Colors Flying High - Let's Play Persona 5 Royal

timrodresized: For this one, I’m not going to actually write anything. The idea I gave Eligap was something like “the priest talks about rebirth and hope, and maybe Yusuke realizes that he’s the one who needs to change his world and finally admit who he is before he can get over his slump.”

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timrodresized: It’s July 10th, and now the opinion bar is significantly higher than before.

timrodresized: You might be wondering why we haven’t touched Sojiro’s confidant in a long time. The reason is that a lot of it is locked off until after we start the next dungeon.

Sojiro: “Huh? It’s not right? …Not cute? That was the one the staff recommended to me though… won’t that printer do?”

Sojiro: “Huh? It’ll do, but it’s not it? …Okay, I’ll be right over.”

Sojiro: “This might take a while. I’m leaving the store to you. Lock up for me if I don’t come back.”

Sojiro: “Something like that… sheesh, what a handful.”

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timrodresized: “I mean, apart from our- I mean their- writing quality being kind of all over the place, sure.”

SIU Director: “But to think the Phantom Thieves would honestly attempt an absurd idea like social reform… you’re absolutely right. I’m not pleased about the general public’s support of them either.”

SIU Director: “There’s also the danger of the Metaverse being exposed with their continued actions… actually, there is one countermeasure he brought in that seems usable.”

timrodresized: I’m surprised it took Superintendent Chalmers here this long to think this plan up.

SIU Director: “…Ah, I thought as much. I had a feeling that it was too brutal for it to be his own idea. Still, to think you’d go through such elaborate detail to crush them…”

SIU Director: “Their actions must be that much of an eyesore for you. I sympathize with what you’re going through. Well then, we’ll clean this up quickly and put it behind us.”

SIU Director: “Yes. A grand undertaking like social reform is beyond a group such as the Phantom Thieves. Only a select few are worthy of changing the world. And who better than the future Prime Minister… sir?”

Ryuji: “Gotcha! We’re gonna come over right now about the you-know-what. Seeya!”

Ann: “That’s not why we’re here! We need to study for finals!”

Makoto: sigh “Why am I here too?”

Ryuji: “You’re one of us now, so of course you gotta help us. We’re in trouble if you don’t teach us, you know?”

timrodresized: Clearly, Ryuji never met my Persona 4 protagonist who got the top slot in every exam that wasn’t the first set and never studied.

Ryuji: “Ohoho, oh, I’ll hold you to that! Wanna see who gets the higher test scores?”

timrodresized: I’m pretty sure in the next round of exams that we get the “good but not top score” result, so it’s going to be us. I haven’t recorded it yet.

Ann: “Let’s leave those guys be…”

Makoto: sigh “I couldn’t ask the last time I was here… but what is this place? The storekeeper doesn’t seem to be around…”

Ryuji: “It’s where this guy lives. He’s got complicated circumstances… we can tell her about it, right? Actually, tell her yourself.”

Ryuji: “Ann, Yusuke and me are pretty much the same too. I mean, it’s not as bad as this guy’s though. There’s just something we can’t ever put up with. That’s why we all become Phantom Thieves.”

Morgana: “Hey, don’t forget me.”

Ryuji: “I know, I know. We’re all part of the team. By the way, Makoto, ain’t there someone you can’t forgive either? Like, a heart you wanna change?”

Makoto: “…That’s a secret.”

Ryuji: “Ooh, there’s someone like that? You could just tell us, you know. You don’t gotta be so cold.”

Makoto: “That aside, do you have any intention of studying for the exams?”

Ryuji: “Not really…”

Makoto: “It’s fine if I leave then?”

Ryuji: “N-No, I’m just joking! Please teach us…”

Ann: “Leave vocabulary and long sentences to me. I suck at proper grammar, though…”

Ryuji: “Even if we study English, it’s not like I’m gonna use it in the future.”

timrodresized: Yeah, I mean, who even uses English? Everybody knows Esperanto is where it’s at (Esperanto is not, has never been, and likely never will be ‘where it’s at’.)

Morgana: “When it comes to you, your Japanese is questionable too.”

Ryuji: “Aw shuddup!”

timrodresized: It’s so you can dunk on stuff. “The Medium was a game designed by people who had some very strange and dated feelings regarding mental illness and felt that Allanson Monologues could stand in as a replacement for storytelling.”

Ryuji: “It’s impossible! I can’t memorize all these formulas… ain’t there a good way of cheatin’?”

Makoto: “…Why don’t we take a break?”

Akechi: “The question is what the Phantom Thieves actually did. If they tampered with a suspect’s heart, it casts doubt on the authenticity of any confession.”

Akechi: “We can’t deny the possibility. There’s no doubt that the Phantom Thieves are exposing hidden injustices in society. However, if this is done by sidestepping the law, their way of thinking is very dangerous.”

Akechi: “Yes. They’re no different than the criminals they target. This cannot be overlooked.”

Ryuji: “I see,” my ass. Why the hell’re we bein’ treated as the bad guys?"

Ann: “Just let them say whatever they want. More people are starting to understand that what we’re doing is right, after all.”

Ryuji: “When I’m walkin’ around in town, I hear a lot more people talkin’ about us too. And the forum’s been full of hype! Do you think we made it big time?”

Morgana: “Don’t get pompous over dealing with some street thug. Save it for after we deal with a bigger target.”

Ryuji: “We just gotta take down a bigger one, yeah? That was the plan from the start, anyways!”

Makoto: “True, it may be best if we start thinking about it.”

Ryuji: “I bet we’ll find one in no time. The wind’s blowin’ in our direction and everything! I feel like we won’t lose to anything right now.”

Makoto: “Well, we’ll decide on that eventually. We need to overcome our exams first. Now then, break time’s over! Let’s get back to-”

timrodresized: You might’ve noticed that this is a lengthy cutscene where not a whole lot is happening. Trust me, it gets worse.

Ryuji: “Where should we go? I feel like I’ll study better if I got something to look forward to.”

Morgana: “The last one was a buffet at a hotel. We haven’t gone anywhere since.”

Yusuke: “…Hm!? A buffet!?”

Ann: “Where would be good? Hey, what about fireworks!? A fireworks festival!”

Ryuji: “Oh yeah, it’s that season, huh!”

Makoto: “That sounds good to me.”

Yusuke: “It’s hard to ignore a buffet, but I’ll take the beauties of summer. Still, I demand that we feast during the festival as well.”

Morgana: “Do you guys own a yukata? Will you wear a yukata!?”

Ryuji: “Doesn’t a fireworks festival sound good? You think so too, right?”

timrodresized: I get this is a thing that happens in real life, but like… why is this dialog here? What purpose does it serve?

timrodresized: I mean, the cutscene has a purpose that we’ll see in a second, but there’s no reason it needed to be this long.

Ryuji: “C’mon, you gotta be more active! All right, fireworks festival it is! Let’s look for a good one!”

Makoto: “Study comes first, though. I won’t let you off if you fail any of them. Are we clear?”

Ryuji: “Y-Yes, ma’am…”

timrodresized: I also don’t get why, like… they put this entire thing into the game specifically for phone calls and didn’t just use those portraits.

timrodresized: Meet our next target. At least she understands the Featherman hierarchy - Red always goes next to Black.

timrodresized: We actually saw her in an earlier update when I was dicking around the school.

timrodresized: If you thought the last Mementos update was long, the next one’s going to have a whopping 9 requests to do.

timrodresized: We spend the night finishing ICU, and this is the only actual gameplay we are going to have for at least the next half hour.

Akechi: “…I didn’t expect the Phantom Thieves would suppress a man that even the police had trouble with. The fact they have so much support online is worrisome. I’m in a bind since I previously denounced them.”

timrodresized: Get used to this, because this is going to be a recurring thing.

Akechi: “All the interviews these days ask me about that. …Still, can we really say the Phantom Thieves are on the side of justice with just this example?”

Akechi: “Haha, thank you. But… I notice you’re not saying the Phantom Thieves are right. I suppose that was an unfair way to phrase it.”

Akechi: “I was originally investigating the mental shutdown incidents. …Don’t you think it’s similar to the change of heart that the Phantom Thieves are doing?”

Akechi: “Now that I think about it, their actions mirror the mental shutdown cases, with the rate of victims. It’s impossible not to see a connection there…”

Akechi: “…Ah, sorry. I don’t want to make you late. I’ll see you again.”

timrodresized: Don’t you love how Akechi is the only one who gets confidant events outside of his actual confidant? Because I don’t.

Morgana: “Thanks to Kaneshiro spilling the beans, that organization is falling like a house of cards. Hehehe… we’re getting more and more famous!”

Maruki: “I know some of you rely on all-nighters, but I can’t recommend it. That really messes up your information retention.”

