Colors Flying High - Let's Play Persona 5 Royal

I went and asked, and apparently it’s the latter - there’s no mechanical reason for it. The extra damage on reflects does help, but if they were going for that they’d probably play on Merciless instead because that has the 3x damage multiplier on weakness hits… which I will be abusing extensively against the next boss.

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timrodresized: It’s the 19th, and time to go to Mementos.

Morgana: “If Haru’s sold off, the Phantom Thieves will never live it down.”

timrodresized: Yeah, nah. We’re going to Mementos (and temporarily to the PS5) instead.

Yusuke: “Ann… perfect timing.”

Ann: “Huh? Whaddya mean?”

Yusuke: “I’ve been working on a way to incorporate beauty into our fights, instead of merely doing away with our enemies each time. And only a moment ago, I was struck with a bolt of inspiration.”

Ann: “Ah, is that right? So… what did you mean by ‘perfect timing,’ then?”

Yusuke: “Ah, yes - so my potential idea is good and all, but I’ll require your help to pull it off. Would you please lend me a hand?”

Ann: “Sure, but, uh… nothing too weird, alright?”

timrodresized: I’m going to need to borrow footage again, because even after grinding in Mementos for like two and a half hours trying to fuse a gamebreaker I did not get their Showtime to pop up even once.

timrodresized: By the way, I’m taking the footage off this channel on Youtube.

timrodresized: Oh, right. I also found out that there’s a neat little easter egg which is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to get. If you finish a fight with Ann and Morgana’s showtime and Morgana levels up, it shows his godawful anime face on the level-up screen.

timrodresized: Ann and Yusuke’s Showtime is named “The Kabuki Kid” in English. The Japanese name is “Genroku-jyo Kabuki” which is apparently a reference to a 1969 film titled “Orgies of Edo”.

timrodresized: I have not seen Orgies of Edo, but it’s apparently a samurai movie of some sort that is ostensibly about moral degradation in Edo-period Japan. YouTube has it and it’s classified as a horror film. Let me just copy-paste the plot summary from IMDB, because it tells you just about everything you need to know.

timrodresized: Now, let me just say that if I had multiple bulls with flaming horns, the first thing I would do is link them up to a chariot and destroy the ornamental grass in the backyard. The second thing I would do is get a pizza, because no one is going to make me wait when I have a chariot hooked up to a bunch of fire bulls.

timrodresized: I like the detail of that lamp in the corner that just says “Ann + Yusuke” because it makes them seem like a gay crimefighting duo.

timrodresized: Okay, so, fire bulls. There’s going to be some fire bulls in here, right? You wouldn’t name an attack after a movie containing fire bulls and then not have any fire bulls. That’s just common sense.

timrodresized: God dammit, Atlus! You had one fucking job! Fire bulls! You could’ve fucking had them ride fire bulls! Fuck! One job and you ruin it!

Yusuke: “Of course, if you have no interest, you’re in no way obligated to help…”

Ann: “No no, it sounds awesome! Oh, but - what if we tried doing this beforehand?”

Yusuke: “Oho… we should definitely incorporate that part into the attack. I never would’ve come up with that part on my own.”

timrodresized: Now, if I had someone who could do 3D modeling and had bothered to look up Orgies of Edo beforehand, I would ABSOLUTELY do a Joker/Yusuke showtime where they’re cowboys on fucking robot horses driving a herd of fire bulls into the enemy.

Ann: “Awesome! I can’t wait!”

Yusuke: “Actually… I want to try it right now as well! I truly hope the Star will grant us this…”

timrodresized: Notice that Haru doesn’t have a costume - she’s just kinda here. We can’t use her yet.

timrodresized: I should also note that the guide tells you to get a Money Reading from Chihaya before going in, but we’re not doing that. The reason? Most of the enemies here are going to be insta-kill fodder, and Money Reading does not double the money from insta-kills.

timrodresized: At this point, you are going to get far more money from insta-kills (I went from like, 800k to 1.2 million in an hour) than you are from the Greatest Weapon. We’ll save that for Okumura’s palace.

Oracle: “It’s coming from below!”

Morgana: “It’s gotten even bigger.”

Panther: “This happened because we stole another Treasure… right?”

Skull: “I feel like it’s gonna keep gettin’ bigger and bigger.”

Oracle: “I don’t think Mementos’s territorial expansion is caused by us stealing a Treasure. I bet it’s things like the number of searches for ‘Phantom Thieves,’ the ranking of trending words…”

Oracle: “And the access counter on Mishima’s website and stuff. Even now, it’s slowly expanding.”

timrodresized: Maybe if we keep expanding it, we’ll get to a universe where this is a well-written game.

Fox: “The more we become the topic of conversation, the more Mementos spreads?”

Queen: “Maybe it’s the other way around…”

Skull: “Whaddya mean?”

Queen: “We’re the ones expanding it… or perhaps, Mementos grants further passage as we become more prevalent in the general public’s cognition.”

Skull: “Like… gettin’ free admission for bein’ popular?”

Fox: “That’s rather well-put.”

Skull: “For real? That’s amazin’! Actually, you’re amazin’, Futaba! How’d you figure that out?”

Oracle: “Piece of cake.”

Morgana: “I didn’t know at all… what have I been doing?”

timrodresized: I forgot to show off in the DLC roundup that in the Persona 1 and 2 costume sets, Morgana becomes Trish. Joker smirks at the fact that Morgana has now cross-dressed before he has.

timrodresized: By the way, I have decided to NOT migrate the save to the PS5. The reason for this is an unforeseen issue with Network Fusion.

timrodresized: Basically, Network Fusion has no legality checks the way something like the GTS in Pokemon does… and at the same time, people can edit their saves to basically make whatever they want.

timrodresized: As far as I can tell, as long as the Persona has “valid” skills (read: no enemy-only skills or debug stuff) they’re allowed to be uploaded.

timrodresized: This leads to things like a level 60 Lilith that’s been floating around with the skill set of a Persona that’s not obtainable until New Game +.

timrodresized: Now, I’m all for breaking the game using the tools it gives me, but I feel like using hacked shit is going a bit too far… and I don’t feel like manually verifying every Persona I come across.

timrodresized: There are also decals for Morgana. I’m not quite sure how that would even work, but whatever.

timrodresized: The only unfortunate part of not having the DLC will be that I cannot get a fire bull. Titanomachia is a skill unique to Asterius that does more fire damage than Agidyne (it’s a tier-4 fire spell) and inflicts fear instead of burn.

timrodresized: By the way, the part about the costumes that sucks is that it changes the battle music. Now, you’d think this would mean giving me Bloody Destiny for the P1 set… but no. Atlus had one fucking job.

timrodresized: Unlike our other targets, Oyamada is way the fuck back in the area that covers Madarame’s palace.

Skull: “That bastard looks like he’s been eatin’ well lately.”

Fox: “Hm. He made a mistake in rushing a drug’s development, and now intends for his subordinate to take the fall.”

Panther: “People might die if we don’t change his heart! And a good doctor will have to quit…”

Skull: “Yeah. We gotta do something!”

timrodresized: Yusuke kills Oyamada’s shadow in one hit. I didn’t even have him use Charge first.

timrodresized: That… doesn’t make sense, but okay.

timrodresized: And now we’re going back to the PS4… after one more thing. Futaba has a finisher screen that will (rarely) pop up over someone else’s when you finish with an All-Out.

timrodresized: Wait… why doesn’t she have the visor on? Anyway, let’s go back to the PS4.

timrodresized: I use Anzu and Kaiwan to make Belphegor. With Life Aid, we really don’t need the half SP cost from Anzu anymore, and Intense Focus increases all single-target spell damage by 20%.

timrodresized: You might ask if me giving a toilet demon wind spells and wind break was intentional, and no it wasn’t, but it’s pretty funny in hindsight.

Returning Persona: Belphegor

Origin: Moab (Present-day Jordan)

First Appearance: Megami Tensei II

Demonized version of Baal-Peor, the god of the Moabites. In Judeo-Christian mythology, he is a former Principality who became the demon lord of Sloth. Appearance comes from a Jewish myth in which Belphegor is worshipped at a toilet by puking into it.

Skull: “She’s smirking. That’s kinda creepy.”

Panther: “Her blog is full of all her crazy thoughts. She must be lost in some sort of sick romance fantasy.”

Skull: “Shouldn’t we do something about it before she can hurt anybody?”

Morgana: “Of course. Let’s do it.”

timrodresized: Gonna go Ralph Pootawn on her ass.

Panther: “Hey. I don’t blame you for falling in love, but there’s a point where it goes too far.”

