Boogieman Buddies, AKA "Good Morning, Baltimore" - Let's Play Monster of the Week

Merlin is the fucking best NPC I have ever conceived, and the players only help to add to his insanity.

Session 16 - Your Cool Uncle

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You have to call it that or it doesn’t work. That’s the rule.

Session 17 - Axehole

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Hello, yes, I’ve been busy and certainly not just playing a lot of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. That’s exactly not what I’ve been doing.

Session 18 - Bowie

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What adorable clothes have you definitely not been dressing up your Eevee in?

Most certainly not the sailor outfit.

That would be so cute if it happened.The only thing that would be cuter is if they’d made Let’s Go Psyduck.

Whuh-oh, looks like the Gang’s in a heap of trouble this time.

Session 19 - The Gang vs. the DHEA

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Hey, here’s a thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but figured that it would be best saved for later. Well, it’s later now, and now is no longer later, later isn’t later either, later is now.

Session 20 - First Encounters

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It’s a new week, and a new hunt. What are the gang in for this time?

Linkin Park jokes, apparently.

Session 21 - Leakin Park

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Oh man, what are these guys getting into this week?

Stupidity, mostly.

Session 22 - The Coven

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Clearly this ep can’t be canon, Jörgen has never dropped a thing in his life.

Another breather session, this time involving the most 90’s thing in this campaign so far, and that includes the Nirvana name drop back in session 4.

Session 23 - Laser Tag

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This time it’s a hunt, and maybe some plot??? Wowie, plot.

Session 24 - Subject NJ-1909-Q7R

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It’s finally here. The Battle of the Bands. Dang. Wow. Daaaaaang.

Session 25 - The Battle of the Bands

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Hey all, in this very special Christmas In July episode, we return to Salem to join in on whatever it is those goofballs are doing.

The Salem Crew 4 - The Naughty List

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Ahab is secretly the most naughty and I will hear nothing to the contrary.

Santa grades on a curve, and compared to other apocalypse fishpeople, Ahab is quite nice.

Here it is, the finale to this amazing two-part Salem extravaganza!

The Salem Crew 5 - The Nice List

As a heads up, we will be doing the big downtime in the Baltimore Gang’s stuff, then back to Salem again for another 1 parter. I needed to get the backlog up and running again, so yeah, the Salem stuff’s kinda all clumped together atm.

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Whoops, this went live yesterday. Oh well!

Session 26 - November 2018

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I’m really bad at this “updating on time” thing.

Session 27 - December 2018