Maruki: “Oh, speaking of! Do you guys know the difference between short-term and long-term memory? The simple answer is that short-term memory’s more temporary. Contextual. But long-term memories stick with you.”

Maruki: “In the short-term, you’re working with a hard limit. You retain only… six, maybe seven pieces of information.”

timrodresized: This is a hypothesis put forward by George Miller in his 1956 book “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two”. I know this because I had a teacher in high school who was a less annoying version of Maruki.

timrodresized: Miller’s theory has been challenged several times since he originally published, mostly by people claiming the number is much lower than that.

Maruki: “But your brain’s capacity for long-term memory is huge. It might even be infinite, according to some theories. Okay, so… Kurusu-kun! What do you think about all this?”

Maruki: “Short-term memories only stick with you for seconds at a time. That said… how long do you think you can retain long-term memories?”

Morgana: “So he wants to know how long you keep long-term memories, huh…? This is a tricky one. What is long-term memory, anyway?”

Morgana: “Yeah. It was something like that! So anyway, you keep them for a long time. The question is, how long. Maruki mentioned something about the amount of memories you could store, right? Something like…”

Morgana: “Yeah! If you have theoretically infinite space for them… then theoretically, you’d be able to retain them for…”

Morgana: “Yeah. I think so too. …So that’s it. Long-term memories will never really fade away!”

Maruki: “That’s right! I’m impressed! Basically, stuff encoded into your long-term memory never really goes away. Short-term memories become long-term memories through reiteration.”

Maruki: “It’d be great if you could encode all the test answers to long-term memory, huh? Ah well. Can’t always get what you want.”

timrodresized: And now we’re about to see why I didn’t do the reset-heavy route.

timrodresized: If you’re doing the reset-heavy route, you need this chalk dodge. We just happened to get it, but keep in mind the last save point was last night and you need to answer Maruki’s question right to not permafuck.

timrodresized: Anyway, that’s our gameplay for this update.

Makoto: “Heading home? Its rare running into you at this hour. Oh, that reminds me - do you remember the counseling Dr. Maruki’s offering?”

Makoto: “It seems to be growing quite popular. I saw someone heading into the nurse’s office just as I was leaving the school… the teachers say he’s well worth his time here, but I have a feeling there’s more to his popularity than just talent…”

Makoto: “Hm? Oh, you’re talking about the exams coming up. No need to worry there. My study routine’s rigorous enough that I’m not panicking over it.”

Makoto: “…I appreciate the concern, but how about yourself? Depending on the exam scores, there may not be a fireworks festival for anyone to attend - were you aware?”

timrodresized: I hate that they have to justify every single thing in Royal because otherwise it makes no sense. Keep in mind that what most of these extra cutscenes are doing is trying to justify Royal’s plot.

Makoto: “I’m joking. But make sure you study well, all right? I need to buy some more test prep booklets on my way home. See you later.”

Kasumi: “What a pleasant surprise. Are you headed home too? Same here - I don’t have club practice today. That reminds me, there’s something I want to report to you. Would now be a good time?”

Kasumi: “Thank you. Why don’t we find a seat somewhere?”

timrodresized: And now it’s time for this cutscene to get real pointless, real fast.

Akechi: “And you are…”

Kasumi: “It’s been quite a while, Akechi-san.”

Akechi: “And the same for you… Yoshizawa-san, right?”

Kasumi: “My father works at a TV station. Have you seen ‘Good Morning Japan’? My father’s the director.”

Akechi: “I’ve been brought onto the show as a guest a number of times now. That’s how I ended up becoming acquainted with Yoshizawa-san. I didn’t know you knew her as well, Kurusu-kun.”

Kasumi: “He helped me out of a jam before, and now he’s been offering me guidance.”

timrodresized: I think this entire scene is kind of emblematic of the issues Royal’s writing has, and why Kasumi as a character was just kind of a bad idea.

timrodresized: The writers for Royal knew that the base game had issues with certain party members barely getting screen time, and knew that adding in a new character would screw with the balance, and they tried to make it work by just… adding more writing.

timrodresized: In the process, they killed the gameplay to cutscene ratio in a lot of places. This is one of them.

Akechi: “Helped you out of a jam, eh? I see… so, what were you two up to?”

Kasumi: “Oh, right! I was just about to share some exciting news. It’s nothing to keep secret, so I may as well spill it now. About that summer competition I mentioned to you before?”

Kasumi: “This only feels like the beginning to me, though.”

Akechi: “Isn’t your club’s team considered to be quite prestigious? And you’re their representative? I must say, that’s extremely impressive.”

Kasumi: “Thank you! I’ll do my best to make everyone proud.”

Akechi: “I’ll be cheering you on as well. Ah, I have an idea - since all three of us are here, why don’t we go somewhere as a group? We can call it our little celebration for Yoshizawa-san’s success.”

Kasumi: “That would be wonderful! does that work for you, Kurusu-senpai?”

Akechi: “That settles it. Would you mind if I chose the place? There’s a wonderful little cafe I know about…”

Kasumi: “Of course! Lead the way!”

timrodresized: It’s actually iced coffee, Colette. It’s great how that’s the only scene anyone remembers from Tales of Symphonia.

Kasumi: “Good point. Well, some people say coffee can cool you off, even when hot, so I try to avoid that too. I had this image that you enjoy sweet things, Akechi-san - is that untrue?”

Kasumi: “I swear I saw you eating fried sweet bread on TV just the other day…”

Akechi: “It’s all part of a marketing strategy. That sort of stunt is an easy crowd-pleaser.”

timrodresized: If only we were in December right now. There’s something that Atlus does in the expansion content that could very easily be described this way.

Kasumi: “You seem to have your own bases covered as well.”

timrodresized: I’m gonna be real here, I stopped reading the dialog like ten minutes ago. When I recorded this I had to go back a few times because I’m like “What’s the question again?”

Akechi: “Haha, you’re more innocent than I had expected.”

Kasumi: “I’ve been wondering: how do you two know each other?”

Akechi: “His social studies class visited the set of a TV show I appeared on.”

timrodresized: This is getting dangerously close to Allanson writing and I don’t like it.

Kasumi: “Ah, that’s right. Second-years got to go to a TV station.”

Akechi: “He and I exchanged our opinions during the shoot and his way of thinking intrigued me.”

timrodresized: I faulted the Allansons for this, and I’m going to fault Atlus for it: describing things I’ve already seen and fully understand is bad writing. Stop fucking doing it!

Kasumi: “I can definitely see that! Kurusu-senpai’s take on things often helps me as well.”

Akechi: “That reminds me, Yoshizawa-san. You had mentioned that he’s been providing you with some guidance.”

timrodresized: She just fucking said that!

Kasumi: “Yes - just like you said, his way of thinking is intriguing. I figured I could benefit from his input.”

Akechi: “In that case, let’s play a little game. Would you mind if I posed the same question to you that I first asked him?”

Kasumi: “No, go right ahead.”

Kasumi: “The Phantom Thieves? You mean in the case that they do in fact exist, yes? I admit that the assistance of others in need is a truly great act… but I simply can’t agree with their methods.”

Akechi: “I see. Care to explain why?”

Kasumi: “I suspect the Phantom Thieves’ existence isn’t going to be beneficial in the long run.”

Akechi: “How so?”

Kasumi: “Well, for example, when someone’s faced with a problem to overcome, I believe they need to do it themselves. Getting help from others is totally fine, but in the end, it takes a person’s initiative to truly create lasting change.”

timrodresized: Let me explain to you exactly what is going on here. What they’re trying to do is justify the plot of the new final dungeon, several months before we actually go there.

timrodresized: Now, this is a game that expects that I’ve forgotten things people said not even minutes ago. How do they expect me to remember this in 40 hours at the end of the game?

timrodresized: Why does this sound like the writers for Royal really didn’t understand what it is the Phantom Thieves do?

timrodresized: I can’t tell if Kasumi is supposed to sound slightly robotic here, or if that’s just a bad localization. It’s probably the latter, given this game’s localization history.

Akechi: “I see… So, in the sense of a person’s growth, their actions actually hinder it. Quite an interesting take on the matter.”

Akechi: “Haha, quite. I’d say it’s equally as unique as your own opinions.”

Kasumi: “Wait… could you actually be a fan of the Phantom Thieves, Kurusu-senpai!?”

Akechi: “I didn’t mean to start an argument. I just can’t help myself sometimes. Let’s change the subject to something a bit lighter.”

Kasumi: “I’m sorry, I should probably get going… if I’m away from home too late, my parents will begin to worry.”

Akechi: “Right, then let’s call it a day. Good luck on your competition.”