Panther: “Who are you calling a bitch!? And I’m not interested in Ikesugi!”

timrodresized: Bitches are dogs. Ann is a cat.

Skull: “What’d you just say!?”

timrodresized: Mogami’s shadow is Bugs, which is a demon we need a totem to fuse. We’re going to need one for Caroline and Justine’s confidant.

timrodresized: Belphegor: “Oh christ here comes the five-alarm chili! It’s back for revenge!”

timrodresized: Joker: “Real romance is when Yusuke puts on the maid dress.”

Panther: “Just tell him face to face, and don’t write weird stuff in your blog. It’ll take courage though.”

Skull: “Hey! Just don’t do anything weird!”

timrodresized: Defeating Mogami lets us proceed to the next area.

Queen: “I never realized how creepy the subway system could be. Inside the train, you don’t even notice.”

Fox: “I agree. Perhaps it is like the darkness in all men’s hearts. Always there, never perceived…”

Queen: “He seems a little irritated.”

Skull: “I heard he was abusin’ animals just to take his anger out on them.”

timrodresized: Wasn’t Joker the one who told him this?

Panther: “I can’t let him get away with something like that!”

Morgana: “You guys, don’t go easy on him!”

timrodresized: My cat is happiest when he knows I’m having a video meeting at work, because it means he can jump in front of the camera.

Morgana: “What a poor excuse for a human being! I could never forgive someone like you!”

Morgana: “We’ll take your twisted desires, but first I’ll show you the pain you caused those poor animals!”

Morgana: “Let’s do it, Joker! I’ll show you the wrath of cats!”

timrodresized: Morgana, the whole Zero Wing thing stopped being funny in like 2004.

timrodresized: I kind of wish I had known this earlier. Being shocked opens up enemies to gun attacks - meaning every single shot fired will be a technical.

timrodresized: After several rounds of knocking the boss down, Yusuke decides it’s time.

Fox: “That’s a good idea. Perhaps then, he’ll understand what those animals had to endure.”

Queen: “Remember the awful things you did to those cats. Doesn’t it make you feel horrible?”

timrodresized: Shortly after, I start grabbing the stamps for this area. The annoying part is that you have to farm them starting in this area.

timrodresized: What happens is that each level of the dungeon has a chance to spawn two stamp stations - there will always be a fixed one at the down stair and a second one that may or may not appear.

timrodresized: What you have to remember though is that the rest area, the final floor, and most floors with a target on them will only spawn one, meaning you have to do floors multiple times.

timrodresized: I also run into Jose, who upgrades the crystal from Futaba’s Palace.

timrodresized: Decarabia is a trash Persona, but we’re fusing him for one very specific reason. We logged him earlier.

timrodresized: The reason is that Decarabia is the first non-DLC Persona to learn Fire Boost. We also need a Councillor Persona, so might as well.

Fox: “We’re only in the third area. I suppose this leisure ride will continue on for a while longer.”

Panther: “How is this supposed to be leisurely?”

timrodresized: Given that we’re insta-killing everything we run into, it’s pretty leisurely.

Skull: “Cut him some slack. Yusuke just wanted to say somethin’ cool.”

Skull: “He looks super shady.”

Fox: “Well, he’s selling useless rocks and those brainwashing seminars to his followers, right?”

Panther: “If we let him go on like this, so many more people will end up unhappy!”

Queen: “Let’s go and strip this wolf of his sheep’s clothing.”

timrodresized: Fukurai’s shadow (Baphomet) is annoying to fight due to it having very high defense. It’s weak to Bless and Ice, but at this point we don’t really have a strong Bless Persona. That will change quickly.

timrodresized: I pull out Decarabia because I know that Baphomet is unlikely to use a physical attack and go for shocking him instead.

timrodresized: Seriously though, I had no idea shock was this good. One shock is basically four guaranteed All-Outs.

timrodresized: Baphomet has Eigaon, and it hits fucking HARD. This actually killed Ann - she had to use Endure to survive it.

timrodresized: Now that we have Futaba, she will occasionally buff the party - this can range from a full-party accuracy boost (trash) to a full-party Heat Riser.

timrodresized: Ann learns Fire Boost, putting her one step closer to being overpowered.

Queen: “He’s got a crazy look in his eyes.”

Fox: “He’s been known to attack indiscriminately. I suppose he really has lost his sanity…”

Panther: “If we don’t make him have a change of heart, I won’t feel safe walking around in public.”

Morgana: “We have to do this.”

Panther: “Oh, geez, he’s the annoying type…”

Skull: “Stop playin’ dumb, you crazy criminal.”

timrodresized: Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, this will not raise Japan’s declining birthrate.

timrodresized: Naguri’s Shadow has a shitload of health but very low defense.

timrodresized: I kept Decarabia on the entire time, which was a mistake against a physical-oriented demon like Kin-ki, but whatever.

Skull: “Sorry won’t cut it. You attacked and hurt a lot of people, you know?”

Queen: “Tell the police everything.”

timrodresized: Charge would be useful if I ever used physical Personas, which there’s not much reason to.

Fox: “We were fortunate to have caught him before anyone died. We should be quite grateful for that fact.”

Panther: “God, he looks pigheaded…”

Skull: “This guy abused his position at work, right? Harassin’ the people under him and all that.”

Queen: “It’s people like him who create awful workplace environments…”

Fox: “Let’s talk to him.”

Fox: “Stealing credit from your subordinates is one of the worst things you can do as a superior.”

timrodresized: I saw a thing just now about how the speedrun of the base game works, and shit’s kinda crazy.

timrodresized: In the base game, every one of the dungeons has a means of clipping out of bounds, which in some cases allows you to skip pretty significant portions of the dungeon.

timrodresized: Another favorite is one in the laser room in Madarame’s dungeon that removes Ryuji from the game.

Panther: “How did someone like you ever get promoted? If I were the president, you’d be fired!”

timrodresized: Unfortunately, Royal fixed a lot of these because they were dependent on a bug in the base game that allowed you to clip into enemies. It’s still doable in Royal but is apparently much harder to pull off, and only one of the out of bounds is usually worth the time investment.

timrodresized: Kishi is a Kumbhanda, and is only weak to Bless. Unfortunately, that’s our weakest department right now - we can’t really get a good Bless Persona until level 41 or so.

timrodresized: He’s more annoying than actually dangerous, as he has Diarahan (single-target full heal) and will use it any time he gets low.

timrodresized: For a trash Persona, I sure got a lot of mileage out of Decarabia. There was kind of an ulterior motive in that Decarabia eventually learns Megidola, but as I found out the hard way, getting Megidola to mutate into Megidolaon is extremely hard.

timrodresized: Seriously, I made like 50 attempts at it on the PS5, and only once did the game pick Megidola to mutate, and it didn’t mutate into Megidolaon. I asked if anyone had ever successfully gotten it to mutate and the answer I got was “Just use the hacked Lilith”.

Fox: “How do you intend to take responsibility for all this?”

timrodresized: This book unlocks Tokyo Destiny Land, but I believe you can also unlock it via the story, so there’s not much of a reason to read it.

Skull: “An amusement park guidebook!? Even if you abused your subordinates, I guess your kids were real important to you…”

timrodresized: I ran into Jose and spent all the stamps to get even more money. We’re going to need it probably around the time we get to the Casino.

Fox: “Judging from the smirk on his face, it looks like he’s scheming something awful.”

Skull: “I heard he was threatenin’ this old couple, tryin’ to kick them out of their own movie theater.”

Queen: “If we leave him alone, he may resort to violence.”

Panther: “We can’t let that happen! Let’s go!”

Queen: “It seems like you’re trying to use force to get people to leave their property?”

Queen: “We’re quite serious. We can’t let those who cause problems for others to go unpunished.”

timrodresized: No, you didn’t have a stroke, that last line is just badly localized and wasn’t fixed in Royal.

Queen: “That includes people like you, who use bullying tactics to get what they want.”

timrodresized: Even though he’s an Ippon-Datara (a Mementos-exclusive demon in Madarame’s area) this fight is fucking annoying.

timrodresized: He uses Rampage, which hits everyone multiple times. Against four targets, Rampage is almost certain to crit at least once, and it’s not likely you’ll be able to get a physical reflect on everyone.

timrodresized: Also I was still using Decarabia (even though that’s a horrible idea) because I wanted Megidola dammit.

timrodresized: Then Futaba gives me a full-party Heat Riser.

Morgana: “Yeah, stop messing around with our neighborhood.”

Queen: “I hope you’ll consider the feelings of those who get things taken away from them from now on.”

