50 Shades of Grayscale: Let's Play 50 Game Boy Games!

Another stream archive for the pile, and the first one I have to break up because it was in multiple weekly segments! Enjoy the thrilling unedited adventures of The Bayou.

Toy Story

Howdy yall! It’s time for our next block of good ol licensed games: The Disney Block! Kicking us off is a game that was a fond staple of my childhood, though admittedly all of that is directed to the console versions. I somehow had a copy of both console and Game Boy edition of this game, and I distinctly remember my 90s brain being very impressed that they could replicate the rendered sprites of the consoles. I also thought if I dug deep enough into the hill my house was built on, I’d surely find a dinosaur. I thought a lot of things! Blowing it up to 720p almost certainly did it no favors, though.

For those of you that noticed the game UI during some of the clips, I direct you to the only known recording of the documentary about Disney Interactive’s cooperation with the animation studios, featured on the recent re-release of Lion King and Aladdin. You just cant remove that UI! Bummer.

cant fuckin believe theres no snake in this one. they cut out everything good


Another uncut entry for ya! The thrilling conclusion of Tail Gator: the novelization.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Merry Christmas folks! The Disney block continues with a Game Boy adaptation of one of my all time favorite films. In a shocking twist, it turns out it’s also not so bad? Perhaps because it was made by an up and comer who would become one of the biggest names in video games within a few years. The more I research things like this, the happier I am that the Game Boy seemed to be a real jumping off point for a lot of powerhouse names. Such humble beginnings on a humble lil handheld! Also don’t worry, folks, I made sure PO watched the movie before this went up.

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Another uncut entry coming at ya! Witness the full struggle of Godzilla, featuring every stupid mistake and puzzle solving guff in FULL DEFINITION.

ALSO for some extracurricular Game Boy related material, a fairly big discovery was made recently. The thought to be lost forever accessory, The Workboy, has finally surfaced. I might be pretty biased but this might be the coolest portable console accessory made to trick old people into buying it for their grandkids in order to make them productive news of 2020!

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Mickey’s Dangerous Chase

Happy new year! Many blessings and Game Boys be upon you, or whatever. We got another entry for the ol Disney block, featuring the most content liable to get me a copyright strike yet! It’s still very funny to me that by digging into this game I found virtually nothing interesting about the game itself, but a good amount of fun facts for the company that made it. Now Production really do seem to be the unsung heroes of many a project. They did a mostly okay job with this one, but it ain’t no Katamari.

ACE magazine still sucks by the way. We’re not free of them.

Snake count: 9


this week is hell have some kirb

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What can you say about Hercules the video game for the Nintendo Game Boy and Super Game Boy Entertainment Systems? That. I got this game from my Aunt as a kid and immediately gave up on it after the first level. Now, as an adult, I realize the hidden wisdom of children. As Sunsoft did so plague us in the WB run, Tiertex provides another stinker as we just about escape our Disney block. At least they did a pretty good version of Zero to Hero.

Snake count: 11


Woops! Almost forgot to post the full stream this week! We’re really getting into the videos that I had to cute entire hour chunks out of now! Enjoy our crazed ramblings.


It’s time for the big two-oh! A woo-ooh! Game number 20 neatly wraps up our Disney block with a dose of the upcoming Real Ass Video Games block, with Capcom’s DuckTales. A true classic of game if there ever was one, DuckTales does abang up job translating its experience to the smaller screen. Kinda wild to see something like this after basically the entire rest of the Disney block. What’s your favorite moon remix? Mine’s Astral Aroma.

This is quite the milestone of episodes, and I’d like to say we pulled out all the stops, but really we just kinda pulled out one big embarrassing one. I hope you like mediocre singing, and I hope you’re excited for the next 30 games!

Snake count: 12


Happy Wednesday! Enjoy some more pain with the uncut edition of our first go at Animaniacs! I hope you like…one level…

Greetings, sports fans! It’s time for another interlude of all those fine Game Boy titles that don’t deserve their entry. I may have, uh, overindulged a bit on my selections for this one considering this episode runs about twice as long as the other showcase, but it turns out there really is an interesting selection out there! Sports games were a no-brainer for the on-the-go video gamer, but they certainly aged the fastest. Doubly so for the fighting games, with one clear exception! This supposed exception to the rule really did just kinda demonstrate the effort required to make a good experience portable back in the day. Many were not up to the task, but over time we’ll learn that many were!

Next time: more snakes!

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Greetings fair viewers? Art thou nasty? You shalt be withest this neweth uncut entry of our Animaniacs footage! For sooth!

For The Frog, the Bell Tolls

Hello and well met! It’s time for an episode of 50 Shades that I’ve been very excited to present to you! A game completely worthy of the multiple of 5 spot if there ever was one, For the Frog the Bell Tolls is one of the most delightful gaming experiences I’ve ever had. With an incredibly simple and trimmed down rpg mechanic, the game instead packs itself with more personality and laughs than I ever thought possible in a Game Boy rpg. It’s kind of a crime that this never got its official release, but given some of the things ahead I guess I can understand a localizer’s reluctance to even bother changing it. Thankfully, the romhackers do provide, and anyone so inclined can seek this out and give it a try themselves.

This is also our first longform entry in the series. Kind of a weird new experience!

Snake count: 14


oh god oh fuck

We’re back with part 2 of our frogly adventures! This is perhaps our most unfortunately dated episode, coming out right in the heat of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ release. Naturally, combined with the usual madness that seeps in after a few hours of video games, made for an unfortunate road that I already regret even hinting at in this video. Apologies! There’s a cool gold mine and a lot of drunks in this video too, which makes me wonder how they would have localized it. I have no doubt that they could find something, but hopefully it’d be better than the coffee bar.


I hope you like Game Over screens!

It’s time for the thrilling conclusion to For The Frog the Bell Tolls! A journey of twists! Of romance! Of bones! All to cap off what has become one of the top contenders in this entire list. What more can you say?

Next week: puzzle hell.

Snake count: 16


Endings…AND beginnings!

Adventures of Lolo

It is time to enter…puzzle hell!! Adventures of Lolo is, and probably always will be, our most massive undertaking. I’ll throw the proper numbers down when we’re through all the parts, but getting through these videos is less like editing a video and more like whittling an entire log into some kind of small handheld Lolo shaped carving. Stream madness set in regularly, but I think I grabbed just enough to keep it coherent.

Snake count: 17