Kasumi: “Yes! Thank you! Well then, see you later!”

timrodresized: Before we do anything, Sakai has a decent sword for Yusuke that he’ll trade for the Soothing Soba we picked up a few days ago.

timrodresized: After a quick trip to Chihaya to get the extra point in Knowledge, it’s time for Hifumi again.

Hifumi: “You think to protect yourself with that paltry defense? Hahaha… useless! Awaken, dragon! Let your shadowy hellfire consume them all! Dark Inferno Rook!”

timrodresized: Joker activates his trap card, which he uses to special summon Blue Eyes White Dragon in defensive position.

Hifumi: “Can you hear them? The wailing of dying soldiers, echoing throughout the battlefield. With an incompetent king, a soldier cannot show his true bravery. Time for you to suffer!”

Hifumi: “At last, everything is in place… my right hand trembles as I release my full power!”

timrodresized: I feel like Hashino had no more of an idea of how shogi is played than I do, so he just watched the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and went “Meh, close enough.”

Hifumi: “…Check.”

Hifumi: “Ah, I did it again… it’s an embarrassing habit I have. During a match, I, um… I tend to get very aggressive. It’s as if I assume the role of a queen of a kingdom…”

Hifumi: “I-It is…? …You’re a strange one, indeed. My father had me do image training exercises when I was younger, to help me learn the rules. I gradually began to view the shogi board as if it were my own kingdom…”

Hifumi: “I had fun coming up with stories and strategies for my, um, subjects. However… I’ve heard that people make fun of me on the internet.”

Hifumi: “People think that I’m weird, or that I’m an otaku, or that I’m just crazy… I mean, I can’t blame them… certainly, I think I’m weird too.”

timrodresized: Joker looks at her, goes “It’s okay,” and then opens his jacket to reveal one of those arm deck holder things you see in the YGO anime. “I too believe in the heart of the cards.”

timrodresized: Then they both laugh when he describes Ryuji’s collection of heavily-modded Beyblades.

Hifumi: “Your positivity is… a welcome relief. I may be able to learn more from our matches than I thought.”

Hifumi: “That will do for today.”

timrodresized: I have no idea why Joker’s arms are like that in this one shot. I looked back at the video I took and it just kinda happens.

Hifumi: “Do you read weekly magazines…? Um, well, I’m doing a photoshoot for one…”

timrodresized: By Persona 6, all the female social links will be idols who are also magical girls.

Hifumi: “You’re quite perceptive. I thought you’d be surprised if you saw it on the newsstand, so I wanted to let you know beforehand. In all honesty, I’m very reluctant to do it…”

Hifumi: “But… if I can draw more attention to shogi, maybe the sport will become more popular… at least, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself… I have an interview scheduled for tonight as well, so let’s end here for today.”

Morgana: “A summer festival, huh… you think they’ll have any A5 beef there?”

timrodresized: I’ve never had wagyu beef before, but it seems really overpriced for what it is.

Morgana: “Well, you should worry about finals first. Once those are over, it’ll be summer vacation, so stay focused!”

timrodresized: The funny thing is that there’s an adult party member in Strikers. The party member is a cop, because of course, can’t have any anti-police messaging in an Atlus game.

timrodresized: I doubt I’ll ever get that far because Strikers is just… bad. The balance sucks and every boss fight is like fighting Kaneshiro ten times over.

Inui: “Behind Kaneshiro’s arrest are the ‘Phantom Thieves’, the mysterious group that changes people’s hearts. If I recall, there were similar rumors back during that business with Kamoshida-kun.”

Inui: “Help the weak and crush the strong… truly a modern legend of the gentleman thief. In the long history of humans, the gentleman thief has been seen briefly during times of turmoil.”

Inui: “Now then, please look at this picture, Kurusu-kun.”

Inui: “He did something during the Sengoku period that had him and his family boiled to death. Do you know what he did?”

timrodresized: There’s a scene in the earliest Lupin III anime where Lupin meets Goemon and throws a firebomb at him because “I mean, it worked on his ancestor!”

Inui: “That’s correct. Ishikawa Goemon is Japan’s most famous thief… he’s very popular, and some called him a gentleman thief. By the way, the Goemon bath comes from his name.”

timrodresized: I couldn’t really find a good picture of one, but a Goemon bath (the Japanese term is “Goemon-buro”) is a one-person bath which is shaped like a cauldron and is usually recessed into the ground.

timrodresized: You sometimes see this in anime where people use steel barrels instead - I know Suikoden 2 does this when you first get the bath house.

Inui: “Only stealing from the rich and powerful, and sharing with the poor… Goemon’s exploits have been documented in many forms of media, like kabuki and novels.”

timrodresized: And well, the entire Ganbare Goemon/Mystical Ninja series.

Inui: “Rebellion against Hideyoshi, whose campaign had failed; propaganda by the government to sully his name… the gentleman thief Goemon may be no more than an illusion made by varying motivations.”

Inui: “In actuality, most heroes and gentleman thieves throughout history are something like that.”

Morgana: “Let’s make sure people don’t think we’re just an illusion. But before that, you need to study for the exams that are starting tomorrow.”

Maruki: “Oh no, everyone’s permitted to stop by whenever they like! I know the phrase ‘counseling session’ can make some people nervous, but don’t be.”

Maruki: “Considering you’re the student council president, I’d rather they didn’t force you to come here at all, actually.”

Makoto: “Well, I was advised to come, but I still chose to do it on my own.”

Maruki: “Oh, good! Glad to hear it.”

Makoto: “But please, there’s no need to be concerned about my being here. Feel free to discuss anything with me.”

Maruki: “Ah, right. So I shall. Heh, you’re sounding more like the counselor here than I am.”

timrodresized: It’s like they purposely got the two most annoying characters in the game and put them in the same room just to make me hate the writing more.

Makoto: “Oh, not at all - in fact, quite the opposite. I’m actually a bit of a mess, and I always have to turn to others for help.”

Maruki: “Well you sure had me fooled. Even still, getting help isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s wonderful that you have a support system.”

Makoto: “Indeed… especially lately. I feel like I can’t do anything right by myself nowadays.”

Maruki: “Did something go wrong for you?”

Makoto: “Yes, but it’s nothing major. I’ve come to understand all too well that it’s a bad idea taking on more of a burden than one should.”

timrodresized: So if you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve gone through a substantial amount of cutscene without really learning anything new.

timrodresized: Believe me when I say there is a point to all of these dumbass therapy cutscenes, and the point is unbelievably stupid.

Maruki: “You really do seem like someone with a mature sense of responsibility. However, that may be why people around you - especially the adults who should be protecting you - rely on you so much.”

timrodresized: I think the writers kind of forgot how old Makoto is. Her listed birthday is April 23rd, 1998 - meaning she’s 18 for the vast majority of the game. Giving her this kind of talk at that age (when she’s meant to be starting to gain independence) is just… weird.

timrodresized: In fact, the writers kind of forgot a lot when it comes to ages. Canonically, Makoto is a senior in high school. She’s in college when Strikers starts in Summer 2017. Ann and Ryuji, who were born in 1999, are sophomores. I don’t quite get how that works.

Makoto: “Adults… who should be protecting me? Had I been clever enough to understand that earlier, things may have gone a bit differently for me.”

Maruki: “You think so? Ah… you live alone with your older sister. I see. Pardon my saying so, but it seems you’ve been through quite a lot.”

Makoto: “Honestly, it only felt like the norm to me. But our lack of adult guardians has to have been hard on my sister - even now as well… and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard for me, too.”

timrodresized: Surprisingly, nothing has ever been said about Makoto’s mother, even in side material.

Makoto: “…In fact, now that I think about it, I may well have grown up to be a bit uptight because of that.”

Maruki: “Is that so… and are you doing okay now? Is your support system adequate?”

Makoto: “It’s not as if I have a team of employees or anything, but I do have people that I’m able to rely upon well.”

Makoto: “Of course, I’d never think of them as replacements for my father or my sister. No one could replace either of them.”

Makoto: “What I’ve lost won’t ever come back. I just need to keep my chin up and push towards my future.”

Maruki: “Mm, I like the way you put that. No one can ever be replaced… yet we need to keep pushing towards our future.”

Maruki: “Should anything come up that you want help with, I’ll be there to support you… though my skills are pretty limited.”

timrodresized: After a quick trip to Chihaya for a luck reading, we’re going to spend the afternoon with Ryuji.

Ryuji: “Hehehe… you prolly didn’t realize it, but I recorded Yamauchi’s whole convo back at the monja shop! I’m a genius, I know.”

Ryuji: “Anyways, uh… I might need some backup here. Can you stick around?”

Ryuji: “Dude, chill. I just wanna talk. Listen. This here is what’s really goin’ on with the track team.”