Queen: “Not just Yongen! You better make up for the awful things you’ve done elsewhere, too!”

timrodresized: Oh man, this book. This book unlocks the Sky Tree and is made completely pointless by finishing Ann’s Rank 7 event.

timrodresized: After that fight, I got another fusion alarm (seriously, I got like 10 during this trip) and fuse a Unicorn. We’re not keeping it for long, because while it learns Kougaon, it can’t do much with it.

New Persona: Daisoujou

Origin: Buddhism

First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei I

Daisoujou is a title for a high-ranking Buddhist monk, but in this case the Persona is based on a practice called sokushinbutsu in which a monk self-mummifies by doing an extremely hardcore diet for three years before being sealed in a tomb.

timrodresized: Daisoujou was an amazing demon in Nocturne, but outside of Nocturne he’s only notable because of his unique skill, Samsara. Samsara is the best light-based instakill spell. He also is probably the easiest way (outside of DLC) to get Bless Boost. We’re not keeping him either.

Returning Persona: Hariti

Origin: Buddhism

First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei I

Originally an ogress in Pakistani mythology who kidnapped and ate children. When Buddhism came to Pakistan, the myth was re-worked to turn her into a protector of children who eats pomegranates instead of human flesh. Was also briefly Maki’s mother in Persona 1.

timrodresized: And here’s how we put it all together. Bless Boost, Kougaon and Tarukaja is a pretty good combination: we can buff with Hariti and then switch to something else, or simply use the Bless damage.

timrodresized: I dicked around in Kaitul for a while trying to get all of the stamps, and ran into Tatsuya Sudou… which is weird because I thought we were playing as him.

Morgana: “That’s a sign of how much more twisted this place is. I’m sure the Shadows here are stronger, too.”

Oracle: “Yeah, and looks like there are more enemies here than there were up above. Be careful, okay?”

timrodresized: Akzeriyyuth is significantly more fucked up looking than the previous areas.

timrodresized: There’s 25 stamps here, and multiple rest stops - which again means you’re going to have to reload floors to get them all. While we do come back here later, it won’t be until November.

timrodresized: Even Yusuke realizes how dumb this whole thing is.

timrodresized: There’s a rest area on the fourth floor, which seems generous until you realize why it’s here. That’s because on the next floor…

Fox: “He looks so… pathetic.”

Panther: “He’s cheating in a video game, right?”

timrodresized: This whole thing just seems ridiculous when you compare it to the guy beating on old people or the guy killing cats for fun… or the cult leader.

Skull: “Yeah, he’s a cheater. It’s not something an adult should be doin’.”

Panther: “Let’s go.”

timrodresized: I mean, yeah, I could just use the hacked Lilith and destroy the rest of the game, but why?

timrodresized: You uh, just said that.

timrodresized: Naturally, this is a fight we can’t win.

timrodresized: Every attack against him will miss. What’s funny is that there’s actually a skill you can get that does this - it gives you 50% evasion against everything.

timrodresized: It’s called Ali Dance, and I actually managed to get it on the PS5 when Megidola mutated on that Incubus.

Oracle: “Look at him, acting all smug because of his cheats… we can’t do anything to him at this rate though. Let’s retreat for now and rethink our approach.”

Fox: “Yes… unfortunately, it appears we do not have even a chance of victory.”

Skull: “Yo, Morgana. Ain’t there anything we can do?”

Morgana: “I’m not sure. As I’ve already mentioned, the Metaverse is a place where people’s cognitions materialize. Even I can’t predict what will happen in here.”

Skull: “Dammit! If only we could figure out what his ability is…”

timrodresized: Hacks.

Oracle: “That’s exactly right!”

Queen: “So we’ll need to figure out a way to break through his cheat…”

Morgana: “That’s fine, but let’s do it somewhere else. It’s not exactly what I’d call safe here. We should talk more where there aren’t Shadows.”

Fox: “We can make it our homework then. Let us think more on this topic after we return to reality.”

Queen: “I hope it doesn’t add too much more work to your plate.”

Skull: “Homework… eh, I guess that works. Anyways, let’s get goin’.”

timrodresized: Except we can’t, because there’s still one more target we haven’t taken out yet.

Panther: “Thirty-three areas? I’m starting to feel kind of overwhelmed… just how big IS this place?”

Oracle: “Who knows? This whole place, its overall structure… it’s all a mystery. Oh well.”

Fox: “She’s using her just like a pawn, from what I hear.”

timrodresized: No one here (apart from Makoto) has even met her! Joker told you that!

Queen: “That’s her own daughter… what is wrong with her?”

Panther: “I don’t know much about shogi, but I do know she’s a bad person!”

Morgana: “It’s as you say, Lady Ann! Let’s get her!”

timrodresized: You really didn’t need to say both of those things because one implies the other, but okay.

timrodresized: Wait, she doesn’t even WANT Hifumi to be a shogi player, she wants her to be an idol!

timrodresized: I think whoever wrote this either never read the script for Hifumi’s confidant events or just didn’t give a fuck.

timrodresized: Did they forget the part where she’s an out-of-work TV presenter who is working in a nightclub? Where did she get the money to do all this?

timrodresized: Hifumi’s mother is a Lilim with a skill set very similar to ours.

timrodresized: She also has insta-death curse spells, but Joker reflects those.

timrodresized: Unfortunately, she also has Mabufudyne, which… hurts. She then follows it up with Mamudoon, which forces Ann to Endure and burns an item to stop the autokill from hitting Joker.

timrodresized: Yusuke gets off a Charge and then a physical skill and stops her just before she can kill Joker.

timrodresized: Futaba also learns an important skill here, and another at level 49.

timrodresized: We’re done here now, but I wanted to go map out the area and get all the stamps… and hit level 42 if possible.

timrodresized: I make the mistake of fusing Belphegor into Red Rider after not having saved for a while.

New Persona: Red Rider

Origin: The Bible

First Appearance: Nocturne

It’s War.

timrodresized: Red Rider is one of the four Riders - the others being White (Pestilence), Black (Famine) and Pale (Death). White Rider is level 38 and is the only way to get Gun Boost.

timrodresized: Compared to Belphegor, Red Rider SUCKS. His signature skill is Negative Pile, a high-damage physical attack that also inflicts Despair… but you can get a card for it as a negotiation reward from Lamia.

timrodresized: The one upside is we now have a source of Curse damage, which we have not had in a long time.

timrodresized: While grinding stamps, I run into Jose again. This time, I wind up putting stamp points into items, which is actually a pretty good way to make money.

timrodresized: I also level Joker to 42. This is going to be very important when we do Caroline and Justine’s confidant. Theoretically, we could get them to Rank 8 before we leave, but we’re not going to do that.

timrodresized: I’m going to include just a bit of the dialog that happens when you examine the wall to the next area.

timrodresized: That being Ame-no-Uzume.

timrodresized: Makoto is horny for Ryuji, not knowing he’s for Ann and Ann alone.

timrodresized: Here’s what I didn’t realize about boosting the item rate - what it actually does is boosts the amount of items you get every time you hit an item box.

timrodresized: By the time you get this up to 5 or 6 items per box, you’re practically guaranteed to get at least a minor treasure item every time you hit one.

timrodresized: Here’s why I needed to hit 42. Ose is the only way you can get a High Counter card - specifically by itemizing him during an alarm.

timrodresized: I did a fusion that probably shouldn’t exist to get him, namely Hariti and Daisoujou. Note how both of those are Bless-element Personas… and Ose cannot learn Bless skills.

New Persona: Ose

Origin: Ars Goetia

First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei I

57th demon of the Ars Goetia. Appears as a leopard who then shapeshifts into a man. Can transform people into other shapes without them noticing, and grants knowledge in science.

timrodresized: This game uses Ose’s appearance from Strange Journey, which is probably good because his appearance in Nocturne was uh… someone’s Deviantart furry OC.

timrodresized: Unfortunately, I have to release him almost immediately to make room for stuff we need for confidants… and to summon Hariti back.

timrodresized: The “King” is a lot of people’s favorite confidant and the source of a rather large P5 meme, and is how we can eventually finish that Mementos request.

timrodresized: Note that you don’t ever have to finish that request - it doesn’t count toward Mishima’s confidant and the “King” has a different request at Rank 9. The only requirement is that you try and fail it once.

timrodresized: I mean, I could, but then I’d have to be one of those dipshit Minecraft streamers people keep shitting up Twitter’s trending section with.

