Don’t matter now though. Everything’s gonna change once I tell the clan what’s up. Tsuda’s not gonna be able to keep intimidatin’ me anymore.”

Iwai: “And I’ll make sure Kaoru won’t get labeled, like I was. He’ll be a regular, respectable adult. Somethin’ I coulda never even dreamed of…”

timrodresized: It’s funny because I know there’s at least one Yakuza game where the protagonist goes directly to a guy’s patriarch - Kiryu does it in Yakuza 3 if I remember right, and I think Ichiban does it in Yakuza 7.

Iwai: “Hey, I got a favor to ask you. If anythin’ happens to me, take care of Kaoru, okay? …Okay?”

Iwai: “Prolly. I know he’d be able to get rid of me no problem without a witness there, but I’ve gotta put an end to this. Besides, nobody would wanna… wait a sec. I’ve got you.”

Iwai: “I want you to come talk to Tsuda with me. He’s not gonna dare lay a finger on a civilian kid. It’d cause way too many complications for him. If you come as my witness, things’ll be miles safer.”

timrodresized: I mean, not really, given that the yakuza captains in the Yakuza games kill civilians all the time, since the whole “honor code” thing is just a veneer to keep the low-level guys in line.

Iwai: “…All right then. It’s settled. Oh, and lemme think of a reward. Gotta thank you for the info, and for bein’ my witness. How 'bout I work even harder on that special menu? That should be good for you, yeah?”

timrodresized: This ability sucks. What it unlocks are “stronger” versions of the existing customizations that boost one stat more in exchange for lowering another.

timrodresized: I tried it with Joker’s pistol, and it adds something like 100 attack while cutting the accuracy to 50%. It’s a garbage trade-off.

Iwai: “Well, I’ll hit you up when it’s time. Let’s do this, kid. Thanks for today.”

Iwai: “But I’m obviously gonna look out for you. If it comes down to it, I’ll personally take responsibility for protecting you. But considering who we’re dealin’ with… we can’t afford to take any chances.”

Iwai: “Heh… you really do have guts. But guts alone isn’t enough to get by in this world. Remember, nothin’s that simple. …Look, I know I shouldn’t be getting a minor dragged into this shit. But you’re the only one I can rely on…”

Morgana: “Haru… she’s the one who should be in pain right now, yet she’s still trying to cheer us up…”

timrodresized: There’s a new thing in the crane game we can win.

timrodresized: The guide tells us to do this, and I’m telling you don’t. The capsule machine gives one of… I think five or six figures, which can be traded to a guy off to the right for… worthless fucking garbage.

timrodresized: If you get the Girimehkala figurine, you can trade it to the guy in Kichijoji for a sword for Morgana.

timrodresized: Other than that, today’s going to look a lot like the last two days. We’re doing Futaba’s confidant in the morning and then switching to Iwai at night for his Mementos request.

Futaba: “But before that, there’s something I wanna show you, Akira. Come to my room.”

Futaba: “See, everything on here is marked off as being done. But that’s kinda… wrong. There was one promise I lied about doing… one promise I never actually finished.”

timrodresized: What Futaba’s saying is that she’s a Nippon Ichi protagonist.

Futaba: “It was ‘get along with Kana-chan’. This all started back when I was in elementary school. I used to get bullied pretty hard for how weird I was…”

Futaba: “The other kids always accused me of cheating because I’d get perfect scores on my tests. Then one time I turned in a test with nothing written down instead… but the school ended up yelling at my mom.”

Futaba: “My life at school was horrible. Sometimes during recess, I’d lock myself in the bathroom and cry… I didn’t have a single friend… I was always alone.”

Futaba: “But then a girl named Kana transferred to my school… she was absent a lot at first, then when she was there, the other kids bullied her… like they did to me.”

timrodresized: I have to wonder if this is supposed to be a reference to Kana Little Sister. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an h-game that tried to be more of a legit VN - it even got a PSP release with no porn in it.

timrodresized: The game is kind of famous for being an h-game that turns into this very depressing VN about a girl dying of a mysterious anime disease and how she deals with that.

Futaba: “But one day, she said something to me: ‘Good morning.’ She started saying it every day from then on.”

Futaba: “Totally! I mean, literally nobody wanted to talk to me back then. To be honest… I completely ignored her the first few times. I thought the bullies had put her up to it.”

Futaba: “But without fail, she’d come over to me to say good morning… then eventually, I decided to say it back. It felt like my heart was gonna shatter into a million pieces…”

Futaba: “But apparently, she’d been saying it to me that whole time because she thought we could be friends. She was the first person who didn’t mind how weird I was…”

Futaba: “I was so happy about making a friend that I told my mom. That’s when she added something to my promise list. ‘Get along with Kana-chan.’ B-But… I couldn’t do it.”

Futaba: “One particularly windy morning, Kana-chan dropped her diary and the pages flew everywhere. I didn’t really mean to look… but I ended up seeing everything she had written down. And… once I see something, I can’t forget it…”

timrodresized: This sounds less like dialog and more like she’s writing a book out loud. The worst part is, I can’t tell if the writers did this as a “Futaba has a photographic memory so she remembers things differently than most people” kind of thing or because they just suck at writing.