Ryuji: “It’s Yamauchi’s voice, ain’t it? And on top of that, shit’s gone down just like he said.”

Ryuji: “Proud?”

Ryuji: “…So you trusted what he was sayin’ about Nakaoka 'cause of stupid crap like that?”

Ryuji: “Like hell I don’t know! How long were we runnin’ together, huh!? I went through all sorts of shit with you!”

Ryuji: “Who’re you livin’ your life for? Your parents? Teachers? Society? Maybe you should stop tryin’ to live for them, and just try livin’ for yourself.”

Ryuji: “You think you gotta betray people to be proud?”

Ryuji: “If that’s seriously what you think, you’re wrong! Nakaoka. You knew something was up with Yamauchi too, didn’t you? I mean, the bastard’s never been interested in track before…”

Ryuji: “But you kept quiet. You knew he was walkin’ all over you, and you just let him do it.”

Ryuji: “…You missed runnin’ that bad? Y’know, it ain’t so scary not havin’ a place you belong. You can kinda be free that way. If anything, I’m more scared of bein’ a crappy person.”

Ryuji: “I mean, I used to be like you guys… afraid, lyin’ to myself… that is, before I met this dude. I don’t wanna insult you guys or nothin’, but I know you’re prolly real pissed about all this…”

timrodresized: I like that the way this captured, it looks like Ryuji is being tiger dropped.

Ryuji: “You saw that, right? That was some serious violence!”

Ryuji: “Naw, man. I’ve been takin’ good care of this face, and look what ended up happenin’ to it. Either way, they’re prolly feelin’ way better now. I think they’re gonna be just fine together.”

timrodresized: Persona 4 also had this weird thing about male relationships being centered around fights and it’s like… no, that’s not really how it works.

Ryuji: “…Thanks.”

Ryuji: “You’re tellin’ me. You just sat around while I got my ass beat… for real though, you were a big help. You were pushin’ me to be cool that whole time.”

Ryuji: “It’s kinda like I was doin’ a sprint… and you were runnin’ next to me.”

timrodresized: “Look, Ryuji, is this gonna be one of those Jesus things, because I told you we can’t fuse Messiah without the DLC.”

timrodresized: And now it’s time to send Ryuji to the own zone. Yes, this is the “correct” answer points-wise.

Ryuji: “Brutal! Just forget about the beatin’ I took, okay!?”

timrodresized: Endure is an ability like Harisen Recovery that every party member gets. Atlus kind of got their shit together for P5 and toned down enemies with instakill spells, but this is still nice to have.

Ryuji: “Anyways, let’s head home. I think my mouth’s bleedin’, so we’ll hafta eat some other time. Later!”

Ryuji: “Gah… man, my jaw’s still kinda messed up. But it’s a good kinda pain, you know? Like just after a workout.”

Ryuji: “They’re gonna have to handle the rest, but… I think they’ll make the right call. Seein’ them havin’ a real heart-to-heart talk… they got a good team.”

Ryuji: “…I hope so. Still a long way from how things used to be, but… I did all I could. Man. If those guys are really gonna go for this, I gotta step up my own game.”

Ryuji: “I’m gonna up my pace, so you better be ready for it! 'Kay, later!”

timrodresized: And this is why I visited Chihaya earlier. This will bring us up to a total of three extra points in Knowledge beyond where we’d otherwise be.

timrodresized: Oh, I know this one!

timrodresized: The first word I saw in the letters was “Israel” for some reason.

timrodresized: Looking at it, you could also make “Rompers”, which yeah I suppose so.

Akechi: “You went to that cafe with Yoshizawa-san the other day, right? It’s been getting quite a bit of buzz lately, you know.”

Akechi: “I was hoping we could discuss things over some tea, but…”

timrodresized: These lines weren’t in the original game because Akechi was an auto-confidant, and I’m almost positive this is a dig at the players.

timrodresized: The thing is that in popularity polls in Japan, Akechi consistently ranked higher than most of the actual playable characters… largely with people who treat him as sort of the unofficial LGBT romance route.

timrodresized: I say “LGBT” rather than “Gay” because a lot of the Akechi shipping material involves genderflips where either Akechi or Joker (or sometimes both) are genderflipped or trans.

timrodresized: There’s also a lot of weird shit with like, love octagons where Joker and Akechi are dating but are also dating the female version of each other and several other characters at the same time.

timrodresized: None of this stuff exists with any of the other characters to any significant degree, outside of Yusuke getting a lot of gay/bi fanart.

Akechi: “But you? I expect you’ll pass muster easily.”

Akechi: “No, I only learned about it recently. Fads tend to be fairly similar, so I’m more curious about its popularity than its taste. Well, why don’t we give it a try?”

Akechi: “I actually enjoyed that more than I thought I would.”

Akechi: “Uh-oh. Looks like I’ve been spotted.”

Akechi: “She’s just here for the cake, I’m guessing. I’m sure she doesn’t mean any harm, but I don’t want to cause any trouble for the store…”

Akechi: “Looks like I’m out of time. I wish I could’ve relaxed a little longer, though. We should go.”

timrodresized: Oh, he’s done PLENTY wrong.

Akechi: “Sorry, but I think it’d be best to leave. I’m only going to cause problems if I stay. A shame I don’t have glasses like you. Maybe I would have been able to get out of this situation.”

timrodresized: Is Akechi’s hair prehensile or something? How the hell did he go from it being messy to being styled again?

Akechi: “I suppose I’d better learn to watch what I say around you.”

Akechi: “Well, you saved me. I daresay such crude means would never have occurred to me. Still… there’s no knowing how things may go unless you give it a try, hm?”

Akechi: “I think I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Thank you.”

Akechi: “Looks like our coffee’s gone cold. Why don’t we order new ones?”

Akechi: “But you certainly surprised me today. I can’t believe we got out of that with such a basic trick. It was an interesting experience, but… I definitely don’t want to go through that ordeal ever again.”

Akechi: “I saw firsthand what happens when I’m too careless with my words around you.”

Akechi: “…You have a twisted concept of ‘fun’. Though if you dressed as me next time, I think I might agree. I could use a stunt double.”

Akechi: “You and I aren’t terribly different in height. I’m sure my clothes would fit you. If we do this, it’ll have to be carefully planned, of course. I’ll be dictating everything, from hair to accessories.”

timrodresized: Oh, right. I realized just now that I’ve never explained why I hate Akechi so much. The answer is that like many characters in this game, he is a direct ripoff of a character from an earlier game.

timrodresized: The problem is I can’t say which.

timrodresized: And that’ll do it. Next time, we’ll do exams, witness yet another pointless Maruki cutscene that exists solely to justify Royal’s plot, and go to the fireworks festival.

Maybe this game would be better if it actually had an antagonistic yet not evil authority figure in charge of the public opinion campaign on the other side, possibly voiced by J. K. Simmons, pounding their fist on their desk and yelling, “THOSE PHANTOM THIEVES ARE A MENACE!

Also I’m gonna… I’m gonna assume the writers were making a joke about short-term memory retainment by asking you questions about the stuff Maruki literally said two text boxes ago. Or maybe they knew it’d be a challenge because players would zone out whenever he was speaking.

I just realized the Phantom Thieves have more than 30% popularity. They have enough public support to take over the country. Let’s! Do! Some! Totalitarianism!

Yeah it’s called Soul Resurrection.

Sir. SIR. it’s called a Duel Disk. デュエルディスク.

yea it is weird its pretty terrible who would come up with this and then say ‘yes this is what i want to do’.

oh. right. that guy.

A support system? Oh no, does that mean Makoto’s G R O W T H I S B E I N G H I N D E R E D

High school in Japan is three years iirc. So when the game says ‘senior’ it means a third-year student.

There’s a lot of stuff like that in the script for Royal, and the only sense I can make of it is that it was a rush job on corporate’s part… even though they knew the Persona 5 base game script had issues that resulted from being pushed out the door during the Atlus/Sega merger.

They actually DO have this… in Strikers. The cop party member has a boss who as far as I know isn’t actually evil but is all “We’ve gotta get those Phantom Thieves off the streets!”

Look I’ve never watched the YGO anime or engaged with it at all outside of seeing people playing tournaments when I was still playing Pathfinder. Just be glad I didn’t call it a Card Fan.

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timrodresized: Today, we actually get a unique conversation at the subway platform. I don’t know why the writers didn’t do more of these and less of… what they actually did.

Ryuji: “I just heard this, but apparently we’re havin’ a summer festival soon! I heard there’s gonna be shit like kebabs, steaks… the hot stuff! Dude, I am so PUMPED!”

timrodresized: In the grim future of 20XX, there is only meat, and the looming shadow of barbecue.

