50 Shades of Grayscale: Let's Play 50 Game Boy Games!

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

It’s time to finally wrap up the spooky block proper with a game full of beasts and terrors! Also a little angel boy. That’s right, it’s the sequel to Kid Icarus. It’s still very strange to me that this never got a full Japanese release. There’s probably some potential sales reason, but for a first party Nintendo title it’s still pretty baffling. Then again, they also just shelved the series proper until 2012. Who knows what they’re thinking over there?

Snake Count: 24

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Another uncut edition coming at you! Wild, untamed, just like the time of the dinosaurs. Will you survive?

Hammerin’ Harry

Surprise! Despite it being over, the SPOOKY BLOCK LIVES ON with Hammerin’ Harry! I have no fucking clue why they decided he has to fight ghosts, but it does make for some pretty sick imagery. The perspective change boss is one of my all time favorites so far, even if getting to it could be an ordeal.

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Back at it again in New Donk City! Another uncut entry to reveal just how little I had to actually edit out!

Bonk’s Adventure

Oogabalooga! It’s time for everyone’s favorite moderately deformed child: Bonk! I actually find Bonk, as a character and a concept, incredibly charming. He truly has the qualities of something that started as an inside joke and became progressively more real every time he came up. The game itself was nothing insane, really. Probably among the easiest we’ve ever played, but given it’s predecessor that is far from a bad thing. Wish it had more snakes, though.

Session 2 of the Donkey Kong uncut streams is up! Thrill as we amass extra lives only to lose 80% of them on two levels!!

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Grab your kunai and ready your turbo buttons because it’s time for the 38th game in the lineup! Goemon is another series that I have yet to properly dig into, but I’d definitely like to! Even amidst the laborious issues with this title, the charm of the characters shines through, and some day I’d love to at least check out that famous n64 title.

Speaking of those issues, I have to wonder how possible those damn minigames truly are. Favorable reviews apparently existed at the time of this game’s release, but I can’t help but wonder if they just had some passwords or game genie’d it to progress. A mystery lost to the ancient Edo period!

All I can offer now, is this awful awful magazine ad:

wanted: rock hard arse

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If you liked Avenging Spirit, but thought it’d be cooler if you watched me die a little more, then this is for you!

Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs

It’s time to go back…TO THE PAST. Again? Wait. Maybe this is the future. All this time travel is confusing the hell out of me, but one thing is for certain: there will be a non-zero amount of dinosaurs being shot with guns in this one. There will also be reminders of our past with this series, as a surprising name emerges. I mean, we talk about it immediately, so you won’t have to wait in suspense too long.

Time for the beginning of the uncut archives of CASTLEVANIA: THE ADVENTURE. This is the light portion. The real meat will be next time.

Donkey Kong Land

Everyone’s favorite apes are back…on the Game Boy! Still gotta reiterate that that is an actual plot point, and not just me pointing out the gimmick of the show. Donkey Kong Land is a lot of ambition packed into a tiny yellow cartridge, and I think for the most part it succeeded! There isn’t much else to say about that, so I hope instead you enjoy our strange dive into the deep lore of Ronald McDonald, and also a truly awful statue of a minion.

Snake Count: 25

Behold! The real meat and potatoes of the pain that is Castlevania: The Adventure. Perhaps the first game that I trimmed down into three superspeed segments? Well now you know why.

Showcase #4

That’s right folks we passed another milestone so it’s time for another showcase! This one is focused on ports and adaptations of titles most folks might be familiar with. Some of these definitely could have been entries on their own, but space on the schedule, difficulty, or just plain bad quality has relegated them here. I still felt they were worth mentioning though! Maybe some day, down the road, I can beat one. And then I’ll have 49 to go from there! What a concept.

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I knew I forgot to do something today, and that’s post a double dose of uncut drac! Wow that sounded WAY better in my head. Sorry I’m just…gonna go…

Fortified Zone

Hey kids! Do you like some levels of Contra? Do you like Metal Gear? Do you dislike plot? Well then I have the game for you!! Avenging Spirit’s developers, Jaleco, have a short and sweet top down shooter for us, with a fun duo mechanic. Also a built in mix tape function?? Eat your heart out, Smash Bros!

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Another uncut entry, in which we beat a witch and robot…eventually! God it took a while, didn’t it?