A Warrior is Worth a Thousand KOs: The Musou Franchise


To the surprise of no one, William Adams is in Musou Stars


I hope they keep his English voice actor. I’m thinking that I’d want to a do a Musou Stars playthrough where I use the least-fitting character per stage. William cutting Atelier monsters to ribbons while Opoona throws bouncy balls at the Archfiend sounds good to me.


Destructoid have a pretty positive review of the new Berserk Musou game. Pretty excited to see how it is myself once the PC price falls… £45 is a bit absurd, Koei Tecmo


god dammit chris carter how can you spell it Musuo every time you’re actually killing me. ahem

But yeah it sounds fun. I don’t mind it being light on modes, though I’ve seen the last floor of Endless Eclipse and it seems really awfully done. I don’t finish most powergaming side modes in Musou titles anyways,

I wish they’d at least make the concession for it being content-light by having it be cross-buy. I’d like it to be at least somewhat competitive to the Switch, which we already know is getting Fire Emblem Warriors AND Dragon Quest Heroes I+II.


Speaking of, have we got any sort of indication that Dragon Quest Heroes I+II is coming stateside? I’m getting a Switch and I kinda want a Musou on it asap.


No word yet, unfortunately! Even though I’m miffed by Square-Enix deciding to not even release Heroes II on Vita digitally, I still think it’d be nice to bring at least ONE portable version over. I’d hope their decision to keep it off Vita tied into that.

At least the PS4 version will run at 60fps without needing a PS4 Pro- Omega Force hasn’t been great about that recently.


Even if it doesn’t, the Switch is region free so you could import if you have the cash. Hopefully it does make it stateside.

I kind of want to play DQH, I love how they went with British voice actors again like VIII. I’ve played Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and it was fun if not a little frustrating during the Big Zam fight when I didn’t know about smash attacks. Also loved hearing Amuro constantly being praised by the White Base crew/gloating about how he can pilot the Gundam better than anyone every 50 kills or so.


Oh hey, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is on Steam! They seem to vary on the quality of the port, but it seems to be the same degree as with Arslan and Dragon Quest Heroes- it’ll probably run fine if you meet the specs. And of course, use a gamepad.

Cleaner footage of the Vita version shows it to run somewhat better and look nicer than previous footage has indicated, but the framerate fluctuates more than I’d like. Besides, the spectacle that helps Berserk so much doesn’t translate as well to the Vita, unlike what I still consider to be the best Musou on the system- good ol’ One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.


I’m going to admit that when I was playing through WO3 and meeting guest characters like Ryu Hayabusa and Sophitia, I wasn’t aware that most of them were from other games by the same developers, and just thought they had conveniently managed to get permission to use a bunch of random characters in the game.

This lack of knowledge led to me theorizing about various other characters that might wind up in the game, none of which wound up coming true. Led to some pretty interesting mental images, though.


I mean, Tecmo Koei doesn’t own Sophitia, Namco does.


Dragon Quest Heroes II is out next month! It might be a while before I get it, but in the meantime, Digital Foundry put up a pretty solid comparison video that shows off the PS4, Vita and Switch demos.

I was annoyed at I+II getting a combined Switch release, but the demo so far looks laggier than most recent Warriors titles. What’s impressive on the Vita is annoying on a piece of hardware that should be better in most regards, I guess!


Also new! Trailer for the castle town segments of Spirit of the Sanada! Looks like exploring outside of town will be a bigger part of the kid stories, whereas developing the town will be the focus of the adult sections. It’ll be neat to see how this gets expanded upon in Dynasty Warriors 9.


At long last, Musou Stars is confirmed for the west as Warriors All-Stars! Release date’s marked for the end of August, and hopefully they can tune it up in that time. The Steam version will hopefully run well, but I’ve heard that the PS4 version has some pretty extreme levels of slowdown, even for a Musou game, and even on PS4 Pro. Still, opinions seem pretty positive so far, so I’m excited.


I’m glad to know it’s getting a Steam release, though Koei’s not had the best track record when it comes to their PC ports.


I think the biggest sticking point is that Toukiden 2 and Berserk use a fair bit more CPU power than they should. At least they don’t use PS3 models or have entire shaders missing anymore.


I was just coming here to post that but I guess it all worked out.

Usually I’m okay with some slowdown in Musou games, but I’ve seen how bad it can get in Musou Stars and woof.


I consider myself a Musou fan and I recently finished the Berserk game. Lack of characters, although they’re a lot more developed now with sub-weapons and gameplay styles, really hurts the game in my opinion. Not to mention it’s a really barebones offering in terms of modes. Endless Eclipse didn’t really do much for me and locking some things like a character/permanent forms behind it was a dick move.

Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Pirate Warriors games that also started out of weak, but got better with each new installment by adding so many new characters and more story. With the way Berserk manga is going… yeah, it’s going to be a whole before we get a sequel if ever.


They could wait until there’s more story but, consider that they’re going to make a 9th Dynasty Warriors and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the same as it ever was. I think they’ll make another.

also kens rage 2 exists so is anything really impossible


To be fair Kens’ Rage 2 added in the entire back half of the manga, which wasn’t in the original.

I mean, for GOOD REASON of course, but hey they had extra stuff to put in so they did.


Certainly a possibility, but there’s so little to be added since the story hasn’t advanced that much ever since Guts and party got on-board the dreaded boat. Especially because Omega’s standard practice so far with licensed games has been to expand magnificently for sequels.

I am amazed what development pipeline they must have to keep pumping out these games, though.