Ryuji: “Well, duh! What else would you want? Oh man… I can’t stop thinking about meat… piping hot, juicy meat… oh man, now I’m hungry. Let’s get going already!”

timrodresized: Joker instinctively pulls out his air horn because even if Ryuji isn’t horny, it’s close enough.

timrodresized: The next few days are nothing but exams, so let’s do this.

timrodresized: Well, fuck. I hate geometry. I have not even the slightest idea how you’re supposed to go about solving this.

Morgana: “This looks tough, but let’s calm down and think it through.”

Morgana: “Ugh. Baozi, in this hot weather…? Well, never mind. I think this came up in class. They were invented by that famous guy from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, right?”

timrodresized: I’ve read a bit of ROT3K but I barely understood it or remember much apart from the most major characters. Lu Su was an adviser to the Kingdom of Wu and led Sun Quan’s army until he died.

timrodresized: Cao Cao on the other hand was the head of the Kingdom of Wei and also a bloodthirsty tyrant. His recipe for Baozi would probably involve stabbing the shit out of people.

Morgana: “Yeah. The strategist of Shu. I think the story was about a river overflowing somewhere Zhuge Liang visited. And they were offering something to quell the river…”

Morgana: “That’s it. A crazy story… and that’s how he came up with the baozi, right? This master strategist came up with the baozi to…”

Morgana: “Yeah. I think you’re right. The baozi were invented as an offering to a river spirit, to replace the tradition of offering severed heads! You finished in time!”

timrodresized: Orihime’s Silk would make so much more sense as a name. Starry Canal sounds like one of those small towns in Florida.

Morgana: “You’ve seen all these before. You’ve got this, all right?”

Morgana: “This is going good. Looking forward to seeing your score.”

timrodresized: And here I bet you thought we were done with pointless cutscenes added for Royal. Nope!

Maruki: “Congrats on surviving finals. Today was the last day, right? Say, would you happen to have some free time right now? There’s something I’d like to discuss - I promise it’ll just take a moment.”

Maruki: “Thanks! I know you’re exhausted, so I’ll make this quick.”

timrodresized: He doesn’t make it quick.

Maruki: “It sure has heated up now that the rainy season’s passed. I just know my electric bill’s going to start climbing this month… anyway, as I’d mentioned, there’s something I’d like your opinion on.”

Maruki: “Well, I suppose that’s technically accurate. I’ve had something on my mind lately, and I want to hear your take on it. Okay, here goes…”

Maruki: “Oh - this is all hypothetical, mind you, but imagine there’s somebody for whom you have high expectations. They’re trying their absolute hardest to meet those expectations.”

timrodresized: Is this about Hashino, because the answer is “Fire the entire management chain at Atlus and get someone more competent so this shit doesn’t happen again.”

Maruki: “Now, this person receives an awful lot of special treatment from people so they can perform to the best of their abilities. So, what do you think those people will do if the expectations leveled on this person aren’t met?”

timrodresized: Oh, I know! I know! They’ll spend a year doing an LP dunking on their most recent game because they refused to localize the PSP version of Eternal Punishment!

Maruki: “Yep, that’s definitely true. When you work as a counselor… you always think ‘I have to help this person so their heart doesn’t break’ but… that’s easier said than done.”

timrodresized: So what you’re saying is that you don’t want to unbreak their heart… or their giraffe?

timrodresized: I have no idea if I used that song already but it’s about on par with the quality of Maruki’s writing. Macross was a mistake and Macross Delta was a bigger mistake.

timrodresized: Realistically, if Maruki was a song, it’d be The Space Between by the Dave Matthews Band. The local radio plays that all the time when they need to fill air.

Maruki: “This world really is a callous one. No matter how much positivity or dedication a person has… just a bit of influence from their peers can easily mess with their heads.”

Maruki: “Every time I’m confronted with such a situation, I can’t help but grasp the limitations of therapy as a profession.”

Maruki: “I see - you’re approaching reality from a rational point of view… no, it could actually be that you understand reality’s unfairness, yet you’re willing to stand up for it.”

Maruki: “That may be the reason you’re at this academy now.”

Maruki: “What I meant was, if we want to truly help people stuck in a predicament like that, we need a fundamental solution.”

timrodresized: And then Maruki pulls out a crystal skull and talks about how he needs to steal everyone’s hopes and dreams so he can power an alien spaceship underneath Tokyo.

Maruki: “Hmm… nothing really comes to mind at the moment. This is just a thought, but what if we got the Phantom Thieves to change our hearts?”

Maruki: “Maybe have them shift our feelings so we won’t lose to this unfair reality? It would ultimately be for the positive.”

timrodresized: So what you’re saying is you want the Thousand Year Kingdom of God. Joker, shoot him.

Maruki: “Haha, good point. You’re right. Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. I seem to have lost track of the time. I should be getting back to my work. Our conversation’s been very enlightening. Thank you.”

timrodresized: I wish I was joking when I say that it will not even be a day until we run into another one of these stupid cutscenes.

Ryuji: “I can get back to actually sleepin’ in peace…”

Makoto: “Huh. You must have been studying pretty hard if it kept you up at night.”

Ryuji: “Nah, I was up playin’ video games. Slackin’ off is just too much fun…”

Ann: “I know, right!? I kept cleaning my room instead of studying! It might even be TOO clean now…”

Yusuke: “You two are perfect exemplars of what escapism can mean.”

Makoto: sigh “And I can only imagine what the end result will be.”

Ryuji: “Whatever, it’s over with now. Who cares about that anymore!? What’s real important is the Phantom Thieves’ popularity! Ain’t it amazin’!?”

Ann: “It kinda feels like our time’s finally here!”

Yusuke: “I have even heard people excitedly speculating about our next target. We will have to choose carefully.”

Makoto: “There’s no need to hurry. We should spend some time thinking it over.”

timrodresized: Keep this in mind, because we’re about to witness something tomorrow that will not make any goddamn sense.

Morgana: “You sure are on top of THESE kinds of things…”

timrodresized: Tonight is one of those nights where we’re forced to sleep early.

Ryuji: "You remember, the one I told you about?

timrodresized: I got really, really fucking confused here. I assumed that Ryuji was talking about the fireworks festival on the 18th, but no. He’s actually talking about a new cutscene added for Royal.

Ryuji: “Aw, c’mon - we’re all tired from the tests an’ shit, but just gimme a sec! I completely spaced on it until now, but the festival’s tomorrow. So, you wanna go?”

Ryuji: “Hell yeah! I knew you’d be down! Let’s make sure to invite Yusuke too. He’s always down to chow. …I diiiid just remember they said it might rain tomorrow, though.”

Ryuji: “Eh, whatever! No way’s it gonna rain on a day like this. See ya tomorrow!”

Morgana: “How would HE know whether or not it’ll rain? Sheesh, all worked up over a silly little festival… full of food… of all kinds…”

Morgana: “Well, I suppose you deserve to enjoy yourself, but be sure to keep a low profile, all right? Anyway, let’s get some sleep. Oh - and, uh, no sleeping in, got it? I’m gonna skip breakfast for this.”

Yusuke: “Mm…”

Ryuji: “Wh-what? Why’re you starin’ at my face?”

Yusuke: “Ryuji - I have a favor to ask.”

Ryuji: “A favor? Sure, you need some money for food or somethi-”

Yusuke: “Not this time. I’ve actually been mulling over a new battle tactic for a while now… and I’d like you to lend a hand in bringing my idea to fruition.”

Ryuji: “Ooh, a new move… that sounds badass! I totally want in!”

Yusuke: “Well, it’s merely a rough idea at this point, but…”

timrodresized: As it turns out, you actually can view the Showtime attacks when you unlock them in the Thieves Den - only they’re pre-rendered and in some cases have video glitches (Ann and Morgana’s has a mouse cursor visible). Time to go borrow some footage.

timrodresized: Ryuji and Yusuke’s Showtime is called “Inglorious Beefbowls” in the US version and “That Man Did This For A Beef Bowl” in Japanese. The Japanese title is a reference to the film “Violent Cop” which is basically Dirty Harry if it starred Takeshi Kitano (aka Beat Takeshi).

timrodresized: The US title makes no sense because the scene here is a direct reference to a scene in Violent Cop.

timrodresized: I’ve only seen this scene in English. Ryuji sits down and goes “I’ll have… the usual.”

timrodresized: In English, Yusuke’s VA goes “I’ve put my soul… into this bowl!”

timrodresized: Anzu? What the hell are you doing here, get back in the Persona deck!

timrodresized: I wonder if the magic wishing star can fix the fact that Ryuji is trying to fire a pump-action shotgun with one hand.

timrodresized: Yusuke somehow manages to land a hit directly on the grenade, which is not how grenades work.

timrodresized: This, by the way, is what we call ludonarrative dissonance because we all know that Anzu would’ve oneshotted Ryuji with Garudyne.

timrodresized: I think you should have one with Joker instead. The good news is that all of our current party members now have a chance to proc a Showtime if they’re baton passed to.