Morgana: “In any case, we might be able to complete the request if we can find this ‘King.’ With his help… we’ll crush that cheating jerk for sure!”

timrodresized: Of course she’s too formal, because she’s a fucking ripoff of Elly without any of the things that make Elly a good character.

timrodresized: We need to call Kawakami.

timrodresized: Look at that fucking money! Even after buying new equipment for everyone (and I mean everyone, including Morgana) I still had over a million yen left over.

timrodresized: We also get something like 500 total points at the clothes store in Kichijoji. I’ll be using those right after the final dungeon in the base game for maximum money.

timrodresized: We can also trade the Thief Mask for a Magic Up Ofuda, which doubles the damage of the next magic attack of the person it’s used on. It stacks with Concentrate.

timrodresized: And now, we can end this neverending day by doing Hifumi’s Rank 8, making her mother’s mental breakdown the fastest in the entire series.

Hifumi: “She told me that… most of my matches thus far had been fixed in my favor… she also admitted that she was the one who sold that story to the weekly magazine.”

timrodresized: Joker just looks at her like “No shit, you’ve been playing Yugioh this entire time.”

Hifumi: “I… I had no idea. I feel so ashamed… however, thinking back, I do recall some of my opponents making poor moves at odd times…”

timrodresized: Seriously though, my headcanon is she just brought in a duel disk and a tournament-grade Yugioh deck to all these shogi tournaments.

Hifumi: “I became so conceited as a result of all those fake victories… why did my mother confess all of a sudden? It’s as if she had a change of heart…”

Hifumi: “…That can’t be. Perhaps they eavesdropped on our conversation?”

Hifumi: “Yes. It was painful to hear the truth, but I’m glad that my mother had a change of heart. I’ve decided… I’m not going to lose.”

Hifumi: “Oh, sorry! I was referring to the exhibition match… I’m going through with it, as planned. However, before that, I’m going to confess everything.”

Hifumi: “I know I’ll receive a lot of criticism, but I must ensure the truth is known. This next match will showcase my true talents. I don’t know how it’s going to go… but I hope you’ll watch.”

Hifumi: “As your teacher, I promise to put up a good fight so I don’t embarrass myself…”

Hifumi: “…I would be lying if I told you that I’m not scared. My kingdom is a house of cards… I’m not sure if it can withstand a true battle.”

Hifumi: “There’s a new move I’d like to test out for the exhibition… will you stay for another game?”

Hifumi: “I was just a little curious about your thoughts. Regarding my decision to reveal my fixed matches, that is.”

Hifumi: “Thank you… I’m so glad to hear that. You’re the reason I managed to make that decision, after all. Our talks helped me realize I should play with the utmost sincerity.”

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll catch up on Iwai’s confidant, meet the “King”, get smoked, and finish billiards forever. We’ll also be forced into a Maruki event and an Akechi event. Joy.

Fun (?) fact: Titanomachia has been a different element in every SMT game it’s appeared in. It’s Earth in Digital Devil Saga, Physical in SMTIV, and Fire in P5.

What does it give you instead? A Lone Prayer is a good song too.

White is actually Conquest. I don’t know who invented the idea of a horseman of pestilence, but it’s not in the Book of Revelation, and SMT follows that.

He is also, I assume, King from One Punch Man.

It gives you A Lone Prayer for regular battles, but bosses and minibosses still use the regular P5 music instead of Bloody Destiny. I know it was hated in Japan for not having the PS1 version’s battle themes.

The only really good music pack in the entire thing is the Persona 2 one, which has a remix of the Innocent Sin battle theme and is generally pretty good. Why they put the most effort into the Persona 2 DLC, I don’t know.

So… Morgana’s thief outfit is the car? Or the bandana? I’m hoping it’s the car.

I mean I guess Shadows are dangerous yadda yadda but you’d think with a party member with a motorcycle and a party member with a UFO you could multitask more.

Also to find the King of Gun About we’re clearly going to have to find a NEET burying his feelings in escapism. Obviously.

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Makoto: “Do you think you could maybe come with me to see her?”

Makoto: “She’s waiting over at Big Bang Burger. Let’s go.”

Makoto: “What!?”

Makoto: “Does this have to do with Tsukasa?”

timrodresized: Okay, Hashino? Can we have a single confidant plotline that wasn’t a substory in a Yakuza game? I get that Atlus got bought out by Sega, but Yakuza is already a turn-based RPG.

Makoto: “…He’s lying to you, Eiko. Don’t give him any money.”

timrodresized: Now, while this kind of thing does happen in reality, I think it’s just kind of another anime cliche at this point.

Makoto: “So he calls you his special princess… what do you think, Akira-kun?”

timrodresized: Morgana just chimes in from the bag: “The only special princess is gonna be Joker once I order all these cosplay supplies on his phone!”

Makoto: “…You’re not wrong about that. But did you ask anyone at his club about the broken bottle?”

Makoto: “…I think you should end your relationship with him. If you don’t put a stop to this, he might try to drag you into some suspicious line of work…”

Makoto: “Eiko…! You can’t just do what he says! He’s trying to deceive you…!”

timrodresized: So what you’re saying is that Makoto may find herself behind the wheel of a large automobile? With a beautiful house? And a beautiful wife? And she asks herself… how did she get here?

timrodresized: I mean, she won’t because she’s too boring.

Makoto: “I… I’m not sure yet. But be that as it may, you should still stay as far away from him as you can.”

Makoto: “Eiko, wait! I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but Tsukasa has been texting me almost constantly. Recently he’s been asking if my sister and I live alone, and that he’d be glad to help us out.”

timrodresized: Why though. I don’t think Sae knows what a date is, and even if you tried she’d probably just turn it into an interrogation because she probably also does not understand the concept of a restaurant.

Makoto: “Even today he asked me if I’m still happy with my boyfriend… listen to me, Eiko: he’s not serious about you.”

timrodresized: I love how Joker, who Eiko thinks is dating Makoto, is sitting right there and she’s not even questioning it.

Makoto: “It was mostly him texting me…”

Makoto: “Tsukasa is all she has…? You know, I think she’s exactly the kind of girl those gangs in Shinjuku are on the lookout for. Lonely, depressed girls who have nowhere to vent their frustrations…”

timrodresized: Makoto is just kinda going zero to sixty here, isn’t she? I mean, first it’s the host and now she’s mere minutes away from being human trafficked by gangs.

Makoto: “Eiko’s family is quite well off. Her multi-talented younger brother seems to be the sole focus of her parents’ attention though. I’m sure that’s why she fell for Tsukasa in the first place. He treats her like she’s special.”

timrodresized: Okay, so uh… why was this never mentioned before?

Makoto: “But… asking a high schooler for money isn’t normal boyfriend behavior. She needs to realize that. You’re going to help, right?”

timrodresized: Know that if I didn’t have to pick the first option to not permafuck, I would pick the third one.

Makoto: “Thank you. It’s reassuring to hear you say that. Eiko’s blessed to have both money and a family… yet she’s still trying to break free from them. She’s almost the exact opposite of me.”

timrodresized: No, that’d be Elly and Yukiko, and that’s why they’re the two best girls in the franchise.

Makoto: “…But I guess in a sense, watching her now is almost like looking back at my past self. I was so blinded by my own convictions that I never stopped to consider other alternative viewpoints on the world.”

timrodresized: So what you’re saying is that you were blinded by the light? Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night?

Makoto: “But… that’s not the right way to live. I want to show her that, just like you did for me.”

Makoto: “What is the right way to live…? At any rate, we’re going to catch that horrible host. I’ll let you know once I’ve thought of how to do it.”

timrodresized: We now have an optional event with Ohya, which I’ll show off but which isn’t what we actually do tonight. If you’ll recall, we spent the night of the fifth teaching Yusuke Charge.

timrodresized: Therefore, what we’re going to do is instead spend the night with Iwai.

Ohya: “Oh, not bad. It’s a bit far, but we can make it if we leave now. All right! Operation Secret Lovers, commence!”

Ohya: “Look, there’s a cute little ship over there! And a factory over THERE! Oh, isn’t this just wonderful, Kurusu-kun!? Going on a date is so much fun!”

timrodresized: Joker’s real answer is something like: “Look, you’re kinda creeping me out trying to do the Maya thing, can you tone down the ‘Let’s Positive Thinking’ and bring back the ‘Let’s Constantly Drinking’ ?”

Ohya: “I’m so glad that you’re such an attentive boyfriend, Kurusu-kun! Then again, I don’t think the chief would come all this way just to spy on me…”

Ohya: “Well, I told him you’re my boyfriend, so I guess I’ll use this date as evidence. So c’mon, act like a boyfriend! …But don’t forget to keep feeding me the info, too.”

Ohya: “…God, what’s happened to me? Taking a seaside stroll with one of my informants…”

timrodresized: Let’s now get to what we’re actually doing tonight.