Futaba: “Kana-chan’s diary was full of stories like that… then when I asked her about it… she got really defensive. I felt terrible, but she just kept yelling at me for reading it.”

Futaba: “Yeah… but I couldn’t really tell her that… I just… froze up. And then… I ran. I ran… and ran… I wanted her to stop yelling. I wanted to go back to how things were before.”

Futaba: “…Kana-chan ended up moving away pretty soon after that. I haven’t talked to her since. So… I lied to my mom. Even after Kana-chan left, I would tell her we were best friends.”

timrodresized: And then she went to Iwai and got a life-size cardboard cutout of Kana that she tried to pass off for the real thing hoping no one would notice… wait no, that’s the other plotline.

Futaba: “So… I lied to my mom. Even after Kana-chan left, I would tell her we were best friends. Every month, she’d write that promise on my list… and every month, I’d lie about it.”

Futaba: “I… I wish I could apologize to Kana-chan somehow. I really wanna say I’m sorry. Sorry for not helping her, though she was going through even worse stuff than I was. Sorry for reading her diary… sorry… for running away.”

Futaba: “I hate being such a coward… but I think I might be able to face my fears now that I’m a promise-setting phantom thief!”

timrodresized: This kind of thing is why I feel like the Persona 3 format was a mistake. It feels like they wrote a lot more for Futaba, but then had to pare it down to fit the 10-rank format.

Futaba: “Y-You have to help me now, got it!?”

Futaba: “This is another part of our deal!”

timrodresized: This is kind of misleading, because I believe it works like Flow does - it’s Charge and Concentrate at the same time.

Futaba: “Welp, I’m gonna get on that right now! Time to go look up Kana-chan’s deets! Oh, and… sorry I wasn’t more hospitable today. That’ll have to wait for next time!”

Futaba: “When I try looking up Kana-chan’s contact info, my fingers suddenly start trembling… I know I promised myself that I’d do this… but when I remember how angry Kana-chan got, I get so scared…”

Futaba: “…! What am I doing? Freaking out at the most important moment…? If I can’t do this, then what was my training for? I don’t want to run away anymore. I won’t give up on Kana-chan.”

Futaba: “…Thanks, Akira. Talking to you about this helped calm me down. I’m going to do a little more research on Kana-chan! Oh, and please don’t tell anyone else about what we discussed today! Not even Sojiro, okay!?”

Morgana: “Haru… I’m not surprised she seems down. You should keep her in your thoughts, Akira. Still, despite how she looks, Haru has quite the backbone. I’m sure she’ll be okay.”

timrodresized: Our shelf of corporate logos grows.

Iwai: “I’ll do my best to protect you. But… I can’t guarantee your safety. You can say no.”

timrodresized: We need maxed-out Guts to get Iwai’s Mementos request.

Iwai: “S’that right? I appreciate it. It’s gonna be under the girder bridge. It’s close by, so follow me.”

Iwai: “He’s here as my witness today. Now listen. I’d be glad to keep my mouth shut about your failed deal… if you stay away from my family. That includes me, Kaoru… and this kid here.”

Iwai: “Rules ain’t meant to be broken.”

timrodresized: I was going to make a joke about Monster Girl Quest here, and in the process of looking for an image found an entire page of Danganronpa shipping pics where half the characters are mermaids for no reason. That line of enquiry was promptly closed.

Iwai: " chuckle Thanks, kid. Tsuda-san, I gotta be honest with you… this whole thing has been a real goddamn pain in the ass. But it’s over. You’re finished."

timrodresized: There should’ve been a fucking intelligence check here like it’s Fallout 1 where Joker goes “Wait a second… you couldn’t even buy guns from the triad. That gun’s a fake.” and then you don’t have to do the Mementos request.

Iwai: “The hell’re you doin’…!?”

Iwai: “You bastard…!”

Iwai: “I’m such a freakin’ idiot… that guy ain’t the Tsuda I know…! Based on what just happened here, I’m done for the second I give him the guns he’s lookin’ for. God dammit…”

timrodresized: Joker: “What’s he gonna do, shoot you with a fake gun?”

Iwai: “…Look, kid. You should prolly go. I don’t got any more tasks for you. Just forget all of this…”

Iwai: “Good. This ain’t nothin’ a kid like you can handle. I… I’m gonna make those guns for him. I gotta do what I can to protect Kaoru… if it means helpin’ out that psychopath, so be it…”

Iwai: "Tsuda… when did he turn into such a heartless bastard?

timrodresized: I think this is the only time we see Iwai make this expression.

Iwai: “…Actually, it’s prolly best that you know. It’s Akimitsu Tsuda. He was famous around here for being an incredible martial artist back in the day. If you see him 'round town, run. Go to the police if you hafta.”

Iwai: “They’ll keep you safe so long as you tell ‘em who’s after you. …Anyways, we’re done here. Thanks for all you’ve been givin’ me. And… take care of yourself, kid.”

timrodresized: We’ve got exams for the next couple of days. I forgot that this is Royal, so we’ll end just before the last day of exams due to them inserting another long Maruki cutscene on the 20th… in addition to the two cutscenes that happen that day in the base game.

timrodresized: The school festival is where I started hating this game’s plot, and I think is also the reason why they straight-up revealed that new palace so early.