Ryuji: “Wasn’t that, like… way more detailed than some rough idea?”

Yusuke: “Ha- I don’t deserve such praise… I would merely prefer to add a splash of beauty to an otherwise barbaric battlefield, so to speak.”

Ryuji: “Sick! So, all we gotta do now is see how the Star reacts to your idea, right?”

Yusuke: “We should consult Jose about this soon. However, I can feel my appetite growing after describing my idea…”

Ryuji: “…Same here.”

Yusuke: “It’s as if we’re walking around in an enormous sauna…”

timrodresized: I should point out that not only is Yusuke wearing long sleeves, there’s a scene in Strikers where he goes to the beach wearing a jacket. In August.

Ryuji: “Whose bright idea was it to come here?”

Morgana: “Yours…”

Yusuke: “A TV crew, eh…?”

Ryuji: “We should grab our kebabs and get outta here.”

Yusuke: Hey, is she talking about us?

Ryuji: “What the -”

Morgana: “What do we do, Akira?”

Yusuke: “Good point. We’ll look even more suspicious if we panic now.”

Morgana: “They got us!”

Ryuji: “Aw, hell… okay, I’m gonna ham it up and make some real cringey comments so they can’t use any of the footage.”

timrodresized: To get an idea, Ryuji’s Japanese VA starts doing this sort of weird old man voice.

timrodresized: Joker starts doing his real weird John Persona thing. “Yes. I am John Persona. I enjoy meat and meat by-products. Meat is an important part of every meal and a well-balanced breakfast.”

Ryuji: “Uh… I’d say that we’re really lovers of fruit! Oh, and sweets! Sweets are just to DIE for!”

Ryuji: “Phew, that was too close…”

Yusuke: “That was truly cringeworthy, but are you certain they won’t air any of it?”

Ryuji: “I’m pretty certain she thought that was a broadcast disaster. We oughta be okay.”

timrodresized: Joker pulls out his air horn through reflex alone.

Ryuji: “Oh, right! My kebab!”

Yusuke: “Standing around in this sweltering heat was rather trying.”

Ryuji: “And almost all the good stuff was already sold out…”

Morgana: “I didn’t even eat breakfast this morning. I’m starting to get lightheaded…”

timrodresized: This reminds me of this time I went to an “Asian Festival” and the only food there was American-style Chinese food.

Yusuke: “Even still, an occasion like this seems to make everything taste delicious… how mysterious.”

timrodresized: I looked it up because I was wondering if kebabs are uncommon in Japan, and no, they’re apparently very popular in Tokyo and have restaurants all over the place that serve them.

timrodresized: What I’m saying is that Joker could probably find one in Shibuya without having to come out to… wherever this is.

Morgana: “B-But look, Akira - at least we have shaved ice!”

Ryuji: “Welp, we came all the way out here, so we might as well go check that thing out.”

Yusuke: “What thing?”

Ryuji: “I heard they’re building some kinda huge-ass stadium or somethin’ nearby. Wait, was that what it was?”

Morgana: “You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?”

timrodresized: I know that this is another cutscene that was probably written as a confidant event but that Atlus felt the need to shoehorn in for some reason.

Yusuke: “A stadium… well, such buildings often have intriguing architecture - I’d love to see it for personal reference.”

Ryuji: “Yeah? Then c’mon, let’s go.”

timrodresized: So okay, what was the point of that cutscene? Can anyone tell me what that cutscene did to advance the plot?

Ryuji: “They barely even started?”

Yusuke: “We seem to be premature speculators.”

Ryuji: "I guess this is what people call ‘jumpin’ the gum.’ "

Morgana: “Jumping the gun.”

timrodresized: You would think that Ryuji’s last line would have him saying “jumpin’ the gum” in English to go with the whole “He’s not very good at English” bit. He says it in Japanese, and Morgana corrects him in Japanese.

timrodresized: I feel like it’s just overdoing the whole “Haha Ryuji is dumb” thing to a level that it didn’t really need to go to.

Ryuji: “There ain’t nothin’ to do here - you wanna go grab a bite somewhere?”

Yusuke: “Sorry, I’m considering picking up more art supplies. I have a summer assignment to work on.”

Yusuke: “…Also, the summer festival drained all my coffers. Even if I did grab a bite, all I could order would be water and a hot towel.”

Ryuji: “Ah… in that case, we probably oughta just call it quits for today.”

timrodresized: Okay, are you ready for this cutscene to go from zero to negative sixty in record time?

timrodresized: Kasumi is rapidly turning into this game’s Poochie. "Anytime Kasumi’s not on screen, someone should be asking ‘Where’s Kasumi?’ "

timrodresized: She’s not in Strikers not because Strikers was made separately from Royal but because she and Maruki are both aliens and died on their way back to their home planet.

Morgana: “Don’t you think she’s acting strange? You know, she did mention something about a meet earlier.”

Ryuji: “Uh, ain’t you guys headed home?”

timrodresized: Run, Yusuke! Save yourself!

Ryuji: “Huh? Welp, see ya, then.”

Yusuke: “Yes, catch you later.”

timrodresized: Am I the only one who thinks Kasumi’s neck is kind of weirdly long?

Kasumi: “Y-Yes. Did you come to see the stadium too?”

Kasumi: “Same here. I needed to give myself a pep talk.”

timrodresized: With the plot? Yeah, and Atlus could’ve just fixed it instead of doing… whatever this is.

Kasumi: “Sometimes, when things get me down, I come here. Although, that doesn’t really answer your question, does it?”

Kasumi: “I know this may get in the way of your plans, but would you be willing to join me for lunch?”

Kasumi: “I’m always like this after a meet. In all honesty, I’d like to keep going… but any more will end up harming my performance.”

Kasumi: “Simply put? It was a disaster. I’ve been feeling like I’m getting back into the natural flow of things, thanks to you, Kurusu-senpai… but when the moment of truth arrived, my body still wouldn’t move the way that I wanted it to…”

Kasumi: “Yes, I’ve really hit a wall with this. Something similar happened to me in middle school - but back then, I had someone by my side that kept me going…”

timrodresized: You probably don’t remember (because holy shit I looked back at my first couple of updates and what the shit was I even thinking) but we actually already heard about this from someone else.

Kasumi: “I promised her we’d take the gold for our routines across the world… but I can’t stop worrying about my lack of improvement lately.”

Kasumi: “I’ve really been throwing myself into practice, but I wonder if even that won’t be enough…”

Kasumi: “Kurusu-senpai…”

Kasumi: “You just keep on rescuing me, don’t you?”

Kasumi: “Okay! No more brooding! There are still meets left this year. I’m going to start from scratch and train as hard as I can. Thank you so much for listening to all that!”

Kasumi: “Now I feel like I’ve been recharged, mind, body, and spirit- … well, at least my mind and spirit are recharged!”

Kasumi: “The best way to stave off hunger is with some vigorous activity! I’m going to jog home - take care!”

timrodresized: After the fact, I thought about it a little bit and I think I can explain why that entire cutscene exists. I think what’s happening is that it’s the writers trying to address the issue of Makoto kind of taking over everything to the point of all the other party members existing solely to agree with her.

timrodresized: I guess they figured that if they gave the other party members more screen time, people would get so bored they’d stop paying attention.

timrodresized: I think that’s the only good part of that entire cutscene - even the writers acknowledged that Mishima is kind of unlikable.

Morgana: “Are you kidding me…? I hope Lady Ann and the others haven’t found out…”

timrodresized: There’s also an optional IM conversation you can miss if you don’t go through your IMs.

timrodresized: I think we all know that if Joker wasn’t busy with confidants he’d take Yusuke out to a very expensive dinner.

Morgana: “Sorry I couldn’t catch it for you. I always forget how short my arms are as a cat…”

timrodresized: Tonight, we’re going to get the single biggest social stat boost we’ve ever gotten.

timrodresized: First, we grip and sip for two points in knowledge. Ordinarily, this would be grounds for a Luck Reading for the extra point… but we’re using that for something else.

timrodresized: Next, we make a stop at the DVD store to pick up a bootleg of The Walking Dead, which I imagine was made in Turkey and stars some random middle-aged guy the directors picked out of a bar.

timrodresized: And NOW we do our Luck Reading… for Charm. Why Charm, you ask?

timrodresized: We are going to watch a godawful romance movie.

timrodresized: In just this one night, with the bonus from Craft of Cinema, we get ten points to charm.