Iwai: “…It’s about that secret Tsuda mentioned. There’s more to it than my havin’ been in the yakuza. I just wanna make sure you don’t go sayin’ somethin’ stupid if you run into Kaoru 'round here…”

Iwai: “Back when I was workin’ with the Hashiba Clan, some crazy lady came 'round our office. Must’ve been over ten years ago.”

Iwai: “She had this baby with her, and the whole time she was there she kept goin’ on about how she wanted to sell it. Figured she was just some cracked-up junkie lookin’ for drug money.”

timrodresized: Well no shit it must’ve been over ten years ago, Kaoru is a high schooler.

Iwai: “Thinkin’ back on it, I’m still not really sure why I took him in… not only did I have to leave the clan, but now I’m stuck runnin’ this shop I don’t even like. chuckle Every day’s an uphill battle.”

Iwai: “I still haven’t managed to tell Kaoru I was in the yakuza though…”

Iwai: “…Lemme ask you somethin’. How would you feel if you found out your parents were wrapped up in some dirty shit? That’s how my mom was. She’d spend every night out drinkin’, runnin’ around with all sortsa guys.”

Iwai: “I couldn’t stand to see her destroy herself like that. Often I wished I could’ve had someone else as my mom. So… I didn’t wanna make Kaoru go through the same thing. I wanted to make sure he had a good childhood.”

Iwai: “That’s why I left the clan. I did everythin’ according to the code, but now Tsuda’s draggin’ me back… once he remembered I run this fake gun shop, he came by askin’ me to make custom models for him.”

Iwai: “Truth is, Tsuda’s got all sortsa dirt. Not just on what happened when Kaoru was a baby, but on me and the rest of my family too. Who knows what’d happen if Kaoru learned the truth…”

timrodresized: He’d basically just be Ichiban Kasuga except without ever having been in the yakuza? Though I suppose Ichiban barely qualifies as having been in the yakuza.

Iwai: “Who knows what’d happen if Kaoru learned the truth… Tsuda isn’t gonna stop there, though. When it’s all said and done, he’s gonna try and take everythin’ I have.”

Iwai: “If word gets out about my past, people’re gonna treat Kaoru like he’s no different than me. After all, everyone knows shitty parents end up makin’ shitty kids…”

Iwai: “And once he’s got that stigma, he’s stuck with it. When shit goes wrong, he’ll always be the one who gets blamed. That’s how it was with me. That’s why I turned to the yakuza. Nobody else would accept me.”

Iwai: “That’s also why I can’t turn Tsuda down. He’s just got too much power…”

Iwai: “chuckle You got that right. I bet Kaoru’s sick of havin’ a weak-ass dad like me. Anyways, I was tryin’ to stall Tsuda with bullshit prototypes while I figured out a way to stop him…”

Iwai: “But that bastard’s real good at keepin’ his cards close to his chest. Plus, he caught wind of what I was tryin’ to do and started keepin’ tabs on me 24/7.”

Iwai: “Thankfully, that’s just about when you showed up, kid. sigh Sorry for bringin’ all that shit up out of the blue. You prolly don’t want anythin’ to do with me after that, huh?”

Iwai: "Man… you’re seriously into this enthusiast shit. Oh, right. Just remembered I never gave you a reward for that info. You’re right… how 'bout I give you a discount on the special menu?

Iwai: “That should keep you quiet for a while. Pretty good deal, huh?”

timrodresized: I kinda jumped the gun on this one, because I had already bought and customized new guns for the entire party yesterday.

Iwai: “…Damn, it’s late. Should be gettin’ home. Kaoru’s been eatin’ a ton lately after cram school. He’s prolly gonna have another growth spurt soon.”

Iwai: “But I gotta protect that secret, no matter what. For Kaoru’s sake.”

Iwai: “Yeah, I’ll do whatever it takes. I guess that’s why I brought it up at all. Right now, I still don’t know what Tsuda’s next move’s gonna be.”

Iwai: “We gotta stay on guard 24/7. Don’t wanna get killed in your sleep, right? All right, see you.”

timrodresized: That’s uh, certainly a way to end a conversation. I actually like Iwai’s confidant. He’s not a ripoff of a Persona 2 character and even though his confidant follows a lot of the same plot beats (and he’s got more than a little Kazuma Kiryu in him) it’s at least interesting enough.

timrodresized: Today, we meet the best confidant in the game, even though he’s kinda derivative of a similar S-Link in Persona 4.

Kawakami: “-Is an important work in the history of literature for being the first to use the word ‘robot’.”

timrodresized: What she’s talking about is Karel Capek’s genre-defining work “Rossum’s Universal Robots”, which was written in 1920. He didn’t come up with the term though - his brother did.

timrodresized: Capek’s robots aren’t what we’d think of as robots, though. In the play, they’re described as being biological constructs rather than machines.

Kawakami: “Hey! You’re in class right now! Quit talking about Okumura and the Phantom Thieves! Geez… Kurusu-kun! You were listening at least, right?”

Kawakami: “Robot comes from a word in Czech… but where in Europe is the Czech Republic located?”

Kawakami: “That’s right. The Czech Republic is in the center of Europe. The word ‘robot’ comes from the Czech word ‘robota’. ‘Robota’ actually means ‘slave labor’.”

Kawakami: “Existing only for slave labor… even from the origin of their name, robots are pitiful. Well, you could argue we’re not too different ourselves, having to keep working in order to live…”

Morgana: “Kawakami seems tired… but anyhow, i Okumura doesn’t see others as people, we need to change his heart!”

timrodresized: We need to do two things before we do the new confidant. The first is to get a Luck Reading for Kindness - this will be the last Luck Reading we will ever get.

timrodresized: We also need to get an Affinity Reading for Iwai, because we were supposed to do that on the 6th but never actually did due to the change in schedule.

timrodresized: We then need to head to Akihabara, which has its own arcade.

timrodresized: Meet Shinya Oda, and more importantly, meet his hat, which became a near-instant meme among people who played the base game.

timrodresized: Now, here’s the best part about that hat. That hat fits on EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER PORTRAIT IN THE GAME. And have people done that? You fucking bet they have. I have spent the past several months gathering these from various P5 threads on /v/ just for this particular moment.



timrodresized: The best part is it even fits on portraits that have no reasonable way to wear a hat.



timrodresized: People have even gotten it to fit on the re-done portraits for Royal.

Shinya: “…Nah. Sounds like too much work. Don’t take it personal; I turn everyone down… later.”

Shinya: “Invincible, huh…? You mean that guy who cheats, right? It really makes me mad when he does that… but I can still beat him, so I don’t really care. Just forget about him.”

timrodresized: Does Hashino know how video games work? I mean, we know he doesn’t.

Shinya: “…You sound like the Phantom Thieves. So, you’re saying you wanna beat the cheater? You seem like a nice guy, but… just let it go.”

Shinya: “The Phantom Thieves are really cool, aren’t they!? Are you a fan, too? Have you ever met them?”

Shinya: “But, um… teaching you how to play Gun About won’t be easy… and I won’t get anything out of it.”

Shinya: “Geez, you’re really persistent. I’m just a grade schooler, y’know. How about this… I wanna get to know the Phantom Thieves.”

Shinya: “It’s probably impossible, but if you can help me to do that, then I’ll teach you how to play. Well, whaddya say? Is it a deal?”

Shinya: “Well, if you really want to THAT much, then… I thought for sure you were just gonna give up… wow, I didn’t see this coming.”

Shinya: “But the Phantom Thieves hide their true identities, right? Are you sure I can get to know them?”

Shinya: “Huh? You’re gonna tell them my name? …My name’s Shinya Oda. Tell the Phantom Thieves my name, and have them post it somewhere only they’d be able to access.”

Shinya: “That’ll be good enough as an autograph, and proof that they know my name.”

Morgana: “Proof that you really know the Phantom Thieves, huh… we need something credible for this kid to believe us. Didn’t Futaba say she hacked into Gun About’s server or something?”

Morgana: “Let’s discuss this with Futaba. She might have a good idea…”

Futaba: “So, did he tell you how to take down that cheater?”

Morgana: “He’s going to, on one condition: he wants us to introduce him to the Phantom Thieves. We can’t just give ourselves away though. That’s where you come in.”

Morgana: “Maybe you could hack into the Gun About server and do something?”

timrodresized: Couldn’t she just, I dunno, hack into the server and ban that guy?

Futaba: “But we won’t be able to get in touch with him that way…”

Morgana: “A calling card…? What are we going to steal?”

Futaba: “Oh, how about the home page? I already hacked into it, so it’s as good as stolen!”

