All for Freedom, and for Pleasure - Let's Play Saints Row 1 and 2

The Saints are back! … kinda. Playa’s alive and kicking, and now Gat’s escaped death row. But the old gang’s long gone, and even our old stomping grounds have been cleaned and sanitized by Ultor. If we want to get anywhere, we’ll need a new base of operations in Stilwater. And it turns out, Johnny might have an idea of where to set up.

The Saints have been gone for a while now, and Stilwater has long left them behind. If Playa wants to get the gang back in action, it would probably be a good idea to drive around the city and see what’s happened in their absence.

Playa’s back, Gat’s back, and now we know the lay of the land. But the competition’s still too strong, and considering we don’t even have enough people for corpse-cleaning duty, we won’t stand a chance if we try to start a gang war now. So what else can we do but drive around recruiting people for a bit?

The Brotherhood wants to cut a deal with the Saints? Well, how nice! Finally, a gang that’s perfectly reasonable! Or maybe we’re jumping the gun, because we haven’t actually met the leader yet. SO what kind of man is Maero, anyway?

Well, the Brotherhood deal went through on account of Maero being a prick. The Saints need money and a better foot in the door, so our best option seems to be robbing the local casino, held by the Ronin. Robbing a casino and then laundering the money should be easy enough, right?

The Saints have hit two of the three gangs, so why stop before everybody knows what we’re made of? The Samedi are the new drug lords in town, and while they may not have the history the Colombians have, they’re threatening enough for the moment. So, once again, our best option to oust the current drug market is to steal what they’re doing and kill them until we’re the ones doing it better!

Well, the Boss is pretty well re-established in Stilwater. Now, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: petty revenge! We can personally attack Maero later, though. Our first target is the guy who survived the first game with no personal repercussions.

Replicating Loa Dust is more difficult than initially expected. If we want to make it properly, we’ll need an expert. The bad news is that said expert is in prison. But if we broke out of prison once, surely we can break in again.