Ann: “I guess girls like me want that perfect, romantic kind of love you see in the movies.”

Ann: giggle “Thanks for going along with it. Now that I think about it, that movie wasn’t geared toward guys at all, huh? But I’m glad you came with me! You’re such a good friend!”

timrodresized: Is there a term for being friendzoned by someone you never intended to date anyway?

timrodresized: I was kind of hesitant about doing the 18th in this update because this is where the big long exposition dump was in the base game.

timrodresized: Ann ignoring the fact that Joker is not likely to be able to see the fireworks without his glasses on. Then again, it would’ve been great if at the last boss they had a cutscene where the boss breaks Joker’s glasses and he’s just like “You do realize I just wear those for looks, right? They’re not even prescription.”

timrodresized: Joker stands up from his meal. “Excuse me, I think the cat needs a bath. A very long, very cold bath.”

Sojiro: “Oh yeah, there’s a fireworks festival today… if you’re going, be careful. Those things get insanely crowded.”

Morgana: “It’d be nice to watch the fireworks with the chief someday. We could watch them right here at Leblanc… actually, no we couldn’t.”

Morgana: “Right when we were about to leave too… who is it?”

timrodresized: Translation: We’ll be finding out who the next target is by the end of today.

Morgana: “What could he mean by an insane group…? Hm… let’s think about this after we get back. We don’t have much time, so let’s get going.”

timrodresized: That’s right, our next target is the Insane Clown Posse.

Morgana: “The holiday means it’s as crowded on here as it is for morning rush hour…”

Morgana: “Wait, so all these people are going to the fireworks festival!? Huh… this should be fun…”

timrodresized: The scene transition thing on the subway changes for certain holidays.

Morgana: “I feel like I’m being baked…”

Ryuji: “Those girls are way too late…”

Yusuke: “It must be taking time for them to put on the yukata. Why aren’t you two wearing one?”

Ryuji: “I don’t got clothes like yukata. But man, you look way too normal in that.”

timrodresized: “I Don’t Gotta Yukata”, the hit Italian-Japanese comedy starring Mamamia Amamiya.

Ryuji: “Ah, by the way… the exams…”

Morgana: “I bet you got a big fat F on them.”

Ryuji: “Shuddup! We- we don’t know that yet!”

obs64 2021-03-03 20-29-38-36

Ryuji: “Are we… getting hit on!?”

timrodresized: I’d like to imagine Joker handing Yusuke an air horn, only to have Yusuke pull a belt of them out from underneath his yukata.

Ryuji: “Waitin’ around’s a pain, so can we just go with these chicks?”

Ryuji: “We’ll both apologize to the others later!”

Ryuji: “How could you!?”

Ryuji: “Uh, well… that’s…”

Ann: “You know, Yusuke’s such a pretty boy, but he is really missing out because of what he says.”

Makoto: “I guess, but he’s more likeable since he stays true to his ideals. Definitely more than somebody I know.”

Morgana: “I heard that Ryuji’s pretty much failed his exams.”

Makoto: “Oh?”

Ryuji: “Mona, you little-”

Ann: “Hey, it’s gonna get crowded if we don’t get going.”

Yusuke: “Agreed.”

timrodresized: Man, that’s a QUALITY shot of Ann. Where’d her nose go?

timrodresized: Oh man, I lined those up PERFECTLY. No idea how I did that.

timrodresized: I don’t understand this shot at all. It’s not like anything was visible but a bit of her leg.

timrodresized: There’s a lot that implies that if you don’t wind up dating Ann, she dates Ryuji instead.

timrodresized: Pictured - two couples and the third wheel.

timrodresized: Oh look, it’s Haru. What’s she doing being escorted into a limo?

Ann: “I guess everyone had the same idea… what’s up?”

Makoto: “Mm, I think I just saw someone I know…”

Ann: “You mean the girl in that black car?”

timrodresized: Girl in the Black Car sounds like the title Sierra would’ve used for an award bait ending song if Jim Walls had the opportunity to make Police Quest IV.

Ryuji: “Well, she’s got a ride… time to show your skills, Mona! We need you as a car!”

Morgana: “It’s not possible in the real world!”

Ryuji: “We made such a commotion with the public, and this is what we get? Laaaame. Aren’t heroes that lurk in the shadows boring?”

Ryuji: “I wanna change the world with a loud bang, like a huge firework! …Then again, we aren’t gonna find someone bigger than Kaneshiro that easily.”

timrodresized: If I didn’t have standards I would put that one Katy Perry song here, but I have standards.

Yusuke: “The rain is letting up. Though it’s regrettable, we should go our separate ways for today.”

Morgana: “Yeah. Let’s go home.”

Sae: “I see. In that case, I have ways of making you talk.”

timrodresized: It’s fine, Sae will just drug him and have him brought to a black site for interrogation.

Sojiro: “Huh? What’s that supposed to-”

Sae: “Thanks for the drink.”

Sojiro: “H-Hey! We’re not done here yet!”

Sojiro: “It’s nothing. It’s past closing time. Clean up the place.”

timrodresized: And here’s our next opponent, a blatant reference to Anonymous.

Sojiro: “The Phantom Thieves again…?”

Sojiro: “Justice, huh?”

timrodresized: This is a direct reference to a slogan that pre-dates Anonymous as a “hacktivist group”, and was used on 2008-era 4chan when they’d raid people.

timrodresized: The original being “We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

timrodresized: Anyway, this entire thing feels like a painfully out of touch writer trying to “connect with kids these days”

Akechi: “I don’t know the details, but there’s no doubt that they were provoked by the Phantom Thieves. Whether it’s a sense of rivalry or a simple attention grab given the recent trends, I cannot say…”

Akechi: “Regardless, it’s quite a nuisance.”

timrodresized: Metal Gear?!

Akechi: “Both Medjed and the Phantom Thieves are nothing more than groups that uphold an egoistic justice.”

Sojiro: “What a stupid thing they’re getting riled up on… Phantom Thieves, huh? What in the world are they? You know about them?”

timrodresized: This feels like when I was a kid and Pokemon became a thing, and you had all these adults asking “Pokemons? What’re those? I don’t get it.”

Sojiro: "What are they stealing though? I’m still having trouble getting that part… well, it’s about time I go home. Make sure you lock the place up. Also, about the stuff in the fridge - "

Sojiro: “…Well, I guess it’s fine. Just don’t use too much of it.”

timrodresized: Shut up, Makoto!

timrodresized: God I hate these over-long IM things where they just restate the same thing like thirty times.

Morgana: “A world-class target, huh? If we can change Medjed’s heart, it’ll most definitely affect Mementos.”

timrodresized: Before we end the day, there’s another optional IM conversation. I’m not sure if this existed in the base game or not.

timrodresized: This is kind of a dumb ongoing joke where every event Yusuke attends gets rained out.

timrodresized: We have to craft tonight for proficiency points. I wound up getting the extra point, and then…

timrodresized: We weren’t supposed to rank up until the 21st. Higher proficiency also means more chalk dodges - I believe at proficiency 4 you’re more likely than not to dodge it.

timrodresized: This means we’ll have a few extra nights near the end of September, which is good because I have a lot of stuff I need to show.

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll get our exam results, continue to be under budget and ahead of schedule on social stats, and still be nowhere near the next dungeon.

Joker starts quoting the entire Superman/Clark Kent speech from Kill Bill Vol. 2 verbatim, only in first person. “Akira Kurusu is my critique of humanity.”

Anime girls stopped having noses years ago. Noses are unnecessary for moe.

Sojiro “Did…did you actually just say ‘Ve have vays off makink you talk’?”

John Persona likes the shade. He likes to throw the shade.

Also the whole talk with Kasumi and all her portraits there are pretty much everything that distracts and bothers me about this art style they’re using. Shading everything so people’s skin tone is darker around their mouths makes me feel like no one’s washing their face, and I’m also getting distracted by the fact her forehead looks like it’s in direct light and her neck is slinking into the shadows.


timrodresized: I think what the writers for this game didn’t realize is that Anonymous wasn’t really a “hacktivist” group at first. They also weren’t, for the most part, actually hackers.

timrodresized: What’s funny is that almost every time the real Anonymous tried something like that, they wound up being wrong.

timrodresized: They tried it in 2014 after the murder of Michael Brown, in an attempt to ‘dox’ the officer involved. What they wound up leaking was the name of an unrelated officer in another town.

timrodresized: I forgot that I mentioned once already that you can’t get the top score unless you already have your knowledge maxed out and answer every question correctly.

timrodresized: We were not supposed to rank up in charm until the end of the month.

Ryuji: “Hey, it’s not my fault my scores suck, right?”