Morgana: “Hm, okay. I’ll write a calling card saying that we’re going to steal the Gun About home page. After that, you’ll need to leave evidence that the Phantom Thieves hacked into it.”

Morgana: “The King will have no choice but to believe it was really us.”

Futaba: “Oooh, this sounds like fun. I’ll put our logo smack dab at the top of the front page.”

Morgana: “Perfect. We’ll go see the King. Oh, and we’ll let you know before we talk to him, so wait for our word to start the hacking.”

Futaba: “All right, you can count on me.”

timrodresized: While we’re here, there’s a thing we can get for Joker’s room.

Shinya: "Huh? HUH? There’s something written on it… ‘Thanks for your support. Please help those in need. This is a promise to you from the Phantom Thieves. We’re going to post a secret message, just for you, on the game’s official website.’ "

Shinya: “Is… is this for real? I mean, you can probably just buy one of these cards at the store…”

Shinya: “Just like they did on Medjed’s site! Which means… you were able to contact the real Phantom Thieves! No way! How’d you do it?”

Shinya: “That’s so cool… so they want to remain anonymous… wow, I can’t believe they sent me a message… I wasn’t expecting much from you, Kurusu-san, but you’re actually pretty cool.”

Shinya: “I wish I was able to talk with them or something though… but you fulfilled your part of the deal, so I’ll teach you how to shoot.”

Shinya: “…Let’s get started.”

Shinya: “Are you taking this seriously!? You gotta focus on your second shot!”

Shinya: “I think you’ll be able to beat that cheater now. I have a bad habit of swearing when I get all worked up… sorry. But I think you have a lot of potential! More than most people!”

Shinya: “If you want… I can teach you a few other moves too! I have the ultimate trump card. So tell me more about the Phantom Thieves!”

timrodresized: And now, I hope you are ready for the dumbest fucking Sae cutscene in this entire game.

timrodresized: “But no one could figure out that you pull the trigger to make the bullets come out! I had to undergo years of training to figure that out! Special police training that’s only available to the police!”

timrodresized: The dumb thing about this is there’s no way for her to know that Joker actually knows how to handle a gun properly - remember, she caught him with what she thinks is a very expensive model gun.

timrodresized: This ability was heavily nerfed from the base game, where it instead used all of one character’s bullets to instantly down an enemy.

Shinya: “…It’s earlier than usual today. I gotta go. See ya later!”

timrodresized: And there we have it. That’s every social stat maxed. We’re a full day ahead of schedule, and we’re even ahead of where the reset-heavy route maxes everything out.

Shinya: “I’m so glad I caught you. Hey, we should exchange IDs. It’s not like I’m here every day, so…”

Shinya: “Cool! …There, got it. I’ll hit you up when I have time to train you in Gun About. See you later, Kurusu-san.”

timrodresized: Unfortunately, Akechi is at Leblanc tonight… and we need to do his confidant.

Akechi: “I expect we’ve both had a long day. I was out until now with work, but I think I can finally take a break… you’re not planning on anything too strenuous tonight, are you?”

Akechi: “Then perhaps we can talk over some of Boss’s coffee…”

Sojiro: “Not that I’m complaining, but if you two are so tired, maybe you could use a bath more than a coffee. I mean, there’s a bathhouse right there.”

Akechi: “A bathhouse? That doesn’t sound too bad. Want to come with me, Kurusu-kun? I’d appreciate it if you could show me the way.”

timrodresized: Joker: “Sounds like a great idea. I’ll call Yusuke. Bye, Akechi.”

Akechi: “Years. I used to frequent one when I was younger. Of course, these days I’m the Detective Prince, but my family situation was… well, complicated.”

Akechi: “By the time I was old enough to realize it, my father was already gone. My mother was all I had.”

timrodresized: We get it, you’re Reiji.

Akechi: “My mother worked at a nightclub. Whenever she had to bring a man home, she’d send me off to the local bathhouse.”

timrodresized: I’m wondering if this line is a localization failure, because this sure makes Akechi’s mother sound like she was doing sex work.

Akechi: “It’s in the past. I have no reason to blame her either.”

timrodresized: I mean, at least they kind of fixed the logic with Akechi where he actually wants to kill his father. Kandori was Reiji’s half-brother.

Akechi: “Sorry. I didn’t mean for our conversation to get so depressing. Actually, are you all right? I know the hot water can make people dizzy…”

timrodresized: Joker has every social stat maxed. He doesn’t give a fuck.

Akechi: “I’m still good to go too. I feel like I’m barely starting to feel warmed up.”

Akechi: “Oof… I think I feel a little lightheaded.”

Akechi: “Haha, I thought so. Your face is bright red, you know. This is the first time I’ve ever taken a bath like this. I’ve never told anyone about my family situation, either. I wonder why I told you? Curious indeed.”

Akechi: “Now that you mention it, maybe we are pretty similar deep down… we’re both victims of the adults who unfairly impacted our lives.”

Akechi: “I’m even more sure of that after having talked with you. Then again… this probably isn’t a conversation we should be having naked. Let’s get dressed, shall we?”

Akechi: “My skin still feels like it’s radiating heat… next time, let’s keep the competition out of the bath. Best to save it for the baize, right?”

timrodresized: Baize is the material that they use for the tops of pool tables. It’s like felt, but it’s not felt.

Akechi: “…Though we could always see who changes faster. First to leave wins. Are you ready?”

Akechi: “It’s nice to spend the day as Goro Akechi for once, rather than the Detective Prince. You know? I don’t know if it’s because of the whole Prince image, but everyone seems to think I’m some brilliant prodigy…”

Akechi: “It’s really nothing like that. But people always seem to misunderstand. If they saw how I was acting today, perhaps they’d say I wasn’t acting like the Detective Prince.”

timrodresized: I honestly don’t know that what Akechi’s VA does counts as acting.

Akechi: “Oh, I didn’t mean for that to sound negative… I’m sorry if I offended. If anything, I envy you. You fit right in with the retro vibe back there.”

Akechi: “Honestly, though… I just can’t figure you out, no matter how I try. You and I have common ground in some aspects, but in others, we’re total opposites. It’s intriguing.”

Akechi: “The more I get to know you, the more it makes me think. I wonder why that is. …Ah, now I’m veering into strange territory. I should let you go for now. See you.”

timrodresized: This event is one that the guide covers rather poorly. We commit immediately.

Morgana: “Yeah, the heat and noise would drive anyone crazy… shopping for new stuff is kind of exciting, isn’t it?”

Hifumi: “I’ve never liked air conditioners much. They make me too cold… but the hum of an electric fan bothers me. It makes it hard to concentrate on my strategy books…”

timrodresized: She acts like an air conditioner is going to be less noisy… though I suppose if you’re looking at a through-the-wall unit like they apparently are, most of the actual lifting is done outside.

Hifumi: “I’m sorry I’m holding us up…”

Hifumi: “Thank you. Still, I shouldn’t indulge my indecisiveness too much. That could turn into a terrible weakness in shogi. I shall try to reach an answer soon.”

Yusuke: “And she is…? Hm…? Where do I know her from…?”

Hifumi: “You’re Kitagawa-kun, from the art track, yes? I’m Hifumi Togo… I go to Kosei as well.”

timrodresized: She also goes to High School High School.

Yusuke: “Togo… ah, the professional shogi player. I’m Yusuke Kitagawa. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Did you two also come to bask in the cool air?”

Hifumi: “No, he’s helping me pick out an air conditioner. Kitagawa-kun, are you here because…?”

Yusuke: “Thus, the clear solution was to find a place of more comfort, so that my creativity might flow once more.”

timrodresized: I’m not normally into shipping, but in the alternate non-canon timeline in which Yusuke is straight I could see Yusuke and Hifumi as this pairing that absolutely must not happen under any circumstances or they’d break down and become increasingly weird anime gremlins.

timrodresized: It’s so hot that even Joker is forced to be horny.

Yusuke: “Yes, a most ingenious idea. But I fear it wouldn’t be wise to do so here… my funds are wholly devoted to acquiring more art supplies. Yet this interminable heat has dulled my creative edge…”

Yusuke: “Here, I may enjoy the cooling breeze, and find inspiration in next-generation technology. What more could I ask for?”

Hifumi: “I see… you make a compelling case, Kitagawa-kun.”

Yusuke: “Oh? So you understand as well, Togo-san?”

timrodresized: And now, the best exchange in this entire event.

timrodresized: I like to think that there’s an Oracle of Maia on “this side”, and Yusuke dating Hifumi is the last step in bringing Nyarlathotep’s reign of terror back.