Ryuji: “You don’t gotta throw the truth right in my face like that… anyways, there’s somethin’ more important here! Mishima…”

Mishima: “You wanted to ask me something about the internet, right?”

Ryuji: “Yup. I’m gonna be straight with you here - do you know who Medjed is?”

Mishima: “You weren’t kidding about being direct. Well, I suppose the news about Medjed and the Phantom Thieves has caused quite the commotion… they started out as hackers of justice, but now they only look out for their own self-interests.”

timrodresized: This is more or less how the real Anonymous operated, except they just kind of got progressively dumber as time went on and people started co–opting the name.

timrodresized: I hadn’t read much about their recent exploits, but one of the last “hacks” they made news for was “hacking” NASA trying to prove… I dunno, some conspiracy bullshit. What they got was a bunch of material that was already publicly accessible.

Mishima: “…That’s all I know. They were the group I texted Kurusu about yesterday.”

Ryuji: “I see…”

Mishima: “Nobody’s sure who actually belongs to Medjed. Well, it looks like things’ll be exciting this summer. It’ll be the Phantom Thieves’ world debut, no?”

Ryuji: “Dude…”

Mishima: “Don’t worry, I’ll be rooting for the Phantom Thieves. I’ll get the forum mobilized as well. Now if we’re done talking here, I really must be going. I’ll see you guys later.”

Morgana: “So that was fruitless…”

Ryuji: “Wonder if anyone else got any info.”

Ryuji: “No luck…”

Morgana: “Medjed, hm? It seems like we won’t be able to deal with them by ourselves.”

Kawakami: “Settle down! We’ve had many strange incidents: the psychotic breakdowns, students being dragged into crime rings… hence, Principal Kobayakawa has instructed all teachers to caution the student body.”

Kawakami: “This is inconvenient for us too, you know? Having to find things to warn you about so suddenly…”

timrodresized: There’s an interesting fact I didn’t know about this character here, mostly because I can’t play the PSP version of Eternal Punishment: her father’s Japanese voiceactor is the same guy who did Baofu in EP PSP.

timrodresized: The chalk drawing of Akechi has been replaced with the John Persona logo.

timrodresized: Regrettably, we have to spend the afternoon with Makoto.

Makoto: “Both myself and Akira-kun here saw you there. Based on where you were heading, we assume you’re working at a store called the After School Salon. How is it, working there?”

Makoto: “Hm. So you’re sure nothing strange is going on?”

Makoto: “I see… beyond that though, why are you working there? How’s your financial situation?”

Makoto: “O-Oh, I see…”

timrodresized: What answer was she expecting? Does anyone work for any reason that doesn’t involve payment?

Makoto: “Mega… pamper?”

timrodresized: And then that one guy with the diaper from the Yakuza substories in 6 and 7 bursts through the wall. “You rang?”

timrodresized: Joker: “Ma’am, under the Geneva Convention the only things I am required to tell you are my name, rank, and that I am not and have never been horny.”

Makoto: “Right. It was nothing more than an errand I asked him to accompany me on. At any rate, don’t mind him. As for you… I don’t plan on telling anyone.”

Makoto: “I was just worried you were getting wrapped up in some shady business, so I asked him here for support.”

Makoto: “Huh? You know Buchimaru-kun…?”

Makoto: “Well, it was given to me when I was still in elementary school… I’d like to buy a new one, but they’ve stopped selling Buchimaru-kun merchandise.”

Makoto: “Um… isn’t that a full circle?”

timrodresized: They call her Makoto because when you see her you’ll turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Makoto: “O-oh, um… okay. Wait, he’s not my boyfriend.”

Makoto: “She was all over the place… honestly though, I’m in shock. She thought I was a robot…”

timrodresized: We all know that the correct answer is the bottom one, and that Joker looks her right in the eye and goes “Beep boop, I am Makoto, I am the smart girl. I run on having too much time on screen.”

Makoto: “Yes. That’s why you’re helping me. You know, I believe what Takao-san said about me is how others think as well. I thought I had changed after the incident with Kaneshiro, but perhaps it wasn’t enough…”

Makoto: “That aside, it was almost inspiring to meet someone so distinct from myself. I’m going to try to look at things a little differently from now on. And, well… I think that will help me break out of my shell.”

Makoto: “I’ll be interested to speak with Takao-san some more now that I have her contact information. Perhaps I can correct her misconceptions about you… and as always, I’ll let you know if anything important happens. Well, see you later.”

Makoto: “I got a message from Takao-san earlier. She turned out to be quite a fan of Buchimaru-kun. It was crazy to see a picture of her entire collection. She even has a bunch of Buchimaru-kun emoticons!”

timrodresized: It’s very strange to me that a Japanese teenager would be using the phrase “emoticon” in 2016. I’m pretty sure by that point, “emoji” had become the internationally-used term for those.

Makoto: “Huh…? Yeah, I guess you’re right. I didn’t expect to bond over something like this, though. I’m pretty shocked, to be honest… though I’m still a little worried about that store she works at.”

Makoto: “I’ll try a little harder to get through to her about it. I might come to you for more advice later. For now, I’ll let you go. Talk to you later.”

timrodresized: Joker responds with “Yes, you totally should. In fact, come to Leblanc and let’s talk it out over iced coffees and text Makoto with everything we learn.”

timrodresized: There’s a missable (and largely pointless) reward you can get from Sojiro for getting a high score on exams.

Sojiro: “Oh? You have a good look on your face. You can have this. Look at your face with it.”

timrodresized: The Dandy Mirror gives you the Counterstrike ability when equipped, which gives you a 15% chance to counter physical attacks. It doesn’t stack with the other counter skills and is garbage when things like Null Phys exist.

Sojiro: “You actually are pretty smart, huh. You showed me. Studying is good and all, but men need to keep up their looks too. Looking clean is important.”

timrodresized: Nobody tell that to the Magic the Gathering crowd. Seriously, I used to be able to smell where the MtG tables were at gaming cons.

Morgana: “It’s one bad thing after another with this company. Hmm, I wonder if they’re cursed or something.”

timrodresized: We’re spending tonight with Chihaya, because now that Kawakami is done she’s the next priority.

Chihaya: “Oh, you needn’t mind him. That’s just my apprentice. If anything, you can think of him as a human-sized stuffed animal. I mean, look how fluffy his hair is.”

Chihaya: “I take that to mean something else has happened with your job?”

Chihaya: “In that case, let’s ask the tarot! Show us the truth, O divine power…”

Chihaya: “Yes… I’ve seen everything. Hm, the cards have appeared in reverse. In other words, it seems as though your business is doomed to failure.”

Chihaya: “I’m sorry… but in this case, it appears your fate is inescapable.”

Chihaya: “What are your thoughts? Were you even listening? What can we do to help this woman who is so oppressed by the savagery of a male-dominated work environment?”

timrodresized: “Look, we’re going to need to smash capitalism. Get me the biggest guillotine you can find.”

Chihaya: “What? It’s a little idealistic to expect that will actually work… incidentally, what would you say if you wanted to encourage her?”

timrodresized: The guide told me to pick the second one, but it’s not worth any points anyway. Besides, we couldn’t pick that last one or this would just be Gurren Lagann.

Chihaya: “Don’t be so irresponsible! That’s simply not an option! How can you expect her to overturn that which is inescapable!?”

Chihaya: “H-Huh…? …You’re far too irresponsible, Kurusu-san! Her misfortune has already been made clear! The cards will surely back me up on that…”

Chihaya: “I-It seems the sequence of cards has changed… her financial future is now appearing as extremely successful! What did you do? Are you… are you psychic? Did you use your powers to change the order of the cards!?”

Chihaya: “My divine power is capable of sending people like you down to the depths of hell, you know! Yes… that has to be it. That’s the only way this could happen… fate cannot be changed. Fate is absolute… that is how it must be.”

Chihaya: “That may not be such a bad idea… but if that possibility were the truth, how would I keep my Holy Stone business intact?”

Chihaya: “…A-Anyway! You’ve change the flow of destiny twice now, both times coming before my very eyes… it seems this verification process is turning out to be much more meaningful than I expected!”

Chihaya: “So I’m going to get right to my question! You’re currently standing right in front of your house, correct!?”

Chihaya: “See, that’s exactly what my reading told me! Fate is absolute after all! If everyone could reverse their fate as easily as flipping a table, life would be easy!”

timrodresized: I’m getting horrible flashbacks to Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. “Turn the chessboard around! Prove the existence of cake! You can’t because cake is magic!”

Chihaya: “This… this is why I believe I need to conduct these verifications with you. So please promise me you’ll stop by my booth again! Okay, I’ll talk to you later.”