Yusuke: “You think so? To have such a firm, personalized view of the world… yes, I daresay it’s a wonderful thing.”

Hifumi: “Is something wrong, you two?”

Yusuke: “No. Nothing in particular. By the way, Togo-san, have you settled on an air conditioner?”

Hifumi: “No, I’m trying to decide between an air conditioner and an electric fan… between the two, I’d prefer an electric fan, but the noise would still bother me.”

Yusuke: “I did see an electric fan that functioned with no blades. Perhaps that would suffice?”

Hifumi: “A bladeless fan?”

timrodresized: Bladeless fans are, of course, a lie. They have blades, they’re just hidden in the fan itself rather than out in the open.

Yusuke: “I saw a tower fan where the tower was hollow, yet air was still flowing out of it. Technology has truly come a long way.”

Hifumi: “That settles it. I’ll go with that one, then. With such revolutionary technology, I may be driven to create innovative new stratagems.”

timrodresized: “Bladeless” fans are by no means a new technology. A quick search tells me that Toshiba first introduced them in 1981 - they just weren’t widely available until 2009.

Yusuke: “I’m glad I was able to assist. If I might ask - what do you plan to do with your old electric fan? I would be happy to take it off your hands…”

timrodresized: The guide up until this point had nothing but wrong answers, so I figured that they were probably off when they said that Chihaya shows up in this scene. I don’t think I did this one the first time I played.

Hifumi: “Another acquaintance of yours? You’re very well-connected, Kurusu-kun.”

Yusuke: “Ah, if it isn’t Mifune-san. She’s an accomplished fortune teller.”

timrodresized: I like to think that the reason Yusuke knows who she is has to do with him getting several affinity readings with Joker.

Hifumi: “Fascinating. What kinds of fortunes does she tell?”

Chihaya: “Not everything! And without my tarot cards, I can’t divine much anyway… oh, but I can tell a little bit based on your personal aura.”

Chihaya: “Ah, I see… the two of you seem to bear a very interesting connection with Kurusu-san… it’s somewhat different from ordinary friendship… I sense quite an unusual bond indeed.”

timrodresized: Congrats, she can tell that two people talking to Joker probably know him. I remind you that she is supposed to actually be psychic.

Yusuke: “I see… well, you aren’t wrong there.”

timrodresized: Yusuke knows.

Hifumi: “Yes, that sounds about right.”

Chihaya: “You really are a mysterious person. Their stars burn with such intensity… what strange destiny could draw them together?”

Yusuke: “By the way, Mifune-san, why are you here?”

Chihaya: “Oh, right. I was looking for a replacement for my old electric fan. I know the worst of the heat is past, but I can’t make it through these Tokyo summers without one.”

timrodresized: She was trying to find Joker to give him Yusuke’s bribe money.

Hifumi: “What a coincidence - that’s what I was looking for, too. These two were just helping me decide what model to buy.”

Chihaya: “My goodness! Another strange coincidence…”

Yusuke: “Perhaps the fates conspired to bring us all here. Now we can peruse the bladeless fans together, yes?”

timrodresized: I mean, she’s right, but it’s basically due to using a much smaller set of blades on a very heavily optimized aerofoil.

timrodresized: There’s a TV quiz we could do tonight, but… why. We’re already maxed out.

Morgana: “The punishment is too soft in both those answers! That’s why people are turning to us…”

timrodresized: This is probably the last one of these I’m going to bother showing off, because the reset-heavy route needs it to max knowledge.

timrodresized: It sounds strange that the reset-heavy route would be behind us on stats, but the reason for that is that all those nights we spend doing the unique non-rankup events, they spend doing darts or jazz club.

timrodresized: They also grab Tetrakarn and Makarakarn from the jazz club for maximum reflects (the speedrun does this as well) but we don’t really need that given how overleveled we are.

timrodresized: Did I mention the part where we’re level 42 and Okumura’s shadow is level 43? Or the part where the red shadow in his dungeon is also level 43?

timrodresized: We end the night by doing Sojiro’s confidant.

Sojiro: “Thanks. Futaba’s coming to eat today too. I’ll get the curry ready. I’m leaving the coffee to you.”

Sojiro: “How was the curry, Futaba?”

Futaba: “Delicious! I’m gonna be dreaming of that stuff tonight!”

Sojiro: “Um… did it taste the same as you remember it?”

Futaba: “Yup. I feel like a dummy for not wanting to eat it back when I was depressed about my mom…”

timrodresized: This part’s a little strange, because anime doesn’t work that way. Each year has four anime seasons which last roughly three months each - the summer season usually starts in July and runs to late September, and the fall season usually starts in October and runs through December.

timrodresized: That’s not to say it’s not possible for a show to span multiple seasons. In fact, there was a pretty huge one in 2016: that being the Jojo Part 4 anime, which ran from the spring season in April to December.

timrodresized: However, it’s unlikely that any production company would launch a new show outside of the usual season start dates - even Jojo started in April with the rest of the spring season. A quick glance shows that the earliest fall anime start in 2016 was September 27th.

Sojiro: “Eyes in front when you walk, okay? No spacing out. You ran head first into a pole last time you went for a walk…”

timrodresized: That might explain why she thinks there’s a new anime premiering this week.

Futaba: “Well you stubbed your toe on the dresser the other day!”

Futaba: “Aw crap! It’s gonna start! Making like a leaf and - eh, screw it. Bye!”

Sojiro: “And what about you?”

Sojiro: “Really…? I guess you have pretty good taste if you can understand how incredible that curry is. Now then… there’s something I should probably tell you. Here, take a seat. I’ll pour you some coffee.”

Sojiro: “You might’ve realized by now, but that genius was Futaba’s mother, Wakaba. In other words, that curry is one of the last remaining connections Futaba has to her mom.”

Sojiro: “I first met Wakaba back when I was doing work for the government. She was real trouble, let me tell you. Logic prevailed over emotion for her, and she had an intricate knowledge of the human mind.”

Sojiro: “I thought my pick-up lines were the best in town, but not a single one worked on her… heh…”

timrodresized: Sojiro tried being smug, and that was… honestly about all he tried.

Sojiro: “You can probably get a good idea just from looking at Futaba. Wakaba was like the adult version of that. It was almost impossible to keep up with her.”

Sojiro: “Wakaba rejected me time and time again… but there was one instance I managed to surprise her. And that was when I gave her a plate of my homemade curry.”

Sojiro: “The very next day she came asking all about the ingredients and what goes into the cooking process… then just a few days later, she handed me a scientifically-enhanced version of my recipe.”

Sojiro: “…It was incredible. She had used my curry as the basis, but it was miles better than anything I made. Curry was Wakaba’s specialty from then on. Naturally, Futaba grew to love it in no time as well.”

Sojiro: “But then after Wakaba’s accident… Futaba stopped eating it entirely. The flavor would make her remember the pain… I’ve heard even smells can bring back memories too.”

Sojiro: “But… that curry was the only point of connection I had with Futaba. That’s why when I took her in, I vowed to keep this recipe alive until she could eat it again.”

Sojiro: “Yeah. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when she said it was delicious. The whole idea of pairing the curry with a nice brew is thanks to Wakaba’s refinement too.”

Sojiro: “Despite how introverted she seemed, she was extraordinarily perceptive of the people around her… I never even told her about my love of coffee. She figured it out just from looking at me.”

timrodresized: Once she knew the curry recipe she probably figured the other stains on his shirt were from the coffee.

Sojiro: “That was when I realized she was totally out of my league. Not like I really stood a chance to begin with though. She already had Futaba by then, after all.”

Sojiro: “All right, that’s enough of this for tonight! Things are getting downright sappy in here. Futaba’s waiting for me at home too, so I should probably be heading back.”

Sojiro: “Make sure you clean up before you go to bed.”

Sojiro: “Futaba’s still watching anime. As long as she’s in a good mood, though, I don’t mind it. Seeing her so happy now makes me glad that I kept Wakaba’s curry alive.”

Sojiro: “…It’s only a problem when she asks for it three times a day.”

Sojiro: “That’s exactly my problem. Futaba’s still growing. I gotta be strict with her. She needs to eat balanced meals so she gets vitamins that curry can’t give her…”

Sojiro: “But man, the expression on Futaba’s face when she took a bite of that curry… eh, forget it. Maybe I’ll have to stick with curry as the staple, but I can sneak in some veggies here and there.”

timrodresized: I’m going to cut the update here, because we have Hifumi’s Rank 9 coming up on the 24th. Naturally, I’ll be doing her Rank 10 in the same update.

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll finish Hifumi’s confidant, go to a maid cafe, and blow off visiting Yoshida in favor of teaching Makoto Concentrate. We might also finish billiards, it depends.

Joker: I just want you to know if the next words out of your mouth are “Would you like to?” I have a combination super soaker and air horn.

It’s a shame I’m in the state of giving this game so little credit because otherwise finding out that Sojiro’s been holding onto this curry recipe for so long just to try to give Futaba a taste of comfort one day would be a sweet revelation of how much he does really care about her.

Also is Joker’s TV not on the cable/satellite? Because you’d think if she’s just watching one episode she could just crash in the John Persona pad. John Padsona.

Temporarily taking down the website for a game isn’t a big deal, but…they’re really going to hack a website to convince a kid with a cool hat to give them the advice they need to stop a guy who cheats at an arcade game? Like…couldn’t they at least have had to do this for the guy who killed cats?

lets be real tho hacking a website may be the most renegade thing the phantom thieves have done this whole game

Uh but if that happened we would get a parody description of what anime she was watching so I’m gonna call Bullet Status: Dodged on that one.

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Morgana: “Why are they raking us over the coals?”

timrodresized: Today’s a Kawakami day, so we can read the book that will let us finish billiards. I mean, it’s not like we’ve got anything else to do given all of our social stats are maxed.

Morgana: “Check this picture out…! This is basically a show, considering how crazy this looks!”

timrodresized: I have no idea what he’s talking about. Masse shots are technically difficult but not really that visually impressive.

timrodresized: If you don’t know what a Masse shot is, it’s holding the pool cue at a high angle and hitting the top of the cue ball to put spin on it, which allows it to curve around obstacles.

Morgana: “The book even had a detailed explanation and pictures on how to do the masse shot that we were trying to figure out. But we’ll have to see if you can actually pull it off. Let’s go play sometime soon!”

timrodresized: Unfortunately, we have to deal with Maruki’s bullshit today.

Maruki: “You must have a real knack for coffee, Kurusu-kun. This is fantastic.”

Maruki: “Thanks, but I think I’ll pass for today. It’s about the research paper we’ve been discussing. I’m actually putting it all together in a paper.”

Maruki: “It’s been really progressing lately, thanks in no small part to you. But I feel like I’ve hit another wall… so I’m sorry to bother you, but I’d appreciate if you’d help me talk through this again.”

timrodresized: You know it’s a well-written confidant when there’s a recap episode halfway through.

Maruki: “Really!? Thank you! You’re really saving me here! In deepening our understanding of the heart, I wanted to find a means of helping those who have been hurt by traumas… I already told you that was the point of all my research, right?”

Maruki: “It’s thanks to you that my project has come this far. But because of all that progress… I’ve realized a problem. One that may not have any solution.”

Maruki: “Even if my research makes great strides, even if we DO find some miraculous way of healing psychological wounds… with the way things are now, I can only save the people directly within my reach.”

Maruki: “…True, I guess. It’s better than not being able to save anyone. But I can’t just be satisfied with that. I mean, there are so many people out there suffering so badly, they can’t even speak up and let that pain out.”

Maruki: “This is a painful, cruel, bitter world. And there’s only so much one individual can do to fight against that. I’ve said it before. Working as a counselor only makes that more painfully obvious.”

timrodresized: Joker: “You know what, you’re right. We need to get air raid sirens that go off anytime anyone gets horny.”

Maruki: “Deep down, I… I don’t think it’s enough that I can just help people around me. A few people, out of billions. I want to help more people overcome their suffering.”

Maruki: “Pain can strike the heart in infinitely diverse ways. In turn, we have infinite methods by which we try to treat it. And like I said earlier… there are people who need help, desperately, but can’t ask for it. They can’t even share their pain.”

timrodresized: Great, he’s already repeating himself.

Maruki: “Even if we had a full understanding of the human heart, and an effective treatment to soothe it… I don’t think that would be enough to finally beat trauma. And I guess that’s what I ultimately realized.”

Maruki: “Yeah, that’d probably be easier… unfortunately, I’ve never been great at giving up when I should… if we could peer into the hearts of every person alive…”

Maruki: “Diagonose, understand, and then remove the root cause of their pain… it sounds like something out of a dream.”

Maruki: “Then again, that’d be impossible. Maybe truly understanding all people’s hearts is beyond human capability. Hm? Kurusu-kun… did I say something wrong?”

Maruki: “Haha, where’s this coming from? Sure, they can connect, but…”

Maruki: “The collective unconscious… if people’s hearts are connected in the unconscious, their senses are shared subconsciously…!”

timrodresized: Is this Zero Escape because I feel like we’re slowly drifting into Zero Escape, and we all know how well that ended.

Maruki: “Ah, it’s so simple! Why didn’t I realize it before…? Yes, right, and… if I can combine this with the theory I’m verifying, I can tie it all back to cognitive psience, too…!”

Maruki: “S-Sorry! But I think you’ve just helped me make a major breakthrough! I think this means something big for my cognitive psience research! I need to hurry and get this down in my paper!”

Maruki: “I knew it’d be worth bringing to you! Thank you, Kurusu-kun! I swear I’ll repay you for this!”

Maruki: “Sorry for… hah… rushing out…phew…so suddenly…hah…earlier…”

Maruki: “S-Sorry… I ended up running to the station on sheer adrenaline. I’m so out of shape, though… gotta do something about that…”

Maruki: “Anyhow, you helped me come to a major realization. The answer was right in front of me, and I couldn’t see it… all I need to do now is to focus on my paper! After all your help, I’m going to finish it for your sake, too!”

timrodresized: Tonight, we need to uh… visit a maid cafe in Akihabara. The reason for this is that the next Caroline and Justine outing happens here - and it’s one you have to do to get the reward at the end - but you can’t do it unless you’ve been here once.

timrodresized: And now, what is probably Joker’s best response to anything.

timrodresized: Even the horrible, non-canon alternate timeline that is Straight Joker isn’t horny enough for this.

timrodresized: If Gay Joker was an official thing, I can just imagine this alternate scene where he’s just sitting with the waitress like it’s a hostess club and going “It’s like… I’ve already got one maid who is incredibly horny and another who’s my boyfriend and it’s all just too many maids. I’m really only here so I can take this pair of little girls here, so they can talk about hubris or whatever.”

timrodresized: The maid cafe was also in the base game, but I was basically unaware because none of the 100% routes bothered to use it. Let me explain what the special item is, because it’s part of the difference between the base game and Royal.

timrodresized: In the base game, you had a choice of four food options, with each one having a progressively higher chance of the maid fucking it up. If she fucked it up, you could choose to gain a point in Kindness or Guts. If she didn’t fuck it up, you got NOTHING. This is why none of the 100% routes used it.

timrodresized: Royal changes it so that you always get Charm points, and removes the fuckup chance as a mechanic - instead, you get points… and at 20 points, you unlock a secret menu (which boosts the Charm gain to 3 points) and a PSN trophy.

timrodresized: I would have had Salty Vanilla do a special “secret menu” for Gay Joker, but they’re really busy and already working on some extra Yusu-Gay content.

timrodresized: We’re going all in.

Morgana: “Hey… this is pretty overwhelming… all the pink hurts my eyes…”

timrodresized: Oh god. What are you doing to those eggs. I don’t even like eggs. I don’t think that’s how you hold that.

timrodresized: Those eggs have been fucking murdered.

Morgana: “Why did she pick… that?”

timrodresized: Joker immediately pulls out the air horn.

timrodresized: Joker pulls the trigger on the air horn, and then pulls it again.

Morgana: “I feel like you’re going too easy on her… but I guess you learned how to be tolerant. sigh That sure was… unique.”

timrodresized: I had to reload here because the guide is shit.

timrodresized: Basically, the guide never tells you (and even the Megaten Wiki is wrong on this) that there’s new books in the bookstore in Shibuya. All but one of them are worthless.

timrodresized: This is the one we need. The other ones unlock locations we already have, thanks to all those extra confidant events. In fact, we don’t even really ‘need’ it - it’s solely to unlock a non-rankup event with Yusuke in November.

Morgana: “I guess they keep it exciting by doing things like hiring famous actors as tour guides. …In any case, it’s not the kind of place you’d visit alone. I recommend taking someone.”

Morgana: “It’d be fun to go with someone. Just don’t fall asleep while they project the constellations, okay?”

Usami: “Stores will use whatever reasons they can to pull in customers. This season in particular. Ah yes… people also say that autumn is for sports.”

Usami: “A while back, baseball was the national sport, but these days people have been into soccer. As you know, black and white are the common colors for soccer balls.”

Usami: “Now then, Kurusu-san. Could you take a look